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"Did You Think?"
(Japan Radiation Alarmism)
April 7, 2011

"Did You Think?" (Japan Radiation Alarmism) April 7, 2011

Subject: did you think?
From: "AL" <>
Date: Thu, April 7, 2011
To: "Adachi, Ken"


When you read what Christopher Busby says about how long the cover up regarding health hazards and nuclear power has been going on . . .

it makes you wonder if the health care bill (putting physicians into the hands of government bureaucracies) wasn't an important step. After all most physicians will not acknowledge that the following harms your health: mercury fillings, Aspartame, GMO, MSG, fluoridated water, vaccines, Morgellons, nuclear medicine, etc. So should the patient suffer from nuclear fallout, instead of documenting and treating for radiation, the docs will deny the cause and blame it on the patient's genetics, diet or any number of inane factors. There will then be no documentation to support any lawsuits. Look at how long they have fought to protect vaccine manufacturers from Autism lawsuits. And look at how few physicians have come forward!

Just a thought.


Hi Al,

Your quote: "Did you think?"

I'll ask you a similar question: Are you thinking?

Let me begin by saying that I am not necessarily a supporter or proponent of nuclear energy, per se, and never have been. I'm fully aware of the downsides to nuclear energy production. I've known for a long time that electricity can be extracted from the ether without using any fuel via Tesla's radiant energy method, or extracted from water using Stan Meyer's method, or using rotating magnets as Bill Mueller did in British Columbia, Canada, or use the radiant free energy device developed by Paul Baumann in Switzerland called the Testatica (and many other ways).

Therefore, I'm not a cheer leader for nuclear energy, but I'm also not going to go along with British shill, self-proclaimed "environmentalists' like Dr.Christopher Busby and his exaggerated "radiation-from-Fukushima" playbook, any more than I'm going to go along with the well paid-off "environmentalists" who play the Global Warming card.

I'm just as agitated with similar "Fukushima radiation" alarmist statements being spouted by Leuren Moret and promoted by Alfred Webre.

And I hope you realize that I generally see eye to eye with you. However, you are witnessing a DISINFORMATION psyops of enormous proportions here that exceeds, by a wide margin, the preposterous drivel that Al Gore and his Leftist environmental friends concocted a few years ago to justify the Global Warming "threat", and the resultant 'necessity' for government mandated 'reductions' (which in turn justifies the pretext for Cap & Trade).

The Fukushima facility was NEVER the source of the radiation which Moret and her alarmist friends are agitating about. The atmospheric radiation, to the extent we can believe the 'reports' we are reading, is being INSERTED into the atmosphere by chemtrail planes and similar discrete methods. The radioactive seawater near the Fukushima nuclear facility didn't originate from Daiichi; it originated from the sea floor where a nuclear device was detonated on March 11, 2011 to trigger the earthquake which caused the tsunami on March 11. The radioactive iodine was added to the water supply in Japan which reported an elevation for a few days. It did not come from the Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

We are witnessing SABOTAGE and intentional contaminations with radioactive materials in order to fit the "Fukushima radiation" cover story. And shills like Busby and Moret are spreading the alarmist disinformation cover story that 'Fukushima did it".

You might soon read of reports that oil being pumped into refineries from Alaska, for example, will mysteriously show contamination with radioactivity If so, please remember that you read it here FIRST. If this scenario materializes in the press, you need to realize that the radioactivity was ADDED to the oil. It did not come from Daiichi in Fukushima prefecture.

How do I know these things? Because I'm informed by people will real ability like ZS Livingstone who can detect these things psychically from a higher plane of awareness and report on what the manipulators (and their extraterrestrial pals) are doing behind the curtain. If you want to dismiss that avenue of information, that's fine with me.

Thankfully, George Monbiot of the UK Guardian, is publicly repudiating the incredible hyperbole and distortions that we are getting from 'environmentalist' of the Christopher Busby variety.

