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Erecting the Ministry of Truth (& destroying Christianity) Brick by Brick
December 8, 2008

Erecting the Ministry of Truth (& destroying Christianity) Brick by Brick (Dec. 8, 2008)

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From: Sandy (UK)
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008
Subject: RE: Another ominous move by the NWO

Hi Ken,

Just saw this posted over on You might want to read through the list of words, it indicates a move to effectively destroy the knowledge and history of the past by removing words and replacing them with new hitech words. As one person wrote in the comments, in a few years the only way for students to understand Monty Python would be to get a classical education at Oxford. This one post really rattled my cage, and thought you might want to be alerted:



Hi Sandy,

Thanks, I'll post it.

I notice that the volume has recently turned way up on castigating and mocking anyone who embraces Christianity or its symbolism or its rituals or sentiments. Christianity is now to be considered "out" while humanism, paganism, and later-satanism - will be considered "in". You hear it incessantly on the radio and view its counterpart in television programs with TV shows that promote homosexuality while backhandedly sniping at heterosexuality and religious thought or taboos that "fail to accept" the rights of homosexuals "to love each other" and of course egregiously fail to understand the right of homosexuals to marry each other, "as any couple would want to do when they are in love and want to be together forever".

Now that we are nearing December 25, one sees many glad tidings of "Happy Holidays" or "Holidaze" being appended to e-mails or web sites. Apparently, "Merry Christmas" is now to also be considered a dinosaur. I've noted before that even during earlier decades, the Illuminati snakes had successfully snookered the PJ People into substituting the word "Merry Xmas" in place of "Christmas" on greetings cards and door banners. Clever those snakes, clever indeed. Subliminal programming: it works so subliminally!

NPR, KPFK radio, and other outlets of the Left Wall of the Illuminati estate have been going nuts on promoting homosexuality "rights' ever since the majority of California voters shot down their Proposition 8 which was intended to legitimize homosexual marriage. They intend to set it all 'right' in the next election, however.

I've recently noticed that a man with a web site and internet radio talk show, who used to be one of my greatest boosters and advocates for a number of years, has now whole hog jumped into the "Christ Never Existed Camp" largely erected by a woman who used to only identify herself by the self congratulatory name of "Acharya S". Last year, she decided to come out of the closet and reveal her real name, . I have to believe that I played some role in that decision, as I had made a point of highlighting her inability to identify herself with a real name (or academic credentials) in more than one essay which alluded to her "work.".

Anyway, I see that my friend has now become so beguiled and impressed by her "knowledge", that he has forsaken any connection to myself on his web site and instead has now proffered her web site and articles as being the latest and the greatest.

This same man also went from being interested in Obama as the savior when he called me in September 2007, to criticizing Obama as the Illuminati puppet after I informed him of a few "glitches" in Obama's background and the profile of his supporters and sponsors, such as mssrs. Brezinski, Soros, etc.

Unfortunately, the same man then briefly jumped back into the Obama as Savior camp when he sent me a sappy homage to the Great Obama posted on the web site of Illuminati gofer Arianna Huffington telling me what a "wonderful" essay it was. I shot back that the article was a piece of crap written by a sycophant who was hoping to get on the Obama Gravy Train after the election. I then noticed that my friend immediately jumped back into the Obama as Illuminati puppet camp and stayed there until just recently when he sent out a newsletter telling all his friends that he's applied for a NEW cabinet position with the Obama administration!

Oh well, it's symptomatic of a nation that seems to be filled with people who change their minds whenever the wind changes direction. I suppose we'll have to look more towards those with branches of oak, rather then those of rushes if we hope to extricate ourselves from the Dark Prince's grip. .

Merry Christmas, Ken Adachi

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