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Letters to The Editor

Earth's Resonant Frequency
January 14, 2007

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007
To: Editor
Subject: Earths resonate frequency

Dear Ken,

After many months of trying to find out the present day resonate frequency of the earth, I have found no joy. All that I know is that it is somewhere between 8.7 to 13Hz. so therefore I would be grateful if you could direct me to a site that would have precise measurements on this subject.


Hi Martin,

There is no single number. Schumann found a group of numbers from 6 -15 HZ. He said that 7.83Hz was the most COMMON frequency measured (at the time, 1950's)

I took out my dowsing pendulum and it told me that 9.3 Hz or 9.4 Hz is the most COMMON resonant frequency today. Now, I don't consider myself a good dowser by any stretch of the imagination, just a bozo, so you can't depend on that absolutely, BUT there are other GOOD dowsers out there who may read this and get back to me with their own numbers so we can get a better idea of the correct frequency.

Kind Regards, Ken

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