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Countering EMF Pollution & Defeating the NWO
\August 18, 2009

Countering EMF Pollution & Defeating the NWO (Aug. 18, 2009)

To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: order OPP
Date: Aug 18, 2009

Hi Ken,

For yours info-I today send expres mail to you.I hope that will not take to long time until reach you,also I make sure and cover that with 200£ insurance/post office/. I dont want to be to personel to you,but I have to say that I adore your work-specially:Educate-Yourself, becouse is wery me-on that site I spend a lot of time. Interested me-mind contr.etc/LVF, cell towers, HARP with chemtrails, how state forces operate against own people and many more/lately swine flu/.

Reason to order pendant is that I belive our house is under such attack. wife, becouse some time she looks like out of her mind and I cant control my self not at all. Lately I feel helpless, of course dont have to be becouse up above,but only oneself feelings and personal mind. But I have a lot of experience with that staff before. To explain Im from Czech rep.and know how this power work on its own citizen. But what they do in this days is much worse/spec.usa ,britain, israel/ So people have to do somethink about that, otherwise is too late/Im afraid is to, R&R, CFR, WHO, and all gov.forces in power & control of all nation-spec.UN and Eu ex.will do as they like it...

If we cry today and dont do enough, tomorrow we will do twice... Wish You wery best


(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) probable where all problems come from becouse I writen there some staff like you.They have to punish me for that,I thing. Any way good god will watch over as I belive.



Hello Richard,

Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, I have a couple of friends who came from the Czech Republic and I know how repressive it was at one time.. Czech people tend to be artistic and sensitive, I've noticed, perhaps the Bohemia tradition, so maybe you feel it more. Anyway, we are all getting a lot of electromagnetic pollution and it does affect the nervous system.

For example, I would NOT use a wireless system for the computer or any of the peripherals. Use dial up or cable or telephone line for internet connection .Use an old fashion roller ball mouse and don't use wireless anything: keyboard, printer, mouse, etc. If you use a cell phone, use it sparingly and for short times. Do not put the cell phone to your ear. Use an ear piece with microphone. The ear piece that uses a plastic tube to carry the air borne sound waves to the ear is the safest type. Don't use a BLUETOOTH type of cell phone that you keep attached to your ear. That's crazy. Those people are RADIATING THEIR BRAINS CONTINUOUSLY. Patrick Swayzee is dying of cancer and he's still seen in photographs with a BlueTooth attached to his ear. Holy cow, how dumb can you get?

The electrical wiring in your house is also bringing in EMF pollution and hidden mind control technology. Older houses were wired with BX cable which has an all-metal shield around it and is safer, but newer houses built from the 1960s forward use ROMEX cable which only has plastic covering around the wires, so you are getting the radiated magnetic fields from the house wiring 24/7. There is much more magnetic pollution in house wiring beyond the 60 Hz AC wave produced by the power company and the electrical wiring running up the walls and over the ceiling and under the floors are RADIATING a magnetic field and you are sitting in the middle of whenever you are in the house and the power is turned on. . You should try turning off ALL the power from the circuit breaker panel late at night or very early in the morning and leave if off for a few hours. You will notice you will feel much calmer. Place a few orgone generators inside the circuit control box. . A bedside electric clock puts out a big magnetic field and it's usually very close to the head. . Use a wind up alarm clock or use a watch alarm or use a battery powered electronic alarm clock to wake up with. .

The Orgone generators tend to make things smoother. Place them around the house, the bigger the better, and more is better than less. If you bury or hide a small orgone generator (muffin) near the cell phone towers in your area, you might see an improvement as well.

I would not use HD TV. if you have it. It's intended for tracking, surveillance, and mind control. Disconnect that equipment and don't use it. It's better to use an older TV rather than the newer flat screen, plasma HD TVs. My TV is about 16 years old and it works fine

I don't miss watching TV; it's mostly garbage. We watch DVDs and tapes of TV shows recorded in Japan. Japanese TV shows are far more civilized and sensitive than the crass, Low Life garbage that they broadcast on American TV. Americans just don't know how low TV has sunk until you see what's produced in countries like Japan, which has a much more humane way of presenting dramas, documentaries, etc. As far as I know, Japan doesn't have Judge Judy or Judge Brown type of crap, thank God, but they do have comedy shows which can be insulting or degrading to the comedians involved, which I don't approve of. Japanese TV is also promoting homosexuality, cross dressing, the Wonders of Transgenderism, and the feminization of young men, which I also don't approve of, but overall, Japanese TV is far better than American TV.

