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Devvy Kidd and Mind Control at Blacksburg
April 29, 2007

Subject: Devvy Kidd
From: Frank
Date: Sun, April 29, 2007
To: Editor


Hi Ken,
Just finished reading he debunking Kidd layed on you. While insulting to the ego it is as far as I can tell just asking where is the proof?

When you do not address this question head on first and then go on to claim she is a shill....well, it reminds me of the method used by the bad guys. That is "never address the facts" instead attack the messenger. Look Ken I don't know alot about alot of things but you have gained my respect over the years and I don't know anything about Devvy Kidd or really care for that matter. But I do care about how your credibility might be affected by those who follow you. I know your a very very busy guy doing a huge job for which I am very grateful just wanted to add my perspective.

In your corner,


Hi Frank,

It's easy for a debunker like Devvy Kidd to box you in with a statement like "where's the proof"? You notice that her comments only occupy a couple of paragraphs. How long did it take her to write those few lines? 5 or 6 minutes?

If I had the luxury of time, then I would have rebutted her oh-so-innocent 'questions' within a day or two of its posting at Rense, but Time is the problem.  Do you realize how much time and effort is required to try to assemble that so-called 'proof' and present it in a cogent manner? A few days, a week?

I say "so-called" proof because the government had stopped officially admitting to their participation in developing mind control technologies after the congressional hearings in 1968 and the publication of the MK Ultra report. After that, all official documents attesting to government involvement in mind control are non-existent. What we have -and what is only POSSIBLE TO HAVE- as "proof" of mind control abuse is the testimony of those who have survived programming (and recovered their memories) or those who DID the programming and had the courage to talk about it publicly.

That sort of "proof" does exist in the books of Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, Cisco Wheeler, Fritz Springmeier, and Svali, among the better known writers on mind control, but it still takes a substantial amount to time to collate the story and organize it into a convincing article.  

How do you support yourself? Do you need to earn money in order to live? Or do you have a secure source of funding to sustain yourself? I have to bring in donations in order to live. I make special hand made premium gift items that I offer on my Products page, orgone generator page, and Succor Punch page. It takes a lot of time to make those items. It also takes a lot of time to both read and answer mail. And it takes a lot of time to organize and upload articles. How many people do you suppose are working here at

I just posted an article by Matt S. called ""Ismail Ax" and the Virginia Tech Massacre (April 23, 2007)" at

Matt built the case for mind control of the VA tech shooting with exactly the sort of references that I outline above. Did you read it?

Are you new to the idea of government/corporate shill/debunking artists who will launch a smear/discredit attack against anyone who hits a nerve that the secret government doesn't want the public to become knowledgeable about?  Is there anything that the secret government wants to hide more than their role in victimizing people with mind control to create school shooting assassins? Psychotronics victimization? False flag, black ops on the American public such as 911? The Anthrax attacks? The OKC Bombing? The 1993 World Trade Center attack? etc.

There are enough articles available from other writers that squarely support the contentions I made in the Blacksburg Executions article that mind control was at the heart of the VA tech shootings. There are 30 or 40 articles at alone.  How about taking the time to search the net and write the article yourself which answers the "question" proposed by the inquiring mind of Ms Kidd? I do encourage self-education, self-empowerment and self-initiative at this web site, you know.

When we lose this country to the fascist traitors whose hands are now on the levers of power, will you suffer any less than I when the US Constitution is no longer the law of the land?   Is it better to sit on the fence and wait for others to do the resisting and exposing for you, or do you need to take matters into your own hands and take on the responsibility to save this country from its traitors and their army of minions and propaganda shills?

I appreciate your supportive comments.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Re: Devvy Kidd
From: Frank
Date: Mon, April 30, 2007
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your speedy reply, you are a un-recognized hero in my book. Taking the time out to respond so sincerely and directly is something  special. I thank you and ask you to forgive my short sighted view. I cannot even to begin to imagine your work load and sense of duty in revealing the "truth".

Please take good care of yourself for the pressure must be un-relenting at times. I always get a real sense of it when we communicate.....I will send some beautiful relaxing and refreshing love your way today.....if you feel it...the please take a short moment and let it do its job.

Love and Compassion coming your way,


Subject: Devvy Kidd
From: Steve
Date: Tue, May 1, 2007
To: Editor

I really enjoy reading your new "daily" journal. Your observations are definitely correct about Devvy the gatekeeper. The last time I attempted to share something with her, she was HIGHLY critical, confrontational and down right rude. She is good friends with Larry Becraft who she adamantly supports, and he is a lying attorney. In my book, that says it all. Because of her armed services background, she seems to not be able to step outside the box, which is a shame, because she is a feisty one that would be great to have another good writer actually sharing more truth.

Keep up your great work!

Best, Steve


Subject: email to Devvy
From: David Brandt <>
Date: Tue, May 15, 2007
To:   Editor


I thought you might be interested. I send emails and observe the response, and I'm curious about this one.


I wrote a reply to a message sent to Devvy Kidd. I'm interested in what her response will be, if any. The content is below:


> Her voting record is appalling.

Indeed. The only true change could come from what Jefferson wrote concerning liberty and tyrants--a popular uprising and blood in the
streets, something that most don't have the stomach for because they fear death. This "solution" has been tried over and over again  anyway with only temporary results, which only indicates that there is no solution nor was there ever meant to be. I view politics as a gateway to people expanding their minds to greater truth. The ultimate truth is that the Earth is dying, far more quickly than most people realize, and that "success" in the political arena will ultimately only amount to experiential and spiritual progress.

David Brandt

Devvy Kidd wrote:

I give her all the credit in the world for her JOB in exposing the inconsistencies regarding 911, but McKinney is a socialist bordering on
communist. Her voting record is appalling. Period. I have written about here before, just google her name and mine.

I'm sorry, but the damage she does on all other issues except 911 does not qualify her to serve in public office.


[Original Message]
From: migs <>
To: <>
Date: 5/15/2007
Subject: forgot somebody

"If it were up to me, I'd boot the whole damn Congress out of office tomorrow except Ron Paul."
Cynthia Mckinney?

David Brandt


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