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Is Distilled Water Being Sabotaged in Some Way to Negatively Impact Colloidal Silver Production?
December 26, 2011

Is Distilled Water Being Sabotaged in Some Way to Negatively Impact Colloidal Silver Production? (Dec. 26, 2011)

Subject: Silver Water
From: Linda (Ohio)
Date: Mon, December 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I bought an electric CS generator back in 2002 and have used it a lot since then for any and anything. I did read recently (or find out) that the distilled water available to folks in the USA would be rendered unsuitable for making CS. I used to buy my distilled water at Walmart up until about 6 months or more ago. The water was very suitable, nice and my silver generator rods would tindle in this water. Now the water does not tindle any longer no matter which brand of distilled water I use (and I have tried many different brand from many sources). I have a PPM meter and I still test my finished water at around 20PPM. The finished CS before would be clear colored if I cleaned the silver rods completely before using. Now the water is not as clear but yellow colored (like your photos show). I was always under the impression that the CS should be clear not yellow.

I am going to try the trick of heating the water up before putting into my mason jar to generate the CS in. Maybe that will bring back the tindle effect I once observed.

I use CS for a final hair rinse getting off all the left over goo from shampoos and conditioners, etc. My hair comes out very squeeky clean. I even cleared up my son's acne on his face and shoulders using it just once a day. (He didn't believe it would work but it did much to his surprise. It only took a 2 week's worth of daily treatment of CS to permanently clear this up.)

If I have an ear ache I just warm up some CS and use a few drops in the effected ear and the earache goes away within hours. If I have a stye in my eye I use CS once or twice a day and within 3 days tops the stye is gone as quickly as it appeared. I've even put CS directly in my eye with no adverse effects when treating the styes.

Most people don't know of it's healing ability or the fact the FDA wants to effectively shut down the CS production by private individuals that's why they targeted the distilled water producers adding something into the water that inhibits CS production. Since they changed the water around I can't get more than a 20 PPM when before I could get 30 PPM easily.

Take care,
Linda P


Hi Linda,

Wow, very Interesting. I need to look into this. Perhaps others have noticed something similar with their CS production.

Wal-Mart sells China products and that may include the distilled water. You can't trust anything that comes out of China. Quality control is a joke. Locally, I get Arrowhead distilled water from the supermarket. It seems to be OK, but I'm going to run some tests to see if anything has changed with Arrowhead distilled water.

It's possible that the water is being exposed to some sort of radionics or magnetic charge or it could be ambient EMF pollution (microwaves) which is getting worse daily. Now that we are being bombarded with Smart Meter radiation, EMF is at an all time high.

You might try making the CS in a below ground location or inside an all metal surrounded room to see if EMF is playing a role.

Have someone get Arrowhead for you and see what you get.

The yellow color is the NORMAL color of CS made with distilled water in the 5-25 ppm range. If you are using a low voltage (27-35 volts average) DC CS generator with distilled water, the color produced will be yellow in the ppm range mentioned. High Voltage AC production of CS is another matter and that solution will look clear, even though the ppm would register very high with a TDS meter.

I have found some low voltage DC generators sold on the internet that use a current clamping circuit that lowers the voltage so much, that you can't get to the yellow ppm color because the voltage is too low to produce much CS, it would take 15 hours of production time to get a yellow color, so they convince their customers that their clear color is the NORMAL color and the yellow color is "bad"!

These people are hopeless dilettantes and yet they act like they are authorities on CS production. They don't understand what they're talking about! They're simply shaping their rhetoric to fit their very low ppm colloidal silver and are calling that "normal".

Wonderful to read about clearing up the acne with CS. As you say, if more people only knew just how well CS works to stop infective conditions. Everyone should have a CS generator in the home. Or at the very leat, get a Bare Bones CS kit.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Ken

Subject: Re: Silver Water
From: Linda
Date: Tue, December 27, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I've bought distilled water from the local CVS and Rite Aid drug stores with the same result. The WalMart water was packed in Cincy Ohio and not China. I live in Wooster Ohio and we only have so many supermarkets or drug stores to shop in and I've had the same result even buying from the family owned Buehler's pricey supermarket. I think they've gotten to all the distilled water distributors to rearrange the water. Never heard of the Arrowhead brand.

