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Update on Dr. Joseph Chiappolone, The End Times Terminal Madness Guru
July 10, 2008

Update on Dr. Joseph Chiappolone, The End Times Terminal Madness Guru (July 10, 2008)

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From: Vee-ayala
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008
Subject: Dr Chiappolone

Hi Ken,

I am a medium/psychic in Stanthorpe, this doctor came to me for a reading. Reckons he is some big soul from high up. I waited to see what light he might put out as I got the words "wolf in sheep's clothing".

At first, I thought he was a metaphysical doctor, however he has so far tried to discredit two very good health professionals in this town. He is not a person of light at all

He told me he has put certain things in motion in this world and the world is doomed.

He pretends he is an esoteric person, but in fact he is out for his own ego, and monetary gain.

The more I hear about this man, the more sure I am he is working for the dark side in a big way. He doesn't want the health profession to know he goes to mediums and also does Tarot himself. He is very scared he could get found out by the authorities as it would jeopardize his career.

I was told his ex-wife also lives here and will have nothing to do with him as she has called him dark too.

The word "grey" comes to mind.

Not sure about these people at all.

Blessings and light.



Hello Vee-ayala,

I appreciate you taking the time to write. It's wonderful to get fresh information about this man which only re-affirms my suspicions about his warped thinking and twisted writings.

Kind Regards, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Vee-ayala
To:Ken Adachi
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008
Subject: Re: Dr Chiappolone

Hi Ken,

Amitakh Stanford certainly in Stanthorpe; she and her husband appeared in newspaper recently. She has been here 3 years and her ex-husband, Joseph Chiappalone, been here 18 months.

Strange they should be in the same town? Wonder what stuff is going on in Stanthorpe that attracts them?



Thanks Vee-ayla,

You're adding much more to the story than you know. Being on site, you are in a position to help open up this story.

Here's what I think is going on: In my opinion, both Joseph and Amitakh are mind controlled individuals. They are likely being manipulated by both government programmers AND negative aliens. There job is to project an emotional angst of Doom & Gloom. The reason that Dr. Chiappolone came to my attention in the first place was the despicable tenor of those hope-killing, despair-fermenting essays titled "Terminal Madness of the The End Times" Part 1, 2, 3, etc. that he got Jeff Rense to publish at his web site in the period of 1998-2001. My God, what utter tripe that man was putting to print!

And yet, Jeff continued to publish and even interview this maniac on multiple occasions. It infuriated me that this guy was being showcased at Jeff's web site without as much as a peep of rebuttal. I have to assume that Jeff finally caught on to this loon because none of his dire predictions , such as the supposed outbreak of World War III in late 2001, ever came about!

It doesn't surprise me that Amitakh would want to distance herself from her over-the-top husband because his wild flights of Gnostic Doom fancy were now becoming more of a liability to her and her hopes for fame and renown in her own publishing efforts. So off with his head at the divorce chopping block and on to another husband (handler?), but this time we get a lawyer, Barrister Stanford I presume.

Amitakh is running the same Doom & Gloom machine that consumed Joseph, but she's throttling the output more carefully and not going into overdrive as he did and is carefully avoiding time tables. But you get the same cast of evil alien factions, the same strange names for doom machines, doom locations, and other odd sounding names for this threat or that threat, and the same-inevitable- approach of the final denouement of earth and all of her "light" diminished inhabitants.

What Crapola!

Much benefit flows to the hidden manipulators when human beings bog themselves down with negative emotions: fear, anxiety, worry, hand wringing, indecision, lack of direction, lack of understanding of the Game, etc. These debilitating EMOTIONS assist the efforts of Reptilian overlords to take over this planet, and that's why people need to recognize the mask that Amitakh wears. She portrays herself as an reporter of dark Reptilian operations, but I think it's more accurate to categorize her as a PROMOTER of fear, anxiety, and doom. She's assisting the dark alien agenda much more than she's aiding humanity. Her admirers have to take off their rose colored glass and see this woman for what she is: a fear monger.

(By the way, it never seems to occur to her naive followers that she never accounts for HOW she comes to acquire all of her vast knowledge on these dark agendas. Somehow, she just "knows". )

People bogged down in negative emotions are apathetic and directionless. They DO NOTHING to extricate themselves from their emotional malaise. They merely wallow in their misery and depression. This WORKS very well for the puppeteers!

We need to remember that the (negative) Alien agenda and the New World Order agenda ARE ONE AND THE SAME. Reptilian Dracos aliens, using the Zeta Reticuli Grays as their gofers, are directing the course of the NWO agenda here on earth working through their half breeds, the shape shifting human/reptilians that we refer to as our "world leaders." I'm talking about Satanists such as the Bushes, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Blair, Brown, Ohlmert, etc. etc.

Amitakh and Joseph play only a small role, but a contributing role nonetheless, in that takeover agenda. It's not strange that they should be in the same town because I would think their government programmers need to have physical access to both of them in order to 'firm up" their mind control programming (which is required in all cases of mind controlled victims on this level. Read Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories, to see how famous Hollywood personalities like Barbara Streisand have their programming 'firmed up'). There might be other hidden activities as well, that may account for both of them living in the same town.

I hope you can continue to report on the activities of these two wonderful individuals from your bird's nest view there in Stanthorpe, Australia. There's nothing like having an on-scene reporter bringing us the latest news.

I look forward to your next dispatch!

Best Regards, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Brian
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008
Subject: Amitakh

Hi again Ken,

Since you first posted info from the xeeatwelve website a couple of years ago I've read all her stuff. Like many readers I was impressed by much of it. All so strange and fascinating. And even though I cringe at her ridiculous presentations of, as you put it, 'the final denouement of Earth', and the fact that at the end of many of her articles she leaves you with thoughts suggesting that all will be well because a spiritual rescue party is on the way.

