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Doubtful of Electronic Mind Control
(A Short Tutorial)
July 21, 2008

Doubtful of Electronic Mind Control ~ A Short Tutorial (July 21, 2008)

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Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008
Subject: Mind Control Doubts

If transmitters are sending a particular frequency, to control our minds, then what stops the people who are doing this, from being manipulated as well ?


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From: Fatpiesquad@
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008
Subject: Re: Mind Control Doubts


My name is David, I'm 15, and I'm from Scotland. I wasn't aware of any rules when i sent the message so I do apologise. Can you now answer my question please.


Hello David,

Your view of this is too simplistic. It's not a matter of a special frequency that turns mind control on and off. Accessing the mind from a distance electronically was stumbled upon by Wilhelm Reich in the late 1940s and early '50s. However, the Japanese were working on using microwaves to exert mind control before and during World War II.

If you understand how a basic AM radio works, the desired intelligence, an audio signal (voice), is added on top of a higher frequency carrier wave. Let's say your carrier wave is 600 kilocycles. You would tune to "600" on the AM radio dial. The radio station sends out a signal from a transmitter that radiates through the air and is intercepted by the antennae on your AM radio. The carrier wave is "carrying" the audio signal along with it. Once the radio's antennae picks up the carrier wave and the embedded audio signal, it amplifies the tiny voltage to a higher level and runs it through a circuit called a "demodulator". This circuits strips away the carrier wave, but leaves the audio signal intact. The audio signal is further amplified using built in audio amplifiers and the sound finally comes out of the speaker or headphones.

The human brain can also function as a "demodulator" for "radio" waves of a special character. If you had the right KIND of wave, coupled with the right frequency band that the human skull resonates to (allows the frequency to enter the brain or "antennae tuning") then your brain would automatically demodulate (strip away the carrier part of that special waveform) and just leave the desired intelligence intact which could be a voice talking to you in your head, a thought, a picture, or a continuous video which you might call a nightmare.

"School shooters" are usually programmed and triggered (to kill) by psychotronics, rather than direct human contact with their programmers. ALL of our highly publicized school shootings are committed by mind controlled, programmed individuals. And this even goes back to Charles Whitman in the 1960s up there in the University of Texas school tower. He was programmed by the CIA using his psychiatrist. He was a test dummy, to see how well the programming would work in the "field" .

This signal could be tailored to be recognized by the conscious mind, but for many victims, the signal is only heard by their subconscious mind. Therefore, these victims are not consciously aware that they are being manipulated and "programmed" subconsciously, especially when they are sleeping.

The reason some people (and most animals) can pick up telepathic signals is because some of us have acquired a heightened ability to "tune" into these special waves and can consciously extract the desired intelligence.

If you can access the brain with these electronic signals, you could also affect the body's voluntary and involuntary muscles, glands, nerves, etc. You could cause pleasant or unpleasant bodily sensations, such as intense itching or burning sensations to name two. This is often used to electronically torture psychotronic victims from a distance.

The special waveform that is used to enter the cranium and allow the brain to demodulate the signal is called a second order wave, or more commonly, a "scalar" wave. Human thoughts are scalar waves. Yes, on the physical level, different electrical voltages (alpha, beta, theta, delta frequency bands) can be measured with special electrodes placed on the head, but those voltages are a byproduct of neuron activity of a three dimensional human brain which is REACTING to the impulse of a scalar thought waveform.

Conventional radio waves or voltages are not scalar waves. They are transverse waves. Therefore, they cannot achieve the things that scalar waves can. Thus, the mind control psychotronics developed at Montauk, Long Island in the late 1960s through the early 80s is based on scalar wave technology, not conventional electro-magnetic wave propagation.

Not everyone is equally susceptible to electronic mind control signals. In almost every case, people who are victims of psychotronic harassment have been given implants, usually many implants, which allows the signal to more easily penetrate the body's natural defense shields and causes the body to act as a mini radio receiver for the signal which is tailored to be received by the victim -and victim alone. The victims of psychotronic harassment who contact me can always tell me the year and month when the harassment started. That was the year and month they were given their implants. The victim will be sent to a "company dentist" or go to a military or VA hospital for his dental work, and come home with dental implants of the electronic variety.

Philip Ledoux, a man who writes articles posted at this web site, was a Navy submarine vet of many years who, because of his special abilities, was given implants in his skull behind his ears, when he went into a VA hospital some years ago for a minor hernia operation that was suppose to last about 30 minutes. When he woke up that evening, he found out that he was in the operating room for over 5 hours. Of course, he didn't know he was getting implants at the time. He only realized it some time later because he was now on the receiving end of those maddening signals, which plagues him to this day.

For this, they need your DNA. Once they enter your DNA coding "signature" into a computer, they can find you wherever you may go on this planet and can send any psychotronic signal they desire straight into your cranium - no matter where you go or where you attempt to hide. That's why the government, police, military, schools, etc., are trying to use every excuse under the moon to force people to give them a DNA saliva sample. The lower level personnel who are involved in this collecting activity think the DNA is strictly for ID purposes. They are not told anything about the psychotronic and DNA encoding applications.

(The NWO always functions on a "need to know basis" and will never reveal any more information to any individual than is absolutely necessary. They want to keep the people they use to bring in the New World Order police state - such as police, military, FEMA, Homeland Security, etc. - as dumb and unaware as possible, so they will continue to betray their own countrymen and fellow citizens for the sake of a paycheck, and not realize the great damage they are doing to themselves, their children, and to the country as a whole.)

When they have your DNA, they have YOU. Thus, you don't want to give samples of your DNA such as blood, hair, skin, saliva, etc. to any governmental organization,, the military, state health agencies, hospitals, etc. They will type your DNA from your blood sample and it's going to wind up in government computer data bases-- and you can take that to the bank. And I don't care how many spokesmen from said organizations would deny that such a thing is taking place--I guarantee that it's taking place.

Among people who have not been given implants or were not previously pre-conditioned for mind control programming, some people can be influenced subliminally to psychotronic microwave broadcasts, but some people are completely immune to these influences. Preston Nichols said years ago that merely knowing about or being aware of electronic mind control from microwave towers will, in and of itself, set up a defense mechanism in the body that can help create a shield against psychotronic influence.

People who are spiritually weak or get into a lot of negative conduct or have bad habits, are more easily influenced by subliminal psychotronics.

The key to stopping electronic mind control or psychotronic influencing is to take down those microwave towers that have sprung up everywhere like weeds. For a while, local residents were burning cell towers in Israel (perhaps in other countries as well, but certainly not in the USA, the Home of the Brave). Of course, you never heard about that from mainstream media, but it was a good start.

The realization that using a cell phone on a regular basis is going to result in brain cancer tumors will gradually seep into the public's consciousness and ever so gradually, people will stop using mobile phones. As usage goes down, cell phone companies will go out of business, and towers will fall into disuse.

But there's no reason why we couldn't hurry along the process by suing local cell phone tower companies and those who place them on their property (and the government) for allowing a clear and present danger to the public's health by exposing us to these dangerous energies.

Regards, Ken

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