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Magnificient Dragon Sylph Photographed over the Spanish Pyrenees
October 17, 2007

Magnificient Dragon Sylph Photographed over the Spanish Pyrenees (Oct. 18, 2007)

Dragon Sylph Spanish Pyrenees

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From: Nacho
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007
Subject: Amazing Sylph pics from Spain

Hi, my name is Nacho (Spanish nickname of Ignacio). I am a long time reader of your website and I want to share with you the pictures I have taken in my  beautiful mountains im the north of the Aragonese Pyrenees of Spain. You can fnd them in the forum of the Montalk website at this link:

Hope you like them.


Hello from the Pyrenees Mountains, Every fall, for about 12 years, some fellow psyconauts meet in a beautiful mixed forest located in the Aragonese Pyrenees of Spain. We used to eat about 4-5 grames of psylocybe semilanceata [psychedelic mushroom] per person, but this year we ate 7 grams. A very strong dose not recomended for all.

This place is surrounded by ancient megalithic dolmens and special energy. We started to use this place and some years after, we discovered that close to our favorite spots were planted these ancient stones... This year, only a few days ago, there were only two of us. We usually use the high perceptive changes that psilocybin provides to walk into the forest and feel the energy of this great place, but this year something came over us. The first hour was very intense due to the dosage, but no physical discomfort at all. Looking at the mountains as they flow around themselves in the distance,  I closed my eyes to see if the interior visuals were potent..

Dragon Sylph Spanish Pyrenees Then I saw a dragon, a beautiful Chinese dragon or at least very similar...with beautiful scales shining and fiery eye surrounded by long hairs...It was like the flying serpent or a Chinese dragon style... I didn't see dragons on mushrooms very often, so it was strange for me.. A little time after that vision and now with open eyes, we saw it...

It came from the air exactly from the little hill where we were situated..It was an air was like a sylph.. I usually see the phenomenon people call Sylphs a lot in the mountains here, but this time..this time ...I was asthonished..with the effects of a big dose of mushrooms. Me and my friend could see the entity at its maximum splendor.

The entity was over us a lot of the time, almost 30 minutes and ...uff i can describe it..As I had a digital camera, I photographed it and even took a little video.. I did it on a very high dose of psilocybin and I did as best as I could... Believe me fellow was something ( see the pics and imagine what it could be with the mushrooms)... The day continued with more adventures through the woods...I enclose the pics of the entity...a dragon?

Some people may think it looks demonic, but we really didn't feel any bad energy.. only fascination...Something that amazed me was that this thing maintained its form a long time , much more time that usually does for this "formations".

Love from the mountains of fire and sorry about my English



----- Original Message -----
From: Nacho
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Subject: Amazing Sylph pics from Spain

Dragon Sylph with Nacho in spanish PyreneesI have posted some more pics at the same forum..the link is :

Well I think you must know that this area is the Tena Valley in the province of Huesca region of Aragon in Spain. It limits with France's Bearn valley . It has strong megalithic presence with cromlech and dolmens and in the medieval times, it had the biggest concentration of witches. Also it is in the exact center of the Pyrenees 

In this valley, there are about 20 peaks more than 3000 meters high with little glaciers and are made of granite. Magnetism is present with lots of hot springs that the ancient Romans used... Also  close to this valley, is the Basque country. In fact, all Pyrenees regions are mostly of the ancient Basque culture, even me.

Quartz criytal can be collected here..I usually do it and even in the valley there is an old extingued vulcano. The zero meridian is about 20 km from here... and from this mountains, the Pyrenees came the .Jesuits, Opus Dei, Cathars, the Virgin of Lourdes... other Black Virgins...We have local Yetis in our legends...

The giants are the stars in the old mythological clasical stories here..and the flying serpent is called Herensuge. Great UFO activity at times and the mythical Mount Perdu that for some people is an old big ufo base or an access to the subterranean 15 km from the place where these pictures were taken 

I live here and nobody seems to be conscious that here lot of things started to happen here...Fairies and gnomes are common in the legends in this valley too

Sylphs are very common here since about 3 years ago. I saw a lot in the mountains of my region ,,,,but this one,,,this one,,and I was on mushrooms..and I see know what I mean..I see it without veils...It floated over us, looking at us...

Dragon sylph Spanish Pyrenees


Dragon sylph Spanish Pyrenees

Glad you like the pictures

Nacho. S.B

© Copyright 2007 Nacho S.B All Rights Reserved.

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