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Dublin's 'Millenium Spike'
June 24, 2004

Subject: Spike
From: Michael O'Doole
Date: Thu, June 24, 2004
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,                                                                                                                               Dublin's Millenium City Spire seen from Henry Street

I've just been attacked yesterday at 11p.m. I was checking out the new 'work of art' in the middle of our city of Dublin, the 'millenium spike'. There is a MASSIVE amount of energy being harnessed by it, absolutely MASSIVE. The thing is huge, and God knows how far it extends underground... I was walking around the base (or the ground level to be more accurate) and counting the ridged metal circles that surround it (48) when I got an energy shock.

I was staring down at the magenta coloured lights that surround the base and becoming aware of the immense power of it all when I got an 'energy shock' that came up through my legs to my chest. I jumped back and ran down the street. Going back on the bus, I noticed people's mobile phones buzzing and crackling like crazy for about 10 seconds so I presume there were microwaves or something being sent our way.

Today I felt like my energy was being drained. I worked with a psychic friend of mine to help me restore my own energy field. I'll be ok.

I am now very interested in the possibility of grid lines around the Earth, lines of concentrated energy. Apparently the negative agenda have control of two thirds of the grids of the planet. Judging by the IMMENSE FORCE of the spike, I think this is a very interesting explanation,

Michael                                                                                                                               Photograph by Al Geraty. Image courtesy

Closer view from O'Connell Street

Subject: Re: Spike
From: Michael O'Doole
Date: Fri, June 25, 2004
To: Ken Adachi

Basically I cannot stress enough HOW POWERFUL the thing is. When I was 'sensing' the energy I felt like a speck of dust in the centre of a tornado. The second point is that I had been standing on and walking around the base for 5-10 minutes before I got the shock/zap. It did not depend on WHERE I was standing. It does not 'zap' people whenever they stand in a particular spot. Draw your own conclusions; mine is that they knew I was their enemy, the zap was deliberate.

A close friend of mine said he was walking past the spike one day, looked down an open man-hole beside the spike where there was a lot of work going on and saw high-tech computer equipment down there.


 Photograph by Al Geraty. Image courtesy

From my limited research and experience, I am interested in the explanation that they are harnessing energy from the Earth's grid for a lot of things. I am now open to the possibility that they may be using HAARP for some things, but not everything.


Subject: Re: Spike
From: Michael O'Doole
Date: Fri, June 25, 2004
To: Ken Adachi

There are 4 major features of the spike.

1. The 12 metre tip that is lit up at night and lightly 'flickers', reminds me of the shimmering that can be seen around the chembuster pipes.

2. The EXTENSIVE computer equipment underneath.

3. The ground level 'base'. The 48 metal (not sure if they are metal now, may be marble?) 'rings' surrounding it, the magenta coloured lights, the EXTREMELY VISIBLE, almost VIOLENT shimmering above the metal rings.

4. The sheer height of it, 120 METRES!

Close up photos of the base would be the most telling. I could get a friend who is not involved in chembusting or anything to take photos. As for me, I'm staying the hell away from it, the same way as I stay away from electric power lines and don't touch them.

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