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The Dangers of Swine Flu Vaccine Explained en Espanol with English Subtitles

From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 7, 2009

The Dangers of Swine Flu Vaccine Explained en Espanol with English Subtitles (CAMPANAS POR LA GRIPE A) Nov. 7, 2009

Dr Teresa Forcades is a Benedictine nun who is a medical doctor with a doctorate in public health. In the 57 minute video linked below, she explains the background, 'novelties', and irregularities surrounding the Swine flu vaccine and the questionable roles of Baxter Pharmaceutical and the World Health Organization (WHO) in promoting the Swine flu hoax. Dr Forcades's presentation is a level headed and cogent rebuttable to the mind numbing Swine flu hysteria promoted by main stream media and pharmaceutical shills like Dr Henry Niman, while using orthodox, peer-reviewed medical journal referrences to support her position. This video is especially important for Spanish speaking people who are unfamiliar with the New World Order depopulation agenda or the sinister role which Rockefeller's WHO is playing in that scheme.

Our thanks to Victor Vargas for forwarding the video.

Ken Adachi


Espanol solamente (in Spanish only)

With English subtitles:

From: Victor Vargas []
Sent: Viernes, 06 de Noviembre de 2009
To: Victor Vargas
Subject: FW: Importante entrevista sobre H1N1

Te envío este vínculo en el que se presenta un video sobre la influenza A H 1N1. Se trata de una entrevista a una monja benedictina, médica, que explica en detalle una serie de factores vinculados a esta situación. Merece mucho la pena, aunque dure 57 minutos

Les mando saludos,


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