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Chemtrail Report, Denver Colorado
February 7, 2011

Chemtrail Report, Denver Colorado (Feb. 7, 2011)

Subject: Chemtrail Report, Denver CO
From: Barbara
Date: Mon, February 7, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I was reading your article regarding chemtrails hidden in the California marine layer and the presence of sylphs breaking the chemtrails up. In the article you requested that people from other geographic areas comment on the presence of chemtrails in their regions.

I'm sorry to report that the spraying has been going on very noticeably here in the South Denver region of Colorado! I moved here from L.A. to escape what I thought was ordinary smog pollution, only to be confronted with this chemical assault. I'm planning on building a chembuster soon--until then if you could send some positive energy to my poor dumped-on city I would appreciate it.

Barbara A

P.S. I really enjoy this site--thank you for all your copious research on these important topics.


Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your note. Denver is the center of many underground bases, secret government operations, and Illuminated organizations. The Illuminati has always planned to use Denver as one of their main western cites after the NWO takeover is complete, so there are lots of negative types there. The THOUGHTS of these negative individuals will add to the DOR. Wherever the Illuminated minions are, there are always satanic rituals, child abuse, murder, torture, etc. A lot of bad things happen in those deep underground bases.

Not so long ago, the air was very clean looking, and smog free. Now it has as much smog as Atlanta. It has microwave towers everywhere and they are contributing to the intensity of DOR energy in your area and you will see that visually as smog.

You feel the EMF pollution as a lack of energy and enthusiasm and a general yucky feeling. Ask older locals who have lived there all of their life if the air didn't look much cleaner and the sky much bluer in earlier decades. Of course, they chemtrail that area like crazy because they got to keep all of their mind control victims locked down and doing their jobs.

Gifting each cell phone tower with a 4 oz muffin TB will do a lot to help improve your neighborhood. Of course, the CB will help too. The more orgone generators, the better.

I'll post your note and people can "boost" your area by asking for help from sylphs.



Subject: Air pollution in Denver
From: June
Date: Tue, February 8, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Back in 1994, Slim Spurling used his then-new harmonizers in Denver and the air cleared for some time. I believe he set up 10 of them.




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