Our area does not have the smart meters (yet) and I have no high tension wires or cell towers directly near me. Nothing has changed since I started making the CS except the water. There has been an increase in the HAARP activity here though. I posted some of the HAARP activity that is picked up by a local weather radar on my local cable tv.

These were taken right before a big storm was "brought" over from the west. If I want to see what the weather is going to be (regardless of what the weather channel says) I look at the HAARP broadcast. I have seen the entire state of Ohio "covered" in the rings....right before either a huge rainstorm or snowstorm hits. Usually early in the morning this goes on. If they turn it on during the daytime I get so sleepy I simply must take a nap or drink more espresso. And we have been the victims of a daily onslought of chemtrailing as well. It will start out wonderfully blue sky clear in the morning and then end up horribly overcast before 3PM and dreary. I end up almost daily waking up with my eyes swollen shut and coughing out goo from my lungs. I have blood shot eyes in the morning (and I don't drink at all) and coughing the goo up every day.

A Russian scientist friend of mine agrees with me that he thinks "they" are spraying all the barium, aluminum, etc to help "welcome" the ET's who can't survive in our present atmosphere by blocking out the sun making it more like their atmosphere. My friend was with the Russian Biopreprat making diseases. He is now retired for many years.

Is there any indication that Ron Paul is going to halt the chemtrailing activity when he gets elected?


PS I have read your site for years. Some things I agree with and other things I don't.


Hi Linda,

I found out some years ago that drug store purchased "distilled' water is often not distilled. I haven't tested the stuff at the local CVS, but its predecessor, Walgreens, sold water that was labeled 'distilled' but it was far from distilled. The only way to know for sure is to use a TDS meter and see if you get a reading or not. It should read 'zero' if you have distilled water. Another fast way to test distilled water is to insert the test probes from a digital multi meter and take a resistance reading with the probes separated by one inch in the water. Distilled water will give you a high resistance reading of roughly from 1.5 - 2 meg ohms, while water with minerals in it will give a lower resistance reading of roughly 500k- 900k ohm range, or lower.

Arrowhead water is bottled in California according to the label.

The manipulation and manufacturing of weather systems by HAARP and allied transmissions from domestic military bases seems to be a daily activity. The youtube videos of Dutchsense clearly demonstrates the momentary "ring" echoes on infrared radar that, as you say, lead to severe weather systems 24-48 hours later.

Don't you just love a government and military that betrays its own citizens night and day with their chemtrail poisoning and weather manipulations?

Why would any thinking American citizen WANT to join the US military and help the Satanic-controlled Pentagon harm and destroy its own citizens?

EMF poisoning is getting worse. I heard a video or radio show mention that almost every citizen has experienced a momentary vertigo feeling of falling forward and to the left. I first noticed it about 6 weeks ago and have felt it often since. You think it's your eyes having trouble to adjust, but it's very disconcerting and gives you a momentary dizzy feeling. People also need to understand that those HUGE mega-transmision "communication towers" in major cities around the world (E.g. the Tokyo "Tree" or the Dublin 'Spire. or example) are intended for total electronic manipulation and covert mind control/influencing.

No, Ron Paul would not attempt to stop chemtrail spraying because the 13 Illuminated families, the Rockefellers especially, and their Illuminated satanists in the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, Homeland Security, etc., etc., are running the show and not the President. Ron Paul knows that and he knows that he would be killed quickly if he attempted to stop their chemtrail poisoning. However, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't prefer Ron Paul to be President, since he's a far better choice than NWO sellouts Mitt Romney, Gingrich, or the Indonesian Usurper. A quarter loaf of bread is better than no bread at all.

The chemtrail spraying is certainly contaminating the crops and water supplies wherever they are sprayed. I know someone who can detect the amount of chemtrail contamination in supermarket food and it's off the chart today. She has to spend hours going from one supermarket to another to try and find selected foods that are not contaminated. Remember, that most chemtrail spraying is done by drone 'aircraft'. There are no human pilots. It's all remote controlled by huge, underground super computers called AI, or Artificial Intelligence computers. The US Air Force, long ago taken over by the Illuminated satanists, is the dominant organization overseeing chemtrail spraying operations.

Regards, Ken


Subject:           Re: Silver Water
From:              "Linda
Date:   Tue, December 27, 2011
To:     Ken Adachi

I know Ron Paul would not want to rock the boat and hence get his behind in a sling with the Illunimati.  I too, like him for a future President.  But remember he too is a Mason so it's a 50/50 chance he'll be good or not.  But 50% is better than the other choices which is no choice.

