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Disloyalty and US Military Cooperation with the NWO
July 1, 2008

Disloyalty and US Military Cooperation with the NWO (June 1, 2008)

Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008
From: Justin R
Subject: Bull Shit

re: Pam Schuffert Confirms Guillotines Stored at Fort Lewis (June 30, 2008)

I just wanted to call "Bull Shit" on Pam Schuffert. One of the first lines in her article said the Arm Ranger was carrieing a "445 mag gun" first there is no such thing, the army uses the 9mm. And they would never allow one of their troops to just carry it onto a bus as he/she traveled around the country. They are locked up in the armory until released for training or mission. And on the outside chance this troop was carrying a pistol, being a well seasoned army professional, would have never just whipped out his pistol and knives just to show off. VERY Unbelievable!!

Thanks Justin R


Hi Justin,

Pam is not in the military, although her father was in USAF.

Knowledge of current nomenclature for guns of any type is not essential in this case. While I agree with you that it's not normal for troops traveling off base to be carrying sidearms with them, unless they do so within their military capacity (E.g. MPs), it's not like it's never done. I've seen it and I'm sure many others have seen it as well.

As far as showing off, well, that depends on who is carrying the weapons and the circumstances of that display. It's nice to imagine that all Army personnel are people at the height of maturity and prudence in all circumstances, but that's not the real world. Just look at how many Army guys allowed themselves to behave like Nazis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We also need to realize that any American citizen who is part of the US military and has been, or is, engaged in rehearsals to round up their fellow countrymen and deliver them into FEMA concentration camps for internment (or worst), are THEMSELVES ENGAGED IN TREASON and are to be held accountable for their participation in that treason.

"I'm just following orders" didn't cut it for the Nazis hung at Nuremberg, and it won't cut it for the local, home-grown variety of Nazi pawns who are willing to "follow orders" no matter how unconstitutional or treasonous they may be.

You either realize that you are betraying your own countrymen and will take steps to refuse to participate in such betrayal, OR you're just a mercenary dog who's wearing the uniform and collecting the pay from US taxpayers, but without any consciousness of what you are doing and zero loyalty to the citizens of this country or its Constitution.

Think about it.

Regards, Ken

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