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Dicyanin Googles, Visual Ray, Self Reliance, and "NEW4Y"
September 20, 2009

Dicyanin Googles, Visual Ray, Self Reliance, and "NEW4Y" (Sep. 20, 2009)

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From: David
Sent: Sep 20, 2009
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: dicyanin goggles

What do you think of a site called NEW4Y out of the UK (it seems).... ???

I was reading your

((I tried that for the first time about 4 years ago and a so-called friend I was with called me crazy for saying I was breaking up small clouds and I kinda stopped doing it....I guess I should start a way of turning on the right temporal lobe.....that is what the book Where God Lives explains is the physical interface with TDC/God.....right temporal lobe))

Then I was looking for dicyanin goggles (which I can not find) and ran across a chat room from this site where a guy is asking for a chemist to condense dicyanin from coal tar....then we could make our own goggles, right?

Is there anything to this, in your opinion, Ken?

If so, I may know someone who can do that.

Let me know what you think.




Hi David,

With reference to the site is an assembly of YouTube video clips with comments from an unidentified web site owner ("M-Force") who routinely employs vulgarity in almost every paragraph he writes. The guy apparently stumbled upon the videos of David Icke a few years ago and now fancies himself an armchair guru of things hidden and esoteric. It's an understatement to say that he's confused. Some of his statements are truly moronic.

The use of vulgarity is an immediate indicator of immaturity, low education, and a bar room-level mentality He's a wanker, to be sure, but a wanker's Relay Station is better than no relay station at all, I suppose. However, he's a Cut and Paste type of guy; not exactly another Anthony Sutton.

Dicyanin goggles used to be produced some years ago by a British company. Trevor Constable told me the name, but I forgot. They do work to reveal auras. It's a liquid that's sandwiched between two sealed glass plates. The formula isn't that complicated as I recall.Send me a link if you have more info.

Do not allow yourself to be controlled or swayed by the thinking of others, especially when they use ridicule or disparaging comments to get you to bend to their will. This is the calling card of IGNORANCE. The name of this web site was chosen to emphasize the idea that YOU are your best teacher and your best student. No one can fulfill that role better than you can.. A "friend" who talks you out of investigating something which is out of the ordinary and not handed to you on a platter in a high school text book, isn't really a friend as much as an ignorant acquaintance with whom you are saddled (and should think of as a millstone around your neck).

Think for yourself and stick to your own convictions and ideas. Shun those who try to dissuade you. Ignorance and prejudice love company.

Regards, Ken

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