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Electronic Harassment
September 14, 2004

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From Lon
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Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 12:05 PM
Subject: Electronic harassment

What advice do you have to give in regards to harassment and how to get it to end. I have experienced the following; street theater, surveilance, ringing in the ears, vibration, nausea, and vertigo.



Hi Lon,

I don't have an easy answers, only possibilites that may help.

See my Mind control page and suggestions on how to counter psychotronics, etc. The device by Flannagan may stop the psychotronics.

Toys that may help:
1. Harmonic Protector pendant
2. Succor punch
3. HHg and larger orgone generators.

Orgone generators:

Harmonic Pendant:

Succor Punch Index

4. you can get a zap checker to find implants and kill them with a strong neodymium magnet held in place for an hour or so.

5. carry a small combo digital camera/tape recorder with you on a key chain around your neck (Radio Shack) all the time and snap pictures of anyone you suspect is involved with surveillance. This will stop street theater faster than anything. Walk right up to cars with agents and tap on the window and take their photo when they roll down the window or snap through the windshield. Snap the licence plate too. Ask them why they are trying to shadow you. This will throw them off guard and keep them at bay. They don't expect people to act with courage and it throws them completely. Others have done it and it works better than any other technique. They will take off, they will not argue with you.

6. Start a web site and blog. You can get a web server for $10 per month. List everything that happens in the way of harassment daily and post any photos you've taken. Send your stuff around to all chat boards that deal with mind control and govt. harassment/torture. The more you shout, the more attention you attract, the more they will back off. Publicity is your key to freedom.

Let me know what you find out.

Regards, Ken


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