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Has the Earth Tilted its Axis from 23 Degrees to 49 Degrees?
September 17, 2007

Has the Earth Tilted its Axis from 23 Degrees to 49 Degrees? (Sep. 17, 2007)

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From: Dale
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007
Subject: Question from Educateyourself viewer

Dear Ken,

I enjoy your web page and the work you do....thank you! Following is a link that is on the web site that states that the earth has shifted on it's axis:

Is their any truth to this and/or do you have any additional information?



Hi Dale,

I don't know if this is true or not (I tend to doubt it for no other reason than seasonal temps and climate conditions would have altered radically if the earth was now titled to 49 degress instead of 23 degrees, but I'm no expert in this area and I'll study what the guy has to say and post the link.

Now that I think about it, though, star fields would also change their positions relative from where they used to be, so this sounds kinda nutsy. It doesn't hold up when you consider how radically everything would shift if the earth tilted to a 49 degree axis. Nah, this guy is out to lunch.

Thanks for telling me about it.

It's certainly worth reading about and see how he came to these conclusions

Regards, Ken


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From: Ivan
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Subject: Has the Earthʼs Axis Tilted From 23 to 49 Degrees? (17 Sep 07)

Hi Ken,

Ivan here in Australia. Thanks for your site. (This is my first e-m to you.)

I have just studied the considerable array of evidence presented at for further shifts in the Earth’s axis in December 2006.

Intriguing though this evidence is, there is a quick and decisive test for this theory –simply this: were ALL geosynchronous satellite TV and communications around the world lost for a period of at least some hours last December 4th & 6th?

As a retired broadcasting engineer I can assure you that after such alleged Earth axis angle shifts every satellite dish on the planet would be left pointing at quite the wrong place in the sky.

We have heard nothing about every dish on Earth having to be re-aligned. So if these shifts did indeed occur then the satellites themselves must have all been moved back into equatorial orbits to again line up in the bore-sights of all of the terrestrial dishes aimed at them prior to the shifts.

Moving the satellites in this way would not be easy, to say the least.

After the axis shift rendered their orbits non-equatorial they would no longer be sitting stationary at one spot in the sky, but would instead be oscillating up and down in azimuth (vertical to the horizon) with a period of one cycle per day.

So to regain control of them in order to move them, their engineers would have to dynamically steer their previously stationary uplink dishes in such a way as to first find and hit the moving target, and then lock on and track it to remain in control throughout the re-positioning.

Even if the uplinks were able to track in this way, and even if the satellites themselves were capable of moving so much further (with their small adjustment rockets) than they would have been designed for, this whole process of re-establishing uplink and then moving the satellites to precise new positions would have taken AT LEAST HOURS IF NOT DAYS.

As a Christian strongly interested in eschatology I’ll admit I would like to have found evidence that Isaiah 24:20’s prophecy of the Earth reeling “like a drunkard” is being fulfilled, but this material at cannot be such evidence.



Hello Ivan,

Yes, the more i considered what this guy was proposing, the more ludicrous it became. The seasonal temperature variation and weather experienced by the northern and southern hemisphere are dependent on the angle of the earth's axis. The equator is located where it is because of the angle of the earth's axis. If you increase the angle by a whopping 26 degrees, then naturally the equator would also move by 26 degrees.

The entire thing is absurd. I probably should not have posted it.

It just shows how dangerous a little knowledge can be in the wrong hands.

Regards, Ken


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