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Letter on ZSL, Sylphs, and Earth Dreams

From Ken Adachi, Editor
January 21, 2011

Letter on ZSL, Sylphs, and Earth Dreams (Jan. 21, 2011)

Subject: Thank you
From: Zsuzsika J
Date: Fri, January 21, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I stumbled upon this site a few months back because I was researching information about colloidal silver. The site looked interesting but I didn't have time to look into it further so I bookmarked it. A few days ago I decided to check it out and the first thing that caught my attention were "sylphs." I read a bit and some articles from Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone came up. I read some of his articles and I am completely amazed.
Lately I've been having some anxiety about some dreams I've had concerning polar shifts and an up-coming ice age.

Last month I had a dream where the Earth stopped rotating for about eight hours and the sun stayed stationary in the sky. Then it reversed for a short time and resumed it's natural course. A few days ago I had a similar dream that the Earth's rotation had sped up by about twelve hours in a matter of minutes. The dreams were not scary while I was having them, but in my waking life they have caused me some anxiety.

The next night I had a dream that winter was going to persist for many years to come and there would be mass starvation because of the Sun's lack of sunspots. Then I started reading Zuerrnnovahh's articles and I feel that stumbling upon these at this time is a meaningful synchronicity. His words and ideas are very uplifting and have also opened up many new avenues of thought and research for me. So, thank you, and thank Zuerrnnovahh for reaching out and bringing this awareness to me at this time.

Zsuzsika J.


Hello Zsuzsika,

Thanks for writing. I'm sure ZS Livingstone will be glad to read your comments which I will forward to him. I just posted two radio interviews which ZSL and I did with Don Nicoloff on BBS radio on January 19 and 20. You can listen to them from these links:

Interview with Ken Adachi, ZS Livingstone, & Don Nicoloff (Part 1) Jan. 19, 2011 (1hr, 44 mins)

Interview with Ken Adachi, ZS Livingstone, & Don Nicoloff (Part 2) Jan. 20, 2011 (1 hr, 38 mins)

The presence of Sylphs and etheric images in clouds, or images manifested in rocks, or among vegetation, etc., is a clear indication that life (and consciousness) is not confined to what we consider to be everyday 3D reality. The Sylphs are doing a tremendous job of detoxifying chemtrails so their poisons can be mitigated and thus reduce their toll on unsuspecting human populations.

Mother Earth responds to the conduct of her inhabitants with either benign conditions which are conducive to growth and nourishment or she interdicts against maladministration and abuse by punishing the evildoers on some level that will get their attention. That may be earthquakes or floods or fire storms, or volcanic eruptions, or entire continents being sunk beneath the ocean, as was the case with Atlantis.

You have a mix of consciousness upon this planet. The evildoers and their minions are driven by a lust for power and control. They have little or no understanding of higher aspects of spirituality and consciousness. The Uninformed and the Unaware comprise a very large segment of the human population. They aren't hurting things necessarily, but they aren't helping either because they aren't FOCUSED upon (or thinking about) stopping the evildoers and assisting Mother Earth to end the growth of abuse. The enlightened members of humanity understand the need to preserve and protect and to cherish our Creator's gifts, so it's THEIR consciousness which is playing a pivotal role in tempering Mother Earth's anger to punish the evildoers in the most genial way possible in order to prevent the excessive loss of innocent life.

The Illuminated psychopaths in the US military (who are working in league with the reptilian psychopaths in and out of the US government) who supervise the secret operations (such as chemtrail spraying) and high tech equipment that triggers earthquakes or tsunamis, or tornadoes from Navy ships or satellite based weapon systems will eventually find themselves up a creek without a paddle when their high tech systems and their high tech treasonous agenda goes awry. All of those huge underground cities and bases - paid for with stolen taxpayer money or funded with CIA drug money - will not necessarily be the havens of safety and reclusion that the elites and their minions were planning on when they are unexpectedly crushed under tons of earth, or are inundated with poisonous methane gas or are drowned from massive underground flooding.

The dreams you mentioned may unfold or they may represent something symbolic for you. If the earth reverses poles, then it's possible that the rotation may stop and go in the opposite direction. There is plenty of historical evidence that pole shifts have taken place in the past and the sun hasn't ALWAYS risen in the east and settled in the west. It's also possible that the pole shift will only be a magnetic shift alone and not result in huge cataclysmic events. I have no way of knowing, but I have the feeling that we will not be subjected to another Atlantis scenario or Great Flood this time around.

Exactly how our future will unfold for us has EVERYTHING to do with how we THINK and the nature of the THOUGHTS we hold in our hearts. THINK love, peace, understanding, forgiveness, and an end to all forms of evil doing and unjust actions, and the consciousness of this planet and her myriad ethereal assistants will respond in kind to deliver to you the environment which your thoughts and actions deserve. Life on Earth can either be a paradise or a Hell. It's completely within our hands to shape it one way or the other.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Letter on ZSL, Sylphs, and Earth Dreams
From: Aaron
Date: Wed, January 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


You almost sounded like ZSL himself with that response to her letter. And that response kinda stimulated my mind. I'm wondering if our very consciousness as human beings is merely a proxy to Mother Earth's consciousness. Our bodies are from her 'womb', so maybe our sense of 'being' comes from her being in existence also.

Yes, the human condition can be defined in many different ways, including the extremes such as psychopathy. Perhaps that condition of 'psychopathy' is merely a result of a genetic code 'unreadable' by our 'Mother Being', thus resulting in an unfeeling unit of existence by this type of person. Mother Earth 'feels' as do her own humans of her creation. Maybe those genes of psychopathy are unnatural. I get the feeling that we (including all the rest of her life forms) are one and the same in some undefinable regard. The foregone conclusion is that there are non-Earth-beings that want to disenfranchise Earth of her creations, thus of her very life.

What worth is there to 'others' for a dead planet that once thrived in a myriad of beautiful ways that we humans have just begun to understand? And maybe that's the cusp they want to keep from us - we are cresting a summit of understanding to re-enforce our Mother Earth's own mental health and physical well-being so to speak. To understand physics and mathematics and fractals, look to Nature. To simply Understand, we must become that which gave birth to us. Why would the 'others' spend so much energy to prevent that? It doesn't make any sense unless their goals are completely non-understandable to us and Earth herself . . . alien.



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