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Thinking Reader Brilliantly Dissembles Rense-Posted Fukushima Radiation Hysteria Article with Simple Mathematical Analysis

From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 15, 2013

Thinking Reader Brilliantly Dissembles Rense-Posted Fukushima Radiation Hysteria Article with Simple Mathematical Analysis (Nov. 15, 2013)

On 11/15/2013 Devon wrote

Hi Ken,

We found a piece of Fukushima (Daiichi nuclear facility) fear mongering from October 23, 2013 at entitled "Japan's Theater Of The Nuclear Absurd". The author,Richard Wilcox Ph.D. throws around scary sounding numbers starting with the first paragraph stating, "Fukushima nuclear power plant no. 1 (FNPP#1) is leaking upwards 160 billion becquerels of radiation into the ocean every day, including cesium, strontium and who knows what else on a list of dangerous isotopes (2)."

A quick search regarding 'becquerels' leads to:

and the following informaiton:

Units of radioactivity measurements - The SI unit of radioactive activity is the becquerel (Bq), in honor of the scientist Henri Becquerel. One Bq is defined as one transformation (or decay or disintegration) per second. Since sensible sizes of radioactive material contains many atoms, a Bq is a tiny measure of activity; amounts giving activities on the order of GBq (gigabecquerel, 1 x 109 > decays per second) or TBq (terabecquerel, 1 x 1012 decays per second) are commonly used.

The reference (2) associated with the above statement is an article published by the Japan Times on 10-18-13 found here:

This article states "400 tons of radioactive groundwater is flowing into the Pacific daily."

To put this into perspective, an olympic sized swimming pool holds roughly 600,000 gallons of water. A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds, a standard ton is 2000 pounds and a metric ton is 2200 pounds. Using metric tons, 2200 / 8.34 = 264 gallons, or one metric ton equals 264 gallons of water. 264 x 400 = 105,600 gallons [equals 400 tons of water].

So 1/6 of the volume of an olympic sized swimming pool is going into the ocean every day.

That's it.

And the water is not highly radioactive. If everyone would do the math instead of buying in to the scary sounding numbers being sold by the army of non-experts, this Fukushima thing would simply go away.

You're right about debunking being time consuming, but I'll continue with this piece and keep you updated. Interesting part about the bio, "Richard Wilcox holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from a social science, holistic perspective." I've never seen "Ph.D." without the college it was earned from being mentioned.

Regards, Devon (and Laura)


Hi Devon,

Yes, I noticed that back in 2011 with Leuren Moret as well. She also began using the larger sounding "becquerel" numbers (a term, of course, completely unfamiliar to the audience) to attempt to pump up the drama.

I can't tell you how annoying it is to hear the non existent Fukushima "radiation crisis" being repeated ad infinitum over the internet and radio.

I heard Arnie Gundersen on Coast to Coast with John Wells on Saturday night, Nov. 9, 2013. I couldn't get over the ABSURD and UNFOUNDED statements this radiation hysteria promoter was making to try to make Fukushima SOUND like it's a thousand times WORST than Chernobyl when the FACTS are quite the opposite. Gundersen mentioned that he took some soil from Tokyo and had it analyzed and said it was at a level of radioactivity that the EPA would define as "radioactive" and dangerous to children, etc.

I can easily get ALL the soil samples I want from all over Tokyo and I can GUARANTEE you that whatever miniscule "radioactivity" is detected in those soil samples will be at the SAME level of radioactivity that Tokyo soil was reading BEFORE March 11, 2011.

Americans, due to media-created hysteria, do not realize that the 13 plus million Japanese citizens who live in Tokyo are NOT AT ALL CONCERNED ABOUT Fukushima "radiation" because they KNOW there is NO elevated radiation readings in Tokyo from Fukushima, whether in air or soil, unlike lazy and gullible Americans who will believe ANYTHING thrown at them if it is REPEATED often enough from different media (mostly Leftist) propaganda outlets.

I have access to a very sensitive Geiger counter and have done random sampling of local soil, of the asphalt used to pave roads. of gravel, etc. and you will find low level of radioactivity is JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING you encounter in everyday life, including fruits and vegetables found in the supermarket. However, these levels are so LOW, that they are MEANINGLESS and INSIGNIFICANT in terms of a threat or danger to health.

That is NOT to say that we aren't being exposed to higher levels of aerial borne radioactive isotopes, but they are NOT coming from Fukushima, which is 5,500 miles away from Los Angeles, but rather they are coming from CHEMTRAILS which I have stated many times in numerous articles and radio shows devoted to debunking radiation hysteria promoters like Gundersen, Moret, Busby, et al.

Fukushima radiation hysteria is a PLANNED Illuminated propaganda psyops, just like "Peak Oil" and "Global Warming" were planned propaganda themes that have since fallen to the wayside. Do you hear leftist propaganda mavens like multi-millionaire Amy Goodman or Thom Hartman talk about Peak Oil today? Not a peep out of either one of them, yet Amy Goodman co-wrote a BOOK about the looming nemesis of 'Peak Oil' with her brother David in 2005 when CIA shill Michael Ruppert was pushing his Peak Oil BS when the Sky was about to fall on our heads and we were just a mere "50 Years" away from running "out of oil" and similar moronic Leftist claptrap.

Hyping and exaggerating academic and institutional "credentials" seems to be a hallmark of Fukushima radiation propagandists. When I looked into Christopher Busby's hyped and exaggerated role as "chairman" of what he described as a European environmental "committee" that Busby wanted people to THINK was under UN auspices, when in reality, I found that the "committee" was INVENTED and created by none other than Christopher Busby, to which, of course, he assigned himself the role of "chairman."

Debunking Fukushima radiation promotion is a piece of cake for any intelligent and industrious individual who will simply take the time and trouble to actually CHECK and verify the absurd statements and claims made by radiation hysteria promoters.

I hope that more people will follow your example and do some CHECKING on their own to realize that the entire Fukushima radiation scare campaign is a HOUSE OF CARDS designed to serve the Illuminati's Agenda 21 energy control game.

Regards, Ken


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