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The Draft
March 28, 2004

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From:Chuck Kunaniec <>
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 9:09 AM
Subject: the draft

I grew up in the era of the draft. I was draft age during the Vietnam War but didnt get called because I was married and had a kid. I actually wanted to go in the service but had kids way too soon. Anyway, I dont see any problem with the draft, at least for males. I dont think women belong in the military for the most part anyway, especially in combat, so on that basis I am concerned by the bills, but I wish they had never stopped the draft. I noticed your list of people to complain to included radical feminist congresswomen, so I am not surprised. Women just dont understand the whole male role; warriors, hunters, etc. and really should just butt out.

Chuck Kunaniec
Lancaster PA

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From: Editor
To: Chuck Kunaniec
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 1:57 PM
Subject: Re: the draft

Hello Chuck,

Do you remember Paul Simon's hit song with the verse, " Still crazy, after all these years"? Maybe that's the kind of nostalgic feeling you get when you think about that lost opportunity to do the warrior thing during the Vietnam War. I can see from your letter that you feel you missed out on something because you had to stay home and provide for young children.

A lot of other guys have undoubtedly felt that way as well about other wars that America had fought in. God knows, they were eager to line up for a chance to get 'over there' to France and do the Two Step with Kaiser's Boys before it was 'too late'. Ernest Hemingway wrote all about it in A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises. Ironically, I read those novels while I was in the military and stationed in southeast Asia, of all places. I spent a year over there and I remember seeing those black body bags lined up daily on the tarmac, ready to be loaded onto KC-135 cargo planes for the final trip home.

I also took my first college course on base with the Maryland Far East Extension University. It was an English literature class and I remember well the dramatic manner in which our teacher read a poem written by a famous writer who had died in the trenches of World War I.

I can't recall the poet's name right now, but I do remember that the first line of the poem began with the word, "Gas!". The teacher read that first word in such a dramatic way that he held our attention immediately. He extended the 's' sound of the word 'gas' with a long, sibilant hissing sound so as to covey the eerie sound of escaping gas after the mustard gas shell had exploded in the trench. So many American men were burned and blinded for life by poison gas during World War I. Of course, the majority died a horrendous death, gasping for air.

When I was a kid during the 50's , there was nothing I enjoyed more that watching war movies late at night over CBS on 'The Late Show' (out of New York), which was a staple of late night TV during that decade. John Wayne was the most inspiring Marine that America could possibly hope for when he battled the 'Japs' on Okinawa or in the Philippines or in the Pacific with They Were Expendable. Mrs Miniver with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon was moving beyond words. John Garfield held out until the very last man mounting the machine gun in Back to Bataan and Gary Cooper had everyone cheering for our side in Sergeant York. The Five Sullivan Boys really got to me as did the magnificent Air Force with Harry Carey Sr. I loved those movies and was really inspired by them. Fighting the evil enemy seemed to make life so damn exciting. It was obviously dangerous, but we were on the side of justice, virtue, and freedom and we just knew we were going to win because good will always tiumph over evil and there was no doubt that "we" were the good guys.

At the time, with all of the confidence and strength of youth, I really bought the whole propaganda package, hook, line, and sinker. I bought it along with millions and millions and millions of other young American men. You did too. You just did it a little later than me.

The big difference between you and I today, however, is one of perception. You are still mesmerized by the illusions of war which you forged in your mind because you were conditioned to feel that way by comic books, games, competitive sports and most of all, by movies of the type that I mentioned above. Movies are powerful vehicles for manipulating emotions, and every salesman who's worth his salt knows that EMOTIONS are what sells product, not the product itself.

I too am opposed to women being included in a draft. It's an outrage to propose such a thing, but that's par for course with the satanic traitors who control the levers of power in this country. Greater grief, more death, more suffering, more horror.. that's the way the Boys of Arihman like it!

I'm equally opposed to young, naive men being included in the draft. They don't know that war is filthy, that war is exhausitng, that war is lonely, that war is nerve and psyche shattering, that war will cause you to have nighmares over and over, and that war will leave you broken and scarred for the rest of your life, assuming you are lucky enough to survive it. Young men don't know that wars are unnecessary and that wars are the product of lies, deception, and behind -the-scenes orchestration by powerful and rich men who never suffer, but rather gain monstrously, from their machinations to create war. Wars are money makers and the currency employed is the blood of young, naive men who are so condiitoned and manipulated in this country that they actually want to be a part of the horror and wish to support mandatory legislation that will force other men, who don't want to die for nothing, to join them in the killing fields.

I fervently hope that someday Chuck, you will come to a different understanding and come to realize the truth about war and those who engineer them and support them. I hope that happens before YOUR children become the next generation of statistics and victims of the military meat grinder.

Sincerely, Ken

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From:Chuck Kunaniec <>
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 5:15 PM
Subject: Re: the draft

That was all very dramatic, but I still think you are wrong. I used to unload the body bags at the airport where i worked from 1964 to 74. Many of my friends were in Vietnam and some died there. I think that war was wrong but others had to be fought. I don't see anything wrong with having the conviction to die for something. Your family, your faith, and even to protect your way of life. You have become far too cynical. I can't believe that anyone in this day and age doesnt realize the horror that war can be before they enlist. They don't make "John Wayne" type movies anymore, in case you haven't noticed. In most cases they stilll make the military look bad, but still young men want to enlist because they believe in something. You should be glad they do and still have that attitude because if not we wouldnt have policemen, firemen, and soldies willing to die to protect your sorry butt. I got to do the warrior thing in another area, by the way, and it didnt change my mind about anything.

