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Ed Dame's Latest
July 18, 2004

Subject: Ed Dame's Latest
From: "Brenda M. Negri" <>
Date: Sun, July 18, 2004 7:37 pm
To: "Ken Adachi " <> (more)

Dames talked about this at the seminar I went to in Vegas (when we met, Ted). I have been dabbling in RV, with little success frankly - I tend to do better with my telepathy and "reading" people "gifts". Just like the kid on X Files, Gideon Praise. He could "see" those that were "them". And read their minds and intents. Anyhow here is Dames' newest money making venture. BTW he's holed up in the same complex as SAIC - major DoD contractor, evil, evil, and more evil.....


I got the "bad guys goosebumps" around Dames. He is one of their's, not one of us.

I made him nervous at the seminar, and he avoided all eye contact with me until it was inevitable.


PS Ted: ever hear about Farmer's Market in LA being used as a spot for child prostitution pick ups? I saw something there today that made my skin crawl (the goosebumbs physical reaction thing again that is never, ever wrong). Three little girls, spike heels, micro mini short shorts, being escorted by two old guys and an old woman all looked scruffy - the girls - well, they were drawing a whole lot of stares. We are talking 9 years, 11, 12 or 14, max all three of them. Sickening. Glad we left the guns at home I could have shot the guys stone cold dead right there.

I wonder if the big car wreck that happened there at the market was really another Columbine - it was the worst car accident in California I forget how many deaths. Just made me think after what I saw today.

Something to think about.....


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