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'Drakos Reptilians' & Underground Bases
June 4, 2006

From:"datadiskmodem" <>
Date: Sun, June 4, 2006

Subject: Drakos Reptilians

On your NWO page you never site any sources for your claim that aliens live in underground cities. This hurts your entire argument. Is that by design or are you someone who really cares about this?


To: :"datadiskmodem" <>
Date: June 6, 2006


The housing of aliens (reptilian and other species) in underground cities/bases is discussed by Phil Schneider in his video taped lectures, Al Beilek, Preston Nichols in the Montauk series books, Stewart Swerdlow in his books, Branton in his lenghty series of articles posted on the internet, and David Icke among others.

I had a long phone conversation about two years ago with a man who worked in the underground base at Dulce and other bases. He told me quite a bit about the aliens who lived down there. They have their own section in these underground cities and usually don't mix with the human population except when necessary for work. The atmosphere is businesslike and not very friendly or warm. He said he was making lots of money, but was always glad to get out of there and return to the "real world" . He said there were large populations of human who HAD to live down there year around and were not allowed to return topside as apparently they know too much and would present a security risk to the traitors who are controlling this game.

The reptilian info is also referenced in my article to the books of David Icke who covers the topic in greater detail. His 1999 book, "The Biggest Secret", is ALL about the reptilain connection and the human/reptilian hybrids who have the capacity to shapshift from human form into reptilian form under certain conditions

You could easily find out much more info on this topic by doing a search on google.

You couild also have identified yourself by name if you wish to have people take you as someone "who really cares".

Let me ask you your own question: Is that by "design" or just a trait of a careless personality?

Sincerely, Ken

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