Boys nowadays grow up being taught by women, raised by women for the most part, and don't even know what it means to be a man. Maybe you dont think there is a difference. I doubt that Barbara Boxer and the other feminists do either. You are the one who should re-evaluate your position on this.

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From::Chuck Kunaniec <>
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 5:17 PM
Subject: Re: the draft

Think about this too....every other country seems to have people willing to fight and die to maintain what they believe in. When we stop being willing, American will cease to exist too. But I have a feeling you really wouldnt care about that.

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From: Editor
To: Chuck Kunaniec <>
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 11:47 PM
Subject: Re: the draft

Hello Chuck,

Well, I could spend a lot of time responding to your statements, but I know I won't get through, so I'll keep it short.

Sure, there might be many things worth dying for, but giving away your life for Illuminati jackals is not one of them. You're clinging to the cover story 110% and wrapping yourself in the flag, but you're a victim of brainwashing and you don't know it. For a guy who's never been in the military or under enemy fire, you've got some nerve to preach to me about protecting my 'sorry ass', as if you had something to do with it. Give me a break! I was THERE pal, while you were trying out for freshmen football, so take your barroom bravado and shove it. Big mouths like you are a dime a dozen and talk is cheap. You've got nothing to say here.

You really are simple. You can't distinguish the difference between honoring the courage that may be required of a fireman for instance, to save the life of a person in peril and the STUPIDITY of joining the military and throwing away your life for the gluttonous financial gains of the military/industrial elites who have the government -YOUR government- in their back pocket and create wars in order to make money.

I'm all for having a reasonable size military force, free of mind controlled psychopathic killers, and based strictly on defensive needs and respect for the US Constitution. But you can't have that until we flush the government of all the Illuminati parasites and traitors who are presently in the process of destroying this country; until you close every underground base, kick out all of the Russian, Chinese, and German military troops that are stationed here, close down the CIA, NSA, FBI, Fatherland Security, FEMA, and all the other alphabet agencies that are betraying their own countrymen and restore the checks and balances that SUPPOSE to exists between the three branches of federal government. The Executive can no longer play imperial Emperor, the Legislative must go back to legislating and not bowing to the Emperor, and the Judicial must return to commenting on what is WRITTEN in the Constitution and not trying to do the job that was intended for the Legislative branch.

Of course, I realize that you really don't believe or accept it when I say these things. That's why I said at the top that I knew I couldn't get through to you. You assume that I'm just spouting leftist slogans. But I'm not a leftist and I've never been a leftist.

I USED to think I was a conservative, until I realized what's really going on and I came to understand that the whole political arena is a farce. There is no real left and there is no real right. There is just the Illuminati puppet masters and clods like you who can't see the strings.

Today, for the most part, the police don't protect anyone except maybe themselves as they've been transformed into something closer to thugs with badges serving the financial interests of their corporate masters (oh, maybe you didn't realize that cities, states, and the federal governments are today "corporations"). They are some exceptions, of course. I hear from a few of them.

You totally misread my comments about World War II era movies. I wasn't putting down John Wayne movies; I loved that guy. Unlike the trashy and unbelievable propaganda movies of today, like Blackhawk Down, which glorifies the mind controlled assassins who now form the staple of Special Forces, the movies I alluded to were both empathetic and sincere. That's why they had such a powerful effect on the entire World War II population of this country. And that's what made them far more dangerous than the modern stuff. And that's the part that YOU don't get, and apparently, never will.

Finally, it's fairly obvious from both of your letters, that feminism is a hot button for you. You keep on addressing me as if I were pro-feminist, which I am not and never have been. I'm not in favor of the de-masculinzation of young men, nor the breaking of the nuclear American family through easy, unilateral divorce and the ensuing bitterness created by child support and child custody battles which the courts should not be involved with in the first place, nor the attacks against Christianity, nor using the name of God in the Pledge of Alliance, nor the secret use of microwave mind manipulation and mind control against American citizens, nor any of the other hot emotional buttons that have been brought into the public arena by our scheming friends at the Tavistock Institute and their distribution outlets.

But it should be obvious to even you that you have to work with the members of congress who are in office at the time you wish to affect their votes both in committee positions and on the floor. It's not my desire to have Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein in office, but since they ARE the elected officials in California, THEY are the ones you have to address your grievances to if you hope to sway their vote. I have no doubt that they are just as much Illuminati shills as Bill or Hillary ever were, but 'who you gonna call' , Ghost Busters?

You don't get it: I'm NOT CYNICAL. I'm aware of the subterfuge and betrayal this is taking place in this country and YOU ARE NOT. That has nothing to do with cynicism, but everything to do with AWARENESS.

Well, I guess I didn't keep it so short, but that's my two cents.

Over and Out, Ken

PS. By the way, you never said what the substitute 'warrior' thing was. My guess: "Paint Ball"


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