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Ashley's Personal Insights re. Elemental Insights from Dancing Bear

[Editor's Note: I've posted some wonderful e-mails from Ashley in the past. She has tremendous ability in astral traveling and has greatly added to our understanding of what's taking place in a dimension that greatly affects all of us, but few of us can readily access directly. I welcome her contribution to the recent information sent by Dancing Bear. Some people may think that the rainbow rings seen in the photos below are "sun dogs" which is usually caused by a refraction of light though the jet fuel sometimes sprayed with chemtrails (in earlier times), but in this case, I think we are witnessing a unique phenomenon, as described by Ashley. ...Ken Adachi]

June 1, 2012

Ashley's Personal Insights re. Elemental Insights from Dancing Bear (June 1, 2012)

re. Dancing Bear on the Elementals Who Consume Negative Intention Energy Waves Emitted by Cell Towers (May 22, 2012)

Subject: Elemental Insights from Dancing Bear: Personal Insights (2 photos attached)
From: Ashley
Date: Fri, June 1, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Mr. Adachi

As always your ability to find the right information for those who seek, at the right time is truly profound and a rare spiritual gift in itself. It seems like I am writing to you more these days...nevertheless I think there is a major confirmation regarding the perfectly clear and circular light beings disclosed by Dancing Bear from my own experience in the physical...of which two photos are attached and insight from my own year or so of seeing these beings.

I may have said this before but Sylphs are around whereever I go which is not uncommon these days. They fill up the skies in the twenties and thirties and span for miles and miles. They let me work with them sometimes and are very supportive and wise in helping my spiritual journey. I would not have advanced to this level without their presence and example as true light workers for me to follow in their footsteps in my own human way.

Last year on a full moon I noticed the Sylphs were pretty active. A lot of the times I can anticipate their actions based on the behavior of their movements, its not that I study them its just I'm always aware of them so patterns become natural.

This night the Sylphs were gathering and spreading themselves out thin all across the sky covering the moon. Usually when they do this I know its because the chemplanes are launching what I call a night raid where they en masse launch a spraying attack on my area because we are one of extreme resistance and the Sylphs practically live here...this happens every so often but this is a fortress of sorts so the attack is strong but never wins.

The sylphs began gravitating towards the moon...and because I have watched enough to tell a chemtrail in the dark, I saw that there were none. I followed the sylphs to a big grassy field and looked up at the moon and what I saw was amazing. A clear circular bubble, enormous in size was sitting over the moon which looked like a circle within a circle...it was bright and just sat there with a rainbow of moonlight around it.

The Sylphs surrounded the clear circle and I just felt a magical event taking place. The feeling was pure and natural healing. After a while the circle just disappeared...no moving...no gliding away like Sylphs...it just blinks right out of our physical reality. After that, it wouldn't be until a few months later while walking I noticed a rainbow and as I followed the rainbow with my eyes it curved until I saw another clear light circle! This time surrounding the sun! I was in harmonic stitches...I took multiple photos trying to capture the image...it is the image I have attached in the document...the first is from the first time and the second image is actually from the day before yesterday.

Sylphs flocked to the area where the circle was once more and just radiated more of this powerful healing over the area.

Prior to this I had no idea what these things were and even after reading the info by Dancing Bear it never even occurred to me that what I was seeing is exactly like what he describes. The revelation came today while walking down the street...I noticed the sun was blazing brighter than usual and I felt I should look up...when I did what should I see but a clear circle of light surrounding the sun with a rainbow!

I looked in awe since it had been several months since I 'd seen one and this one looked larger. As I looked up at it and took pictures, Like a lightening bolt Dancing Bear's words rung like I bell...I gasped "So that's what you are..." I was so happy to finally, formally meet this being that had turned up at different times. I gave my gratitude to this circle of light and put my intention for more to be able to appear.

From my observations....these beings are like the worlds greatest orgone generators. They can harness either the energy of the moon or the sun and as it passes through their bodies it is transmuted into its highest state and projected over the Sylphs and most importantly...into the Earth and Human beings.

There were times I would stand under the circle and feel a heat more penetrating than the sun and I would feel like I was sweating but physically I was not. I felt as if my energy bodies had been cleaned and charged ...it even took away my hunger and I became an example to myself that the energy for our nourishment we take from food, can be taken and absorbed in its highest state...sunlight.

I think that these beings do not show up often because they need more domains of knowing to allow them total manifestation into our perception. They also are very high in vibration so I'm sure the density of 3D might require much energy to stay into, Which is probably why they just disappear and why they don't move much aside from expanding their bodies to cover more ground.

Perhaps what I am seeing might be another being altogether but the connection between the two seems strong.


Rainbow sun ring froom Ashley


Rainbow sunring from Ashley



Subject: Sylphs
From: Brian Hughes
Date: Sat, June 9, 2012
To: Ken Adchi

Hi Ken,

Love these posts from people