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Merck, Freemasons, and the Delusions of British Israel
October 3, 2007

Merck, Freemasons, and the Delusions of British Israel (Oct. 3, 2007)

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From: George
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Subject: A brethren.

Hello Barbara and brethrens,

I've been listening to your audio recordings in the last few days with an open heart, and you have confirmed many of my suspicions about the President and government officials. I've been listening to Jack Van Impe about the End Times, and I find myself joyful of Jesus coming, and scared to the events to come for my family; especially, my daughter. Praise be to our Lord, that we will be resurrected in our new bodies, as Jesus.

Barbara, I need confirmation on events happening at my job. I'm employed at Merck and I've been there for the last thirty years. I had experienced attacks to my reputation and credibility for years, but I did not comprehend what was going on. My Lord sent a friend to make me aware of Freemasons, there and everywhere.

One day, he accompanied me to my military unit, and he noticed the coffee mug my supervisor owned. He asked me if I knew what the symbol meant, I did not. He explained to me what the compass and "G" meant. He went on to tell me that he had been approached by a Freemason to join, and that it was recommended that he move to Lansdale, PA 19446. It seems that this city is run my Freemasons.

The company I work for is several miles from this city. Merck & Co., is a high paying company, and I believe that Masons are taking over departments. I am convinced that a negative profile of me and my reputation exist. A nurse from my company accused me of being a "bad worker" to my medical insurance, the rep told me. Presently, I have been bidding on jobs, and the jobs have been cancelled.

Is this assault against Christians going on at other companies? If they are, can you please help me. I am writing a grievance, and I am somewhat concerned mentioning the organization. I've heard of lawsuit, and Freemasons bankrupting Christians, something I wish to avoid. I really need your help. I believe in your ministry, and I would love to participate in you mission. I know that your group are mostly women, but I would love to volunteer.

My testimony is unique, how I came to know the Lord. I was eleven or twelve years old, and Jesus appeared to my spirit. The light emanated from within Him, and it was very bright. I could make out his silhouette from within the light, He wore a gown to his feet. His hands rested on His side, palms facing me. The light was so brilliant, my eyes began to open and shut, then I woke up, but unafraid. A couple of months later, a Christian family by the name of Lopez, took me to church. I would come home excited, and I shared the Sunday stories with my mother, and it touched her. She came to know the Lord, and encouraged the rest of the family to go to church. That is how the Lord brought my family to know Him, praise our merciful Lord, He is Lord.

What have you found about the 700 Club, Jay Sekulo, and Brother's Keeper? I've been supporting these organizations for years, but if they are involved with Freemasonry, I will cut them off, I would prefer supporting your organization.

Let me have it, I want to know, and I will let you decide how.

Your brother in Christ,

George (Man of tears) I believe the Holy Spirit gave me this name.

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