(American TV programming has also played a huge role in the coarsening of American womanhood. We had to baby sit a house for a friend a few days ago and I watched some shows on his cable TV. Flipping channels, I came across a "reality" type show where you had a party situation with young men and women all talking to each other and this guy on the couch says to a young women (dressed very elegantly) of about 19 years old sitting in a chair just across from him -with everyone listening in- - "well, did you F**k him?" as causally as one would ask "what school are you going to?" or "did you kiss him on the first date?". She's looks a little rattled, but still responds to his question, as if that was an acceptable thing to say in mixed company, and to a person you just met at a party!

That situation should have called for immediate action. Had there been a man there with a moral compass, he should have punched that guy in the face right then and there, or at least told him to leave immediately and/or throw him out. When we accept or allow moral erosion, it only gets worse over time. You have to stand up for what's right and TAKE ACTION. Same with the NWO, we can't sit idly by. We must take action.)

Anyway, back to EMF pollution..

You can measure how much EMF pollution you are getting with a small meter called a Zap Checker ( Al Gray put me onto that device in 2002 and it's very useful for measuring weak, high frequency magnetic fields produced by microwaves, etc. It's also good for finding implants.

The NWO won't win unless we ALLOW them to win by doing nothing to stop them. Collectively, we must THINK we will defeat them and then TAKE COLLECTIVE ACTION towards that goal.

The biggest mistake you can make is to take that Swine Flu vaccination, so DON'T DO IT, NO MATTER WHAT. That vaccine is intended to first cripple you and then kill you. And I'm not exaggerating one bit.

A few more no brainers:

Don't use CREDIT and don't depend on credit cards for anything. I stopped using credit cards in the late 1980s and I haven't looked back. If I I can't afford something with cash on hand, then I don't buy it. I don't buy ANYTHING on credit. If I wanted a house, I would not get a mortgage from a bank, but I would consider a seller's mortgage if the terms were reasonable and he couldn't call in the loan early (most people don't know that a bank can call in the loan -WHENEVER THEY WISH. If called in, you have just so many days to pay off the loan or the bank can take your house). Otherwise, I would buy land with cash -where land is cheap-and build whatever size house I could afford to build, which might mean living in a used trailer for a couple of years while I was building my house.

I always buy a used car (with cash of course) that's 5, 6, 7, or 8 years old and I'm perfectly happy with that.

Don't depend on the US banking system for protecting large amounts of money (note that Bill Gates converted his US cash into Euros a few years ago. That should tell you something). Put the money into tangible assets like land or put the money in other currencies that will not collapse when they collapse the US banking system.

It's better to fight the NWO and not try to hide and worry about them retaliating against you. We now know that's it's possible to retaliate against them from the astral plane. I just saw a tabloid headline a few days ago that said that Michael Jackson was murdered. He was killed, yes, but not necessarily murdered. The doctor didn't do it. The entity controlling the body of Michael Jackson was not a human being, but rather an alien of the negative spiritual persuasion. He, along with 21 other aliens did something very foolish, and paid a heavy price for that negative behavior on June 25, 2009 (I'm sure our friends in MI5 and MI6 know exactly what I'm talking about). The retribution against Jackson took place on the astral plane, but it resulted in his physical death.

On July 11, 2004, Laurance S. Rockefeller, a full blooded reptilian, did not die of pulmonary fibrosis in New York as reported in the media. He actually died of a heart attack while engaged in the act of murdering a young girl during a satanic ritual being held in a cave in an area of the Angeles National Forest east of Los Angeles, California, called The Devil's Punchbowl. Rockefeller had already shapeshifted into full reptilian form at the time of his demise. He was psychically assassinated by an outraged man who was observing his participation in the satanic murders from a moderate distance. Don Croft reported the story to some extent in Episode 83A and 83B of the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft.


The Universe and the Creator will ALWAYS provide a solution to EVERY problem or obstacle that we are confronted with. But it's up to us to have the brains and discernment to recognize the solution opportunities which are presented to us and to TAKE ACTION to implement them.

Standing up for what's Right and Taking Action are the keys to defeating the NWO.

Regards, Ken

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