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Am I Dreaming or Is This a Nightmare?
july 26, 2008

Am I Dreaming or Is This a Nightmare? (July 26, 2008)

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From: Ken Hackett
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008
Subject: Am I dreaming or is this a nightmare

Dear Ken Adachi,

The things I read, some things are so far out it is more than disturbing. If it is true or partially true, it is more than disturbing!

Tell me what to read and where the information I can learn more.

I am a Baptist Preacher and need to know what goes on. I do not doubt any kind of conspiracy if it is proven valid. Too many things are coincidence which do not exist.

Grace and Peace,
Elder Ken Hackett


Hello Pastor Ken,

You need to be more specific and tell me exactly what you find so diturbing and then perhaps I can address your concerns more cogently.

If you are just beginning to find out about the reality of the New World Order and their plans to turn this country into a fascist police state, then you should realize that you've been a victim of conditioning, since babyhood, to believe a set of postulates about the nature of our United States government (and the demented NWO infiltrators that have taken control of it) that are simply untrue.

Our history books are full of lies, distortions, and omissions which are all designed to make American school children believe that they live in the greatest country in the world and that our government would never do anything to harm anybody, but rather are ever prepared to come to the defense of the weak and down trodden of the world and would never, ever, ever dream of oppressing innocent people or of subverting other nations to benefit hidden oligarchs and their Pentagon prostitutes.

That's why you're so shocked by what I've written. You were conditioned to believe otherwise and that's why so many naive, poor people continue to join the military, generatrion after generation, because they CONTINUE to swallow the hogwash advertisements and fantasy images that the Pentagon has projected about life in the military. The reality is quite the opposite, as any retuning Iraq or Afghanistan vet will be quick to attest. Even during peace time, the military is filled with far too many idiots in the ranks and in commanding positions, and in war zones, idiots with assault weapons and in commanding positions can be disastrous for civilians. And that's precisely what has taken place in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and before that in Vietnam.

There have been numerous authors thoughout the 20th centruy who have tried to alert the American people of the hidden hand of the Illuminati (sometimes called the Eastern Establishment, or the Black Nobility of Europe, or the British Round Table, or Zionists, or any number of appelations given to well-hidden plotters) to DESTROY America from WITHIN by installing virtually every plank of the 1848 Communist Manifesto into every strata of Amercan life and culture and to install infiltrators, smiley faced agents working on their behalf, into every controlling eschelon of government, schools, and the miitary in order to ROT these institutions from within, leaving only an outer skin or veneer of the noble greatness that this country once represented.

Today, the majority of members of congress are beholding to, controlled by, and in jeopardy of blackmail by, these same NWO controllers to whom I refer. Therefore, the majority in congress, the entire Executive, and parts of the Judicial are acting in interests of the New World order, or to put it more plainly, the One World government gang, and they are NOT acting in the interests of the people of the United States. To say it even plainer, WE HAVE TRAITORS AT THE HELM OF GOVERNMENT AND THE MILITARY.

It's unfortunate that you've decided to wake up two minutes before mindight, because your white horse carriage of the American Dream is about to turn into a pumpkin.

I woke up in 1995 and I thought then, that there was at least a chance that enough people would catch on and we could stop the advancement of the New World Order in much the same way that the majority in the US congress did following World War I when that Illuminati mannequin named Woodrow Wilson attempted to get the League of Nations ratified for his British Rothchild sponsors, with their local man on the spot, "Colonel" Mandel Hall overseeing his every move.

At the time, we had enough loyal Americans of intelligence and insight in the Legislature, who saw right through the League of Nations and the Communist Manifesto pretenders behind it--meaning the Rockefellers and their continental buddies, the Rothchilds; so they temporarily halted the progression of the NWO takeover of America, but it didn't take the oligarchs long to set up funding and infiltrators to get Herr Hitler up and running and they started the process all over again with World War II, but THIS time they got their League of Nations ratified, except they changed the name to the "United Nations". From 1945 forward, they could now put their plans to destroy America into high gear.

On the domestic front, they created the CIA in 1947 and on the international front, the UN created Israel in 1948. Now we have opened Pandora's Box.

The CIA, with their counterparts in British MI5 and MI6, along with the Mossad, and other covert trouble makers, have been responsible for 95% of the contflicts that the world has seen since the end of World War II. Again and again, the British and American governments have subverted and destroyed legitimate, democratically elected governments working in the interests of their own people and replaced them with tin pot dictators in South America or corrupt puppet presidents in Europe or the MIddle East who were willing to genuflect before American "interests"; meaning they would allow Amreican and British oligarchs to rape their country of their natural resources at the expense of the citizens of that country.

Chairman Mao took over China in 1949 because he was funded by the same American/British oligarch families who funded Hitler and Lenin. All communist takeovers have been funded by western "capitalists" . The plan to set up China to become the leading NWO nation of the world and gut the financial, military, and production power of the United States was likely decided after World War I and firmly consolidated in the 1930s.

Fascism and communism arrive at the same goal: total state contol over the individual. You are a slave in either society, so there's really no difference in the two systems of tyranny.

This is why they need to destroy America and its constitution (and its people). The US Constitution enshrines the principles of PERSONAL liberty, privacy, and freedom above all. The US Constitution protects the rights of the INDIVIDUAL above the "interests" of the state, and that's the part the NWO hates the most. So they send in their boys, like the Fabian Society, or Arnold Swartzenegger, or George Herbert Walker Bush, who was born in Nazi Germany, and infiltrate them into American society, and then into positions of power.

Fast forward to July 2008. You are now seeing the End game to destroy America.

Had you read these words 25 years ago, and if enough people took action, we would have averted the dilema we now face. But America was dumbed down and Americans ALLOWED themselves to be dumbed down and fall into an apathetic slumber while the number of traitors in congress increased with each and every election until now the American government is riddled with rot and NWO minions.

The only two Presidential candidates that the mainstream propaganda ministry will talk about are Obama and McCain. Both are congressional traitors AND BOTH are disqualitfied to run for President because neither of them meet the birth eligibility requirements--under the law-- to become President.

But does the Law mean anything to the traitors in congress? No; they just plow forward as if all is well and legal--just because they SAY SO.

Does any of this read vaguely similar to Alice's Wonderland?

I await your questions.

Regards, Ken

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