Part of the Fukushima radiation propaganda tactic is to play up the suspicions and paranoia easily inspired in gullible and unknowledgable (of nuclear power production and radiation "dangers") web surfers about the supposedly 'untruthful' Japanese government officials and TEPCO who KNOW that the radiation is 'much worse' than they are publicly admitting, etc., etc. Japanese reporting of the radiation 'dangers' have been far more accurate and honest than what we are seeing in the western press.

In short: you're being played.

Kind Regards, Ken


[I received a reply from Al to each paragraph that I wrote to him, but he asked me not to publish it, so I'll just post below part of my reply to him that is intended for public consumption...Ken]


Opps, I didn't realize that you had responded to each paragraph of my reply when I sent out the last e-mail. I was only responding to the first part of your reply.

I won't go over every item with you because I can see where your thinking is, so we'll spend a lot of time going around and around and I don't have the time for that, but I will say, however, that I knew Peak Oil was a fraud from the very beginning and CALLED it a hoax from Feb. 2007 forward with Gore's BS publicity campaign. I didn't have to go through a learning curve because I ALREADY knew that Gore was a full time NWO player from Brice Taylor's 1999 book and from Cathy O'Brien's 1995 book.

Carnicom is an OK guy, but he didn't lead the way for me with chemtrails because I was getting out the chemtrail story in the winter of 97-98, at the same time that Carnicom started. In fact, William Thomas ran the story before Carnicom picked up the thread.

Same with depleted uranium, Morgellons, Mind control, psychotronic torture, gang stalking, the NWO depopulation agenda (which I first published in 1996) and other areas you allude to. I've been out front on many issues which others only slowly and gradually come up to speed on (are you looking in a mirror?).

I also told Jeff Rense in the early morning hours of September 12, 2001 that the WTC buildings came down from controlled demolition and he scoffed at the idea in his replies to me and then went on the air that night with his guest Michael Glickman and sneered at the suggestion that the buildings were mined for controlled demolition. It was only a few weeks ago in a series of hot and heavy e-mails with me that he FINALLY admitted to me that I called it correctly at the time and that he didn't see it--ten years later.

Yes, I know that what I casually refer to as psychic information cannot be proven and I can also see your dubious skepticism, as if I'm getting it from the Psychic Network. However, I've been reporting info for MANY years from sources that I firmly trust to be ACCURATE, including ZS Livingstone, and others who will go unidentified. Whether you or any other reader accepts the info is not my concern, but putting it out there is.

I've never claimed to be infallible, but I've called the story accurately in the vast majority of cases, and in time you will discover that the quake and the Daiichi explosions were a product of sabotage and that the economic and political fallout for Japan (and by extension the US and other countries) were the intended consequences. How many legitimate concerns that Moret and the others discuss is not relevant to my point that she's carrying water for the Illuminati by yelling Fukushima, instead of subterfuge and sabotage.

Regards, Ken


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Subject: RE: Fukushima and Chinese free-trade zones
From: Ryan (Canada)
Date: Sun, April 3, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

dear Mr. Adachi,

i like your website and try to visit it daily. i like about 80% of its content. i've even read a Dr. H. Clark book, thanks for making me aware of her.

however, i just want to comment on your apparent lack of concern for the incredible amount of radiation pouring out of Fukushima. this is a global concern and is only getting worse. your article on praying for it is
helpful, but i feel you need to warn your readers more. for instance,

your march 19/11 current articles posting is frankly absurd.

please warn your readers.

also, i have not read about anywhere else about the Chinese free-trade zones in the U.S. is this a false concern? please let me know where i can research them more.

keep up the great work with your website, but please face the facts about Fukushima.

best regards,
Ryan Sparks


Hi Ryan,

Radiation is not pouring out of Fukushima.

You're buying the cover story.

Read my latest if you want my views.

I warned about the China Free Trade Zones some months ago with two or three articles. Go back through the Current News list and you'll find them.

Regards, Ken

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