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Devil Sylph?
Feb. 27, 2008 .

Devil Sylph? (March 5, 2008)

Subject: Devil sylph?
From: Debra
Date: Wed, February 27, 2008
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

I've enjoyed reading your site for years, and have tried to educate people by pointing them to this site. I have a question about sylph's. Over the past couple of years I've noticed that the clouds looked different. Part of me just thought it was a different formula for chem-trails, or the fact that I moved from Florida to northern NM in 2005.

But lately I've really seen shapes in the clouds and one in particular over and over again. I now live out in the country, on top of a mountain in northern NM. My views are amazing, and the quiet beauty in nature is something that is really apparent. So much so, that I'm trying to teach my young boys to appreciate nature and to take time to look and watch everything around us.

Well my boys are now pointing out animals and figures in the sky which I am very happy about. I didn't know about sylph's until reading your site a couple of weeks ago, so now I'm really watching the sky. Well over the last couple of weeks, I keep seeing the same face in the sky above our horse pasture. It is natural and a daily routine for me to thank the Lord and the Earth Spirits for the beautiful day, and to ask for their protection of our area. I do this twice a day when I walk out to feed the horses.

I keep seeing a face with big wide eyes above the horse area. What's disturbing to me is that it always appears to have horns on it head, like the devil. I didn't think anything of it until after reading your site about sylphs. So, on Sunday when I saw it again, I mentally kept asking "are those horns I see"? After the first time I asked, the face seemed to fade a little. When I asked the third time, it completely faded but the clouds that were around it were still there. I got the feeling that it heard me, and for some reason disappeared on purpose. I just don't have a gut feeling on why it disappeared.

My question is: are there evil slyphs? Did it go away because I realized it had horns, and felt it evil? Did that upset it, or did it go away because I'm not suppose to see it? Also, is there a way to distinguish slyphs from clouds or chem-trails? I'd love to teach this to my boys, so they are more aware of the natural world around them.

Thank you so much,


Hi Debra,

I'm going to forward your note to ZS Livingstone who knows more about Sylphs than I do and can provide a more definitive answer. My own thought is that Sylphs can assume any shape they wish and they often take the appearance of animal forms which are fierce by nature such as a dragon, wolf, or shark, but they can also assume harmless animal forms that look very much like a snail, whale, rabbit, or duck. I found an old photo of the huge Sylph over the Madrid airport in Spain that seems to include a face with two distinct eyes looking down (

Jeff Rense published a photo of a huge Sylph in 2001 and titled it "Death Angel". The fellow who sent the photo simply didn't realize that he had photographed a Sylph which was transmuting and neutralizing the chemtrails over his house, rather than a harmful 'death angel' chemtrail. When we don't know better, we often allow our fears to project darker ideas.

I'm not sure that "devil" is the best choice of words as many animal forms have horns that have nothing to do with evil or demonic beings. It's possible that the Sylph picked up your thoughts about the "devil" form and withdrew the horn appearance from your sight so you would not be alarmed by it.

I believe that Sylphs have assumed these recognizable animal shapes because they want us to notice them and realize that they are helping to clear the skies of chemtrails. Prior to the chemtrail onslaught beginning in 1998, very few of us could recognize a Sylph cloud form, although Sylphs have always been with us, but in a less visible form. I believe that the infrared photos which Trevor Constable took in the 1950 and 1960's of huge, living aerial forms which he dubbed "critters" (published in his book, The Cosmic Pulse of LIfe) were Sylphs in their more traditional, hidden form which could only be seen with infrared film due to their heat signature.

It's easy to distinguish Sylphs from chemtrails. I've posted many photos comparing Sylphs to chemtrails on my "Sylphs & Chemtrails" page (

There are over 90 photos at this link

in which I've pointed out with arrows the difference between Sylphs and chemtrails. Study the photos a bit and you'll soon be able to spot a Sylph in a heartbeat.

Regards, Ken

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