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Earthquake Conundrum
March 8, 2010

Earthquake conundrum (March 8, 2010)

Subject: earthquake conundrum
From: Tim E
Date: Mon, March 8, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

I've been learning and aquainted with your website for a few years now, so I am familiar with your material. I work for a teleservices company, and I take all kinds of 800# calls, including calls for the Haiti catastrophe.

There is something that caught my attention, and I thought you might be able to help me with an answer. Things have changed in their changing recently. A few years back, there was a massive catastrophe across the sea, and the whole world pitched in to help them come back. Not long after, it hit our southern coast. The Bureaucracy might have screwed up, but the people of the world were sending their help. Then Haiti. We were used to catastrophies by then, so we knew how to respond. Everybody pitched in, just like before. So why is it, that there have been catastophies since then that don't seem to deserve as much attention? Any response would be appreciated.

Thank you, Tim E


Hi Tim,

I can only offer my opinion based on what I hear and see in the news.

The relatively fewer deaths associated with the Chile quake versus the large number of Haitian deaths is probably the biggest factor for a smaller contribution response by people around the world.

I'm convinced that the Haiti earthquake was artificially triggered, but the Chile quake may have been a natural event. ZS Livingstone felt that the after shocks of the Chile quake may have been induced artificially. I don't really know what happened there, but anytime, you have an earthquake that is centered under the sea, however, you have to considered the possibility of nukes being placed there -by our Illuminated friends in the naval service- to trigger the quake. This is how the Boxer Day quake of December 26, 2004 was CREATED, resulting in the loss of many lives due to the tsunami that followed.

The debacle witnessed in New Orleans, Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina, an artificially jacked up hurricane, was INTENTIONAL, It wasn't due to a bureaucratic "screw up". That's what the media and government propagandists would like you to believe.

It was, like with Hurricane Andrew in Florida some years earlier, a "practice" exercise for their goon squads (E. g their over-paid Blackwater mercenary goons, US military goons, and local police goons) to ABUSE citizens of that area following their being flooded out of their homes and left STRANDED on rooftops without access to food, water, shelter, etc.

While some proportion of the New Orleans police department behaved ethically during the Katrina "rescue" operation, a certain proportion of those police sunk to the lowest depths of depraved unconcern for health and safety. I remember well reading newspaper stories, at the time, of a police rescue boat going around to flood victims stranded on rooftops of hotels and private homes and telling these hapless victims that they COULD possibly pick them up, provided that the younger, attractive-looking females among the flood victims should FIRST lift up their tops and "show us your tits".

Why weren't these men hunted down, indicted, tried, and removed from the New Orleans police force? Because they were given the green light to behave this way. It was an exercise in citizen ABUSE, and not rescue & aid.

In the earliest days following the flooding, some local citizens started to recognize that they were INTENTIONALLY being ignored and abused by their government "rescuers", and they started defending themselves against these abusive goons and very quickly - in the presence of armed resistance- the "rescue" operations began to proceed forward in a more sane and 'enlightened' manner.

It should be obvious to anyone who still has a brain, that the foot dragging of the US-dominated "rescue mission" in Haiti, was INTENTIONAL, in order to ALLOW more people to die from medical injuries and starvation.

Whenever the Illuminated jackals who have taken control of our government and our military command structures are given the lead position in attending to "natural disaster" rescue operations, you can plan on seeing the Haiti "rescue" scenario repeated over and over again.

Regards, Ken

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