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Thnuder Bay, Ontario Canada: Chemtrail Spraying is Down, but Demons Active
October 12, 2011

Thnuder Bay, Ontario Canada: Chemtrail Spraying is Down, but Demons Active (Oct. 12, 2011)

Subject: demonic possession video
From: David
Date: Wed, October 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken ,

My name is David . I have sent you 3 video clips of possible demonic possession.This is happening to a family in Thunder Bay. I found out about this when I started a new job .

At lunch on my first shift , everyone was talking about one of the guys on midnights that says he has the devil in his house. It has taken the last 6 months to get to know him, his family to get them to trust me .At first he went to the church [bad idea ]and had a priest come over, he blessed the house ,and it happened when he was there. He freaked out, left and will not talk to them .

I have finally convinced them to put orgonite around their house and in every room . That's what I will be doing today . I would like to hear your thoughts on the video when it arrives. I'm looking for some guidence on how to help this family if I can .

Just one more thing: the spraying has not stopped , or slowed down over Thunder Bay

Thank you kindly for your time

David S


Hi David,

There are many ways to get rid of demonic entities. Orgonite can only help. It would be interesting to see how much effect, orgonite alone would have in this case.

Doesn't sound like the priest was up to the task. You need someone with the spiritual ability to do this; no place for amateurs.

Smuging may help. Native Americans smug to get rid of negative entities all the time and it mostly works. You smoke every square inch of the house with dried sage and tell the demons to get out and stay out in the name of Christ. Don't forget to smoke the inside of window frames and door frames, closets, etc.

Read about smuging on the internet first to learn more. Even though the entity is described as demonic, it might be a ghost and not a demon. You have to find out what's going on with the family as well. They may be playing a role in this. Let me know what you can find out

Regards, Ken

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