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Debunking Al Bielek
August 16, 2005

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Subject: Al Bielek?

Regarding your article about Al Bielek and your apparent admiration of him, have you read things such as what are found on the web page below?

Re: "Philadelphia Experiment Survivor A Fake"

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Hello Sixstap,

I usually won't respond to mail when people don't address me properly or fail to sign their name, but I'll make an exception in your case.

Apparently, you just arrived on earth a few weeks ago and are unaware of the extent of disinformation efforts by intelligence agencies to smear or otherwise discredit the revelations of Al Bielek or people like him. The Navy, or more accurately, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), has had a thing about Al Bielek for a couple of decades now. They are irritated with Al for telling the American pubic about what REALLY happened in the Philadelphia shipyard on August 12, 1943 and want to keep their denial of that event or re-arrangement of the facts in front of the public.

Marshall Barnes, and a couple of other low level intel gofers put up a big splashy web site a few years ago to discredit Al and even were taking surveys on their web site to gauge how well their BS was sticking (!), but apparently their efforts have fallen flat-except in the case of the uninformed, the naive, and the gullible.

Regards, Ken

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