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Commercial Aviator of Ten Years Unaware of Chemtrails
May 26, 2008 l

Commercial Aviator of Ten Years Unaware of Chemtrails (May 26, 2008)

Subject: Chemtrails
From: J
Date: Mon, May 26, 2008
To:   Editor


!! This e-mail is private for you only. !!

I've come across your website about chemtrails. My background is that i have been a pilot for last 10 years flying small turbine acft's and now  perating the B737 300-800's series. I do not find anything unusual with the pictures. If you take a look about how the jet engine is built and what will happen when cold (-20 - 60 c) air goes thru the engine you will see that the air will be 100% saturated and due to particles in the atmosphere it will create small dropplets leading to clouds as you descripe as chemtrails. We call it contrails. This effect will not allways happend. If you were flying ex. f16 and create a contrail, the enemy would spot you easy on the sky, changing altitude could from ex. 30.000ft to 35.000ft could give a diffrent result.  Normaly the trails comes above 20.000ft. Some people have comments about how the  look. Remember the density will depend on the saturation and particles in the athmosphere. And please note that at 35.000ft we normaly have wind's exceeding 100knots, and in so called jet-streams (High altitude wind areas) we could have 180 knots. This can twist and shape the contrails to many diffrent shapes and also make
them disapear fast.

Best regards


Hello J,

If you TRULY believe what you've written here, then you have the intelligence quota of a centipede.

You're either a shill, which is what I suspect, or you're just incredibly dumb. Too dumb to be a pilot for sure.

Sorry to offend you, if in case you actually are sincere about this.

I'm publishing your letter without an e-mail address this one time only.

Nice try.

By the way, I recall a disinfo agent who went by the name "J. Reynolds" or "Jay Reynolds" in the earlier years of chemtrail spraying. He tried his best to spread the same sort of nonsense that you are attempting here. He eventually faded into the woodwork. I wonder if the CIA or military counterintelligence is so poor of imagination that they can't get beyond the letters 'J' and 'R' ? Hmmm.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Chemtrails
From: J
Date: Tue, May 27, 2008
To: Editor


I am sorry if i have offended you, but i was polite and described what i have been tought during my training. I belive you misunderstood me. I have
never heard about chemtrails before i got your link after searching for something else at google. I am not trying to desinform about anything, that
is why i wrote this e-mail for you only, not the public.

My purpose with my e-mail was to describe what i have been tought and i expected a comment back about the issue, since you have done a lot
investigation into this. I am in a position close to all type of aircrafts, on ground, and at 1000ft separation in RVSM airspace, but i need to know
what to look for. I spend 800-900 hh a year in a comercial jet.

I might be dumb, but since i have never heard about it, it is only natural to describe what i "know" about the issue first.

Do not make my e-mail public, so please remove my last.

In general i find your website very good about other topic's too.

Have a nice day.



Ok J,

Since you seem to be sincere, I withdraw my comments. You are, however, extremely uninformed and unaware of what's going on around you and especially so in the skies of North America. How can you be involved in aviation and not be aware of chemtrail spraying? You wrote to me with the intention of telling me that chemtrails are actually contrails. Remember?

If you read more first, before putting on your professor's mortar board, you would have read the explanations that I wrote TEN YEARS AGO explaining the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. Do you think that I have no idea what a condensation trail is?

How is it that this topic is new to you when they've been spraying our skies for 10 years and there are thousands of web site devoted to this subject? I have school children writing to me and asking what can they do to stop chemtrail spraying. While I'm willing to believe that you are sincerely unaware of chemtrails, it's not usual for someone who's involved in aviation to say that, thus my original skepticism.

Apparently, you haven't been able to notice the difference between a genuine cloud and a chemtrail "cloud." Have you no comprehension of the physics involved in producing a genuine contrail versus the substances needed to create an overcast of artificially created "clouds" which are more properly identified as "chemtrails"?

There is NO WAY that aircraft jet engine exhaust can create overcast skies of "contrails"; no way on earth. If you believe that, you have zero knowledge of elementary physics.

Why do you think I posted a few hundred web pages at my web site under the index of "Chemtrails" with hundreds of photos explaining the difference between real clouds and chemtrails? Because I'm confused about "contrails"?

Look, if you want to come up to speed, then start READING and studying the photos that I've already posted on Chemtrails.

Then go to this web site, and start looking at the 321 photos and associated articles posted there explaining to you in excruciating detail what chemtrails are.

Then go here:
Don't Chemtrail Me Bro! (

Then here:

Then go to this web site and see an microscopic analysis of the substances they've been spraying on the public for over a decade:

Then, watch these videos on line:

Aerosol Crimes

Part 1 of 9

Part 2 of 9

Part 3 of 9

Part 4 of 9

Part 5 of 9

Part 6 of 9

Part 7 of 9

Part 8 of 9

Part 9 of 9


Clouds of Death in 3 parts

Clouds of Death Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Chemtrails, Good Bye Blue Sky

Chemtrails viewed through an infrared filter, London, Dec. 2007 (9 minute video, interesting & revealing)

Montage of chemtrail photos and sprayer planes

And THEN come back and tell me that chemtrails are actually "contrails"


My policy for publishing e-mails sent to me is posted on the Contact page. I caution people to READ my Contact page BEFORE sending me e-mail because it states that I'll decide what I will and what I won't publish. In your case, since you were polite, I did not reveal your e-mail address, so you have nothing to be concerned about. But our exchange will be published because the contents are instructional for others -- and that's the purpose of the web site. I'm not running a free private tutoring service for you. If I wanted to embarrass you, I would have published your e-mail address.

I will go further to protect your identity by reducing your name down to "J", but the e-mail stays up. If you spend 900 hours a year flying commercial planes and are completely unaware of chemtrail spraying, then there are undoubtedly others in a similar position who need to wake up as well. That's why I post information to this web site - to inform people who would otherwise remain in ignorance.

I appreciate your politeness and friendly disposition.

Sincerely, Ken

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