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Ed Dames, Doomsday, and the Coming "Kill Shot"
February 1, 2009

Ed Dames, Doomsday, and the Coming "Kill Shot" (Feb. 1, 2009)

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From: John Rock
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009
Subject: ed dames- kill shot video

Hi Ken !

I am quite sure you get alot of emails from around the world so if you dont have time to respond I completely understand!

A video known as ["the kill shot"] hosted by Ed dames talks about catostrophic events between 2009- 20013. Ed is a remote viewer which I beleive is similar to dowsing . Ed claims many global events will take place when a large planet-sized object passes by the earth's atmosphere compromising earth's protective magnetic shield and allowing major solar flares to touch down on the surface of the earth!!!

He also mentions a shift of earth's axis causing tsunami type situations and strong winds!

Is this just a fear campaign ??

Thank you for creating such an informative eye opening site with great information!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Thank you Ken

John Rock


Hi John,

Yes, it's part of a huge fear psyops that Ed Dames is a party to. Ed is a disinformation specialist. He was involved with the Army at Fort Detrick Maryland and is a tool of the NWO- Pentagon Division. He came out of the box in the mid 1990's on the Art Bell radio show. He was assigned that task by his supervisors at Fort Detrick and the CIA. He presumably wanted to tell the world all about Remote Viewing and eventually offered on-site training for his version of Technical Remote Viewing for a few thousand bucks or you could get his 4 part home video course for something like $200. I'm sure he made a ton of money.

Some people have speculated that Ed was sent onto the Art Bell show to help discredit and draw attention away from Courtney Brown, another remote viewer (originally trained under Ed) who appeared on the Art Bell show BEFORE Ed and essentially broke the story of Remote Viewing. The CIA didn't want Courtney leading the parade on the topic of remote viewing, so they sent in their boy Ed to put Courtney down and make it appear that Ed's info was of much greater reliability and accuracy. The facts are quite the opposite, however. Courtney Brown, along with Prudence Calabrese, had developed a more powerful version of remote viewing, I believe, than the government-sanctioned stuff that Ed was pushing and the government didn't want the general public to know that so they arranged with their boy Art Bell to feature Ed Dames as his guest on multiple occasions in order to establish Ed as."the" authority on Remote Viewing. It worked for a while at least.

Courtney's reputation was further denigrated and marginalized in 1997 when Art Bell teamed up with author Whitley Strieber, another disinformation tool of the CIA/Pentagon, in order to sandbag Courtney on the Bell show and make it appear that Courtney was "caught" in a lie about a supposedly "faked" photo of the object that was trailing behind the Hale-Bopp comet that Courtney had obtained from an observatory in Hawaii. Bell and Strieber wanted the public to believe that there was NO object trailing behind the Hale-Bopp comet--CONTROLLING its trajectory-- and that Courtney had conspired with others to promote this FAKE photo, FAKE story, and FAKE ALLEGATION made by Courtney that this object was controlling the movement of the Hale-Bopp comet. Chuck Shramek was also denigrated on the Art Bell show as being part of this 'faked" story. The truth was just the opposite. There WAS a huge spheroid "object" trailing behind the Hale Bopp comet and it WAS controlling the comet's trajectory and it WOULD have slammed into earth had it not been "taken care of" by unseen "forces"

See this link:

This is not to say that Courtney Brown or Prudence Calabrese are free of influence or coercion or control by the CIA and the Pentagon. They wouldn't be around if they were that rebellious. I'm convinced that they learned long ago, to not make waves.and to "go along to get along." I have to believe that both of them have "cooperated" in many ways, and on many occasions.

In the first year or two of his appearances on the Art Bell show, most people took Ed Dames at face value and believed him. He said his remote viewing information was 100% accurate. He said his info was dead on and there was no chance he could be wrong about his predictions. But it turned out that just about EVERY dire prediction that Ed Dames made on the Art Bell show did not pan out. By 1998 or so, many people began to realize that Ed Dames was a con job, but that didn't stop him from continuing to appear on the Bell show --year in, year out -- pulling in new suckers for his Doom & Gloom Review. There are many articles and web sites that have thoroughly debunked and exposed Ed Dames. Do a search on Google.

The lynch pin of the NWO takeover agenda is hinged to the promotion of terrible and cataclysmic events to occur in 2012. That's why you have so many web sites sponsored by MIND CONTROLLED individuals pushing the 2012 Doomsday scenario. The promotion of the return of the 12th Planet (also called Planet X, or Nibiru) in 2012 by Zeta Talk (having "revised" their FIRST Doomsday prediction which was suppose to have occurred in late May of 2003) is one such deliberate CIA/NASA/Pentagon disinformation campaign. There are many others.

The Nostradamus prediction of the return of the "Red Nemesis" (another take on Nibiru) alluded to by Nostradamus 'experts' like John Hogue or Dolores Canon are working the same doomsday gig. Same goes for those web sites that feature End Times messages from "Mother Mary" or the so-called Third Secret prediction message from the apparition of Mother Mary at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 that Lucia had given to the Pope. The Vatican who was suppose to reveal that message in 1960, but did not. This unrevealed Third Secret message given to Lucia was referred to often by Father Malachi Martin on his many appearances on the Art Bell show before Father Martin died. He said he had read it but it was TOO terrible to reveal publicly ("Fr. Malachi Martin said that the Third Secret is your worst nightmare, multiplied exponentially" quote from this web site) and he would keep his vow to say nothing of it, feeling that it was better for the public not to know

Now let me ask you something: WHAT is going to create MORE anticipatory fear and anxiety in you than a life-threatening doomsday "secret" supposedly from the Mother of Jesus Christ, that is TOO TERRIBLE for the Pope or Malachi Martin to publicly reveal-even though the Pope was SUPPOSE to reveal it in 1960? Hmmm? (If that isn't going to get you to drop liquidy doo-doo in your panties, than NOTHING is going to bother you.)

The British Israel, End Times brain washing scheme headed up by the TBN and CBN TV evangelical fundamentalist crowd with people like John Hagee, or Benny Hinn, or Pat Roberson, or Jack Van Impe, or that Ohio maniac Rod Parsley, are working the same doomsday psyops, but with the added bonus of being among the "chosen" who will be spared from death and destruction when they are "raptured" off the planet to some paradise location where they will sit out the Bad Times until Jesus is placed upon his earthly throne in the 'new' Jerusalem (which the Zionists will set up and provide all accommodations for, of course) and begin a blissful reign of 1,000 years (only the Zionists will behead anyone who gets out of line using the Talmudic Noahide Laws for justification). What joy!

The only "Kill Shot" that we may experience in the coming years is the death of liberty in the hearts of men through passivity and non-action, and the subjugation/enslavement of humanity under the satanic New World Order manipulators who are behind all of these doomsday psyops. Of course, they have the equipment to cause massive earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, polar ice cap melting and similar indicators of "Global Warming", in order to deceive people into believing that it's divine retribution or due to our "carbon footprint" or engineer a catastrophic event as a pretext to declare martial law and end constitutional guarantees, but we have the capacity to thwart their plans by first understanding the game afoot and then to use our God-given brains, our hearts, our INTENTIONS, and our WILL to overcome this destructive conspiracy.

We can do it. It just requires determination, knowledge, INTENTION, and ACTION. I can only HOPE that enough people will wake up in time.

Sincerely, Ken

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