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Is There a Hidden Agenda In U.K. Drug Awareness Education?
March 9, 2007

Is There a Hidden Agenda In U.K. Drug Awareness Education? (Mar. 9, 2007)

Subject: I consider you a friend; so please forgive the explosion below
From: Brooke
Date: Fri, March 9, 2007

Dear Ken;

There are forces at work here, as well; yesterday, my son was exposed to a convicted felon; the policeman was standing outside the classroom where this poor man spoke! This poor soul had been seriously ravaged, according to my son; he had very bad nerve damage; shook incessantly, nearly to the point of convulsion, during the classtime.

What annoyed my son, and what infuriated me, was the lack of forewarning; or EVEN asking the parents for their permission to allow their
kids to attend this classtime! We are talking, in essesnce, of a man who comes in, shakes [during] most of the classtime (and I have compassion for that poor soul, which is more than I can say for most of the parents who will hear of this atrocity!), and then, hands out pamphlets both WARNING about thedangers of drugs, AND (this was the kicker) how to safely take drugs without injection!

A full BOOKLET, according to my very well balanced son, that included DIAGRAMS of how to introduce these compound into one's body without using needles, specifically, the rectum.

I'm writing a letter to the so called principal of this college, and am going to write a letter to the newspaper, as well; my son may call it overkill, but I don't give a damn!

So, excuse me for exploding like this, but I am furious at this total lack of respect/disregard for feelings that this school has, and a LOT of folks are going to hear about it!!

Blessings, discernment, and prayers for you and yours,



Hi Brooke,

Very good. I'll post your letter. Yes, you need to scream bloody murder to parents and school officials alike. Let them know that you, and every other parent, are in charge of your kids, not the state.

This is Tavistock at work. Under the pretense of "helping" your kids find out about the perils of drugs (made possible via covert government operations), they are INCULCATING kids with info on how to take drugs. This is how Tavistock used the Beatles to soft sell drug use among middle class kids in the 60's and 70's.

Make a copy of the pamplet and send it to me so I can reporduce it on my web site (or scan the pamplet and e-mail to me)

Keep me posted.

Regards, Ken


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