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Educate, and you Liberate!
Dec.6, 2003

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From: Terry Bateman
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2003 11:48 AM
Subject: Site


I'm a 100% Disabled Veteran and tonight was the first time I viewed your site and found it so interesting that I looked at it all. I praise GOD for folks like you who take a stand in telling the truth and try telling folks what is to come and what they need do to prepare for it. I did this when the Y2K came about, but afterwards I was laughed at, so I said never again, as folks will do as they want and that is what Big Brother tells them.

If and when the fan starts to throw rocks and Big Brother tells them all will be OK, and not to worriy about food and such, that all will be fed- well I wonder how many will starve waiting on that meal to arrive. NOT I !!!

You take care and may GOD bless you in all you do and may GOD protect you and your family in all things.

I will be returning to your site often to check on updates and such.

Yours Truly,
Terry Bateman

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From: Editor
To: Terry Bateman
Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2003 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: Site

Hi Terry,

Thanks for taking the time to write.

I almost never publish a complimentary e-mail, but I'll print yours as I want other people to see that the dim wits and brain washed are not as ubitquitous as one might fear gauging from the Letters to the Editor section of this web site.

You're quite right about the covert schemes to create red herrings and then wait for the backlash accusations of ' cry wolf'' from the Pajama People towards the messengers. And yes, the logical purpose does appear to be a gradual lowering of alertness and non-reaction from the PJ Party.

I was quite certain at the time that Y2K was a scare set up and said so in print, but I was taken in completely by another covert operation to convince the world that major earth changes were going to occur in June of this year. I had published a long warning on the Internet about it in 1997 and called it Coming Attractions. It's still up on my web site because I want people to know that trying to decipher the wheat from the Bull Rush is a SEARCH for the truth and it's not a slam-dunk deal.

We are dealing with EXTREMELY SOPHISTICATED and DECEPTIVE, diabolical forces who are trying to keep us constantly immersed in confusion, chaos, and FEAR while they strip away our freedoms and drive us towards the totalitarian state, but I'm actually much more optimistic and hope-filled today, than I was in prior years.

For one thing, I'm still here.. as I thought California was going to be 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by now and the world plunged into 20 years of drizzle and soot laden skies with all of us trying to eat worms to stay alive. . So that, in and of itself, took a big load off my mind.

Another thing that's hugely raised the optimism bar for me is the incredible accomplishments of Don & Carol Croft against the very high tech Nazis betraying this country and their alien overlords (see ). Two humble people, honest to goodness REAL American heros, that you would easily mistaken for farmers at a country swap meet, have managed to throw a MAJOR monkey wrench into the traitor's plans to run this country into martial law and zombify the nation with electronic mind control technologies developed at Montauk , Long Island ( ). If TWO such people can accomplish so much to rescue this country from the federal traitors, what could 1,000 or 10,000 similar souls accomplish?

Not long ago, I thought it was a done deal for the NWO and their annihilation agenda, but now I see major cracks in their schedule and I see the acceleration of awareness and oppostion growing daily.

Public Awareness of the NWO/Alien Agenda is the single most important thing that can stop it!

I wish more people who know the score would invest the time and energy to educate thier neighbors and friends. Once you reach a ciritical mass of tuned-in patriots, the NWO agenda will COLLLAPSE from within!

The public must cooperate with their enslavers for the agenda to succeed. No cooperation means no NWO, no death camps, no internment camps, no loss of liberty, no contrived wars, no bioengineered, population reduction plagues, no mind control, etc, etc. etc.

Educate, and you Liberate!

Regards, Ken


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