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Driving: A 'Privilege' or a Right?
January 14, 2012

Driving: A 'Privilege' or a Right? (Jan. 14, 2012)

Subject: driving: privelege or right
From: Marty
Date: Sat, January 14, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

re: Driving on American Roads is a Constitutional Right, not a State-Granted 'Privilege' (April 7, 2005)


My name is Marty Jagdfeld and I am from Wisconsin. I read the article "driving is a right,not a privelege". I found it that in my case it is a little convoluted. Am i legaly able to drive my vehicle without a drivers liscense? I got an owi back in 2008 and lost my liscense. First (and only) offense by the way. My brother got a DUI in 2010. He got a lawyer and his lawyer said it is a "privelege" and that "it is a common misconception that anybody in the US has a right to drive and that there is no such right in the constitution". I still drive even without the liscense. I have to work and take care of my family. If you could please just give me a little more insight on this subject it would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.



Hello Marty,

There'too much to learn about this topic to cover everything in a single e-mail, but I'll lay out the basic principle.

You have a constitutional right to "travel" throughout the country and that includes traveling on America's roads and highways. That has been affirmed by the US Supreme Court.

"Driving" is a special term used by the state and the equity (commerce) court system which applies only to people who don't know that they are being manipulated by the state with a legal fiction called the "straw man", the all capital name you will see see on all court documents or traffic citations sent to you in the mail. You will always see your name printed as " MARTY JAGDFELD" and never see it as "Marty Jagdfeld".

The all capital name is the "Straw Man" and not the blood and flesh man known as Marty of the Jadgfeld family. The lawyer is part of the system that is deceiving you and you will never get a straight answer out of him (assuming he knows the real deal and most DON'T).

If you allow yourself to be treated as the straw man, then you are OWNED by the state. You are its property. Your car is ALSO the state's property because they hold the deed to your car, not you. The state gives you a "Certificate of Title" which ALLOWS you to use the car which you paid for and THINK you own, but actually the state is the owner because the state obtains the car manufacturer's deed from the car dealer who sold you the car (you'll notice that neither the car dealer nor the state ever told you about the manufacturer's deed to your car).

You are a slave (without the chains). A slave needs to ask permission of its owner to "drive" his "vehicle" on the roads. Prsonally, I'm "traveling" in an "automobile" and never admit to "driving" a "vehicle" which is considered a commercial activity which was originally only applied to people who transpoert other people for pay, such as taxi cabs or bus drivers.

A sovereign man takes back control of his straw man and informs the state that he is the Administrator and Executor of the Straw man fiction and that the state and the court system can only act as trustee IF the Administrator does NOT CLAIM authority to administer the straw man fiction. There are many thousands of people in America who are without a license and are never given a ticket by police and never go to court because they KNOW THE LAW. There are many specific things you have to do to notify the state that you are in control of the Straw Man including filing something called the UCC 1 Financial statement.

I've already posted three radio shows with Johnny Lunchbucket. Listen to them and begin to learn.

Ken Adachi, Johnny Lunchbucket, & Don Nicoloff Dec. 16, 2011: The Sovereign Man v. Equity Courts. Part 1

Ken Adachi, Johnny Lunchbucket, & Don Nicoloff Dec. 23, 2011: The Sovereign Man v. Equity Courts. Part 2

Ken Adachi, Johnny Lunchbucket, & Don Nicoloff Dec. 30, 2011: Sovereign Man Part 3

(download this file into your computer, unzip it, and listen)

Regards, Ken

The CHANGE Your Founders Believed In - Part I!


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