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Questions on Hydrogen Peroxide Nasal Mist for COPD and Addressing Juvenile Diabetes
December 6, 2011

Questions on Hydrogen Peroxide Nasal Mist for COPD and Addressing Juvenile Diabetes (Dec. 6, 2011)

Subject: Nasal Spray for COPD with stent in one cardiac artery
From: Yogesh (India)
Date: Tue, December 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

From: Yogesh,
Mumbai, India.

Dear Ken,

Thanks for the wonderful information compiled by you on the site. I have two queries :

1.My father,75 years with stent in one of the arteries has chronic COPD and he wants to try the HP spray or steam. Is the presence of Stent in a coronary artery a negative for this.

2. My child of 12 years has juvenile or childhood diabetes and needs about 60 units of Insulin a day. There is not much information to be found about this in alternative medicine. Can you guide me to some information which might be useful for his condition.

I will be highly obliged.

Thanks and regards,



Hello Yogesh,

First, I can't give medical advice and you alone will have to decide what to do. Here are some musings, strictly educational in nature.

Logic is telling me that breathing a mist of HP would not jeopardize the stent which is inside the artery, but I have no way of confirming that. A stent is a tube that holds the artery wall open, so I can't see why there would be a problem. The peroxide mist will mostly affect the upper respiratory tract and some effect on the lung aveoli.

The most benign way to introduce a mist of HP into the air is to add HP to the water of a humidifier and place the humidifier in a smaller room and close the door. You could sit inside the room and breathe the air a bit and leave and see how you feel. If you are comfortable, then you could spend more time with the humidifier. After a few days of using a humidifier with HP, you could think about spraying 3% directly into the nose and try that for a week or two. Later, you could try inhaling HP, beginning with one pump. Very small steps to get used to HP.

60 units is a lot of insulin. Diabetes is curable. You can learn about curing diabetes from books like The Cure for All Disease from Dr. Hulda Clark , but the latest book from Jerry Tennant, Voltage is Healing also tells you a lot as well.

On page 173, Hulda Clark mentions that a pancreatic fluke called "Eurytrema pancreacticum" is found in the pancreas of EVERYONE with diabetes, without exception.

The Cure for All Diseases (pdf) (1995)

You can kill the fluke by daily zapping with a zapper, such as the MST, and prevent the fluke from re-infecting you by avoiding ALL exposure to WOOD ALCOHOL which is used commonly in processed foods. For instance, wood alcohol (also called METHANOL) is found in bottled water. powdered drinks, soda pop, baby formula, artificial sweetener, and is used to wash food processing equipment. Methanol allows the fluke to grow in the body.

If your child has diabetes, you must avoid giving him anything from a can, package, or bottle , except milk, and avoid all PROCESSED FOOD

She says you can cut the insulin dose in half within 3 weeks if you follow her recommendations.

Read the book.

Regards, Ken

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