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Dutchsinse: Intense Scalar Radar Echos Along Indiana's I-65 Highway near Battleground
June 1, 2011

Dutchsinse: Intense Scalar Radar Echos Along Indiana's I 65 Highway near Battleground (June 1, 2011)

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From: Tim Hicks
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2011
Subject: Time urgent from Dutchsinse

Hi Ken,

Here is a link to some very recent information from the very talented and observant Dutchsinse.

June 1, 2011, 6:31 AM Central time


This was posted at 07:30 est. this morning (wed). Before I had seen this at about 13:00 est., I was passing time outside watching a hammering of the sky over Indy with chem-trails. I could hear Creator's Love really pounding in my inner hearing, indicating something was big was going on. It is usually a mild hum to low roar. As I focused my attention on it and asked for guidance to understand, I "saw" water boiling and knew it was underground. I then asked if scalar weapons were being used to super heat underground water to create an explosion. I knew immediately this was the case. This was followed by understanding that the intent was to release a massive explosion causing the ground to shake with the intent to trigger a release along the New Madrid fault.

I think the fact that I-65 happens to run along this area has nothing to do with this. Or maybe is to divert the attention of any alert observer away from the real intent. Keep in mind that this was before I had seen this link.

There are some comments at the you-tube by "Melchizedek4Ever" that are quite interesting.

"Battleground, Inidana has an interesting connection to the New Madrid Earthquake of1811-1812. I read a great book several years ago that placed the War of 1812 in its historical context which included the Indian Confederation that Tecumseh and his brother The Prophet pulled together to fight the ever-encroaching settllers and continuously broken treaties. William Henry Harrison's troops entered into a turning point battle with Tecumseh at Battleground, Indina after they were ambushed."
Melchizedek4Ever 8 hours ago

Continue on my friend, Tim


Subject: Re: Time urgent from Dutchsinse
From:"Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Date: Wed, June 1, 2011
To: Tim Hicks
Cc: Ken Adachi


It is strange the heating pattern follows I-65? Steam broiling semitrailers?


Ben Fulford discusses how HAARP microwaves can heat up underground water and cause an earthquake

"If they adjust the vibration to the rock underneath the target site, they can do that. The same machine can also heat up subterranean water to cause earthquakes. And remember, a billion watt microwave. What does microwave do to water? It heats it up. Now, imagine if you put a billion watts into a tropical storm, you could make it much bigger and you could change the direction it goes in. "



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