I still can't dismiss all of her material as if all her credibility is to be flushed down the toilet. That's the thing that's so perplexing about it.

While I agree with you that she and her ex-husband are in a mind-controlling situation, my intuition tells me that there are certain gems hidden amongst the wreckage that characterizes much of her writing. This could be why she in particular was 'gotten to' probably somewhat early on in her life.

I don't think you can put her in the same camp as those portrayed in Brice Taylor's book, for example.I don't think she was 'culled' like that. She could be someone who is in possession of certain knowledge( albeit, with alot of strange-sounding words as you pointed out) and the dark lords, instead of just killing her outright chose instead to 'take her over' with the intent of twisting and convoluting her information in ways suitable to them.

That of course being this whole 'doom and gloom' picture being painted. I say that with the right 'distillation work' you can extract some useful info that can contribute towards our understanding of how we might put together a more clarified view pertaining to the truth of our existence. But I gotta tell ya-it ain't easy.



Hi Brian,

She wouldn't have an audience if she didn't put out enough material that sounded legit and at least plausible. She (and her programmers) suck you in with the 90 or 95% that sounds like she's opening the gates of the Delphi Oracle for you, but you don't notice the cumulative effect of her "message" on your subconscious mind and psyche--doom and gloom. Gnostic style doom and gloom.

I could say the same tactic is used at Zeta Talk, another government mind control doom and gloom operation. I used to read that web site religiously from 1995 until about 2002. I thought the Zetas were the Delphi Oracle for anything you wanted to know. I believed them completely because I had read so many useful and apparently truthful items at their web site that I had built up a strong feeling of trust and confidence in their integrity---which is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED ME TO DO. That's why they give you the 85 or 90 or 95% good stuff, so you'll naively accept the 5% misdirection as true and that's where the poison pill is to be found! This tactic to win you over is called "limited hangout" by the CIA.

After I got away from the Zetas for a few months and began to reread their material with a new and more cautious eye, I found numerous instances where they are lying through their teeth about a number of things that I had previously accepted from them as true, but never gave it another thought at the time. I was mesmerized by their APPARENT honesty, so that I overlooked things that should have sent up a red flag. It's called being human and naive, but being an innocent little lamb with wolves is going to get you eaten. The manipulators (human and alien) BEHIND front personalities like Amitakh, or Chiappalone, Sorcha Faal, or Zeta Talk are MASTERS of deceit and mind manipulation.

Sure, you can read her stuff if you want to and get out of it whatever you think is useful, but don't be surprised if you get sucked into that cumulative Gnostic Black hole that I mentioned earlier. Does it surprise you that children have nightmares after watching horror movies before going to bed? We are AFFECTED by what we see and read. If you READ her crap, you get AFFECTED by her crap on a SUBCONSCIOUS level --and that's where the nightmares reside.

Last thing: the alien "rescue" idea is a CLEAR tip-off that she's been programmed to work uder Project Blue Beam, just like the lunatic TV evangelical types of the Jack Van Impe variety.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Amitakh
Date: Mon, July 21, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I refer to the following posting at:

In regards to Amitakh Stanford, I would like to say that the accusations directed at her and her writings as being that of a Mind-Control victim to be totally untrue, and absurd at the very least. Amitakh Stanford has written several very scholarly works on Gnosticism and Spirituality that have no equivalent in content or originality.

All the postings on this link sound so typical of CIA Disinformation propaganda etc... Much of what is posted on this link appears to have been written by a Renton Power also known as (Endtime23) amongst many other pseudonyms.

This is a severe mis-representation of Amitakh Stanford's writings and works.

Best Regards,

Justinn D McFadyen


Hello Justinn,

The comments expressed in the posting e-mails to which you refer were both my own and those who sent me e-mails regarding Dr Chiappalone and Amitakh. I have no idea who Renton Power is or why you would bring that name up, as no reference was made to him.

You are welcome to your opinion of Amitakh's "scholarly" writings, of course, but it comes as no surprise to me that Amitakh Stanford's web master would hold such a lofty opinion of her work.

While I wouldn't hold it against Amitakh's friends, colleagues, fans, or collaborators to come to her defense, it would have been a little more 'cricket' of you to have mentioned that minor detail up front so that both I and others would have a clearer perspective about who you are and why you might hold such a high opinion of Amitakh.

The remark about Amitakh being programmed is my OPINION based on her "work" which I do not hold in the same regard as you. Her "work" follows a pattern of programmed individuals who wish to present themselves to the Internet world as extraordinarily knowledgeable gurus with access to extraordinary information about extraordinary aliens and extraordinary alien agendas, however, they never quite account for how or why they have become endowed with so much extraordinary knowledge.

Amitakh, like Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, never explains to her readers how it is that she has come upon her repository of dire and doom-laden information. She just "knows" and apparently the reader is expected to accept her anxiety-provoking 'gifts' of Delphi Oracle insights with gratitude and non-questioning.

Unfortunately, for Amitakh and you, I don't quite go along with that sort of cult-like acceptance of omniscient knowing and expect people like her to justify her positions and explain her sources, so that we, the reader, can come to our own conclusions about the merits of her statements and her doom & gloom predictions.

I could agree with you that Amitakh's writings on Gnosticism and Spirituality "have no equivalent in content or originality", but from an entirely different perspective. I find her attempts to promote Gnosticism, a thoroughly destructive, vile, dark, and perverted view of Creation to be contemptible and her writing on "Spirituality" an abomination -- unless you consider despair, anxiety, hopelessness, death, gloom, and doom to be "spirituality."

Best Regards,

Ken Adachi
Costa Mesa, California, USA


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