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Boioelectrification Ideas for Sinusitis
March 19, 2004

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Subject: Beck Blood Electrifier In Nostrils - Sinusitis

You can use the the device to treat and cure sinusitis by placing the electodes into each nostril and gently rubbing the upper part of the nostrils.Be patient,it may take several minutes until they drain or you sneeze.Repeat often, it may take time.

Bad intestinal flora will change sinus flora and open you up to infection,diet may need to be changed.You can drain infection that has been with you since birth.Many psychological,cognitive, and neurological problems can be alleviated with this method.

Complementary therpies - raw garlic and buttermilk / yogurt for flora restoration , colloidal silver spray (homemade) , distilled drinking water , etc. Do not take antibiotics.



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