I have yet to test any distilled water that did not have lower than 2PPM on my meter!!!

I have a friend who lives in Siberia above the Arctic Circle who has had a relatively "mild" winter season so far.  She thinks that the MOX fuel from the Japanese reactor "accident" actually burned holes in the atmosphere.  We have had an unusually mild season here in Ohio as well compared to last year and the year before.  It's almost like we are two months behind in weather here and there.

And there are massive HAARP senders down in the Dayton area that come up all the time on my cable tv weather thingy.  As you could see from the videos this is a daily happening.  Dayton equals Wright Pat [Wright Patterson Air Force base].

We used to have CH-48 Chinhook helicopters flying over here a lot in all kinds of horribly cold weather last year and the year before that.  My son has a scanner that would pick up the pilots talking about "sending" something out the rear of the copter and "turning it on".  Oddly, shortly
after they turned on whatever it was out the back of the heli there would come in all kinds of medical alert calls about heart attacks.  No, I don't
think that was a coincidence as the medical alert calls would follow the actual "trail" of the copter as it worked the neighborhoods around here.
There is a smallish airport that I can practically see from my home that was mysteriously shut down and all the private businesses moved out to other counties.  You can't even stop there to buy airplane fuel any longer if you are a private person.  And mysteriously there was a helicopter Medical heli service installed there called Metro LifeFlight!!!  The article in the newspaper said they would be doing about 150 "missions" per month!!  Odd, but since that has happened several years ago we hardly hear 4 "missions" a month, let alone 150.  This is also a "target" of the double rotored black military helis at night and in the daytime.  The one heli with the device that was turned on had a weird dome shaped thing on the underside of the single rotored heli that should not be there.  We definitely think that some sort of "heart attack" type machine was tested in this area.  Also a lot of mentally ill folks would go nutso during the testing (we could hear in the police calls about people going nutso i.e. walking around with shotguns or some 15 year old threatening to kill herself drinking hairspray!!

This area seems to be a "test" area at times.  Before the Iraq War this area had a lot of air traffic daily and nightly of military crafts.  But since
the War, things have died down considerably except for the voices of the pilots using the "funny" helis at night.  The MedFlight helis just cruise
around at all hours of the day and night constantly circling for hours at a time.  Who has that kind of money to squander on fuel?  And they don't even talk on the radio at all. From 11PM to 5AM.  Even at -10 degrees these guys circle around and it's much colder up there - so what's with that action? And why would a town of 25,000 people have so many medical centers?  And they are expanding almost daily as well.  It's cancer this and cancer that and the already adequate local hospital buying up an adjacent shopping center to expand into?  This whole area is jobless essentially but medical this and medical that are booming.  They even put in a walk in clinic at the local WalMart!!!

My Russian scientist friend said not to have a flu shot as too many of the vaccines available are tainted with god knows what and will act like a
delayed atom bomb in your system.  He should know what he's talking about as he is one of the people who studied these cute little vaccines now being foisted upon the public.  I get into a lot of heated arguments on that topic you can be sure but I refuse the innocent flu shots.

I am going to try heating up some distilled water in my Pyrex glass saucepan before making some silver water and I'll let you know if that helps or not.

I also use CS in my laundry to keep my towels clean.  About 1/2 cup per load is all it needs.



Hi Linda,

I have video that I shot locally between 2002-2004 that shows helicopters going around and around in a limited perimeter in Costa Mesa and around John Wayne airport emitting some sort of rapid pulse energy that would flash in a series of quick pulses which could be seen at night. I know the police and military have access to some sort of technology that will identify people walking around below (or even in the homes below) the helicopter by identifying their DNA frequency signature.  I know most pajama people would scoff at that, but I’m sure the technology exists.

If the police or military are looking for a suspect, they can have the onboard screen only show a blip for the party they are interested in and not show anyone else on the screen.  I was explaining this to someone I knew in 2004 and he told me that he remembers seeing it talked about in a news broadcast in the late 1990s. The state police wanted to show off their new toy to find suspect by identifying a suspect by his DNA signature detected from a flying helicopter.  They are radiating some sort of high energy, pulsed  RF field that will cause a resonance response with a known DNA frequency signal (the human) on the ground.

Regards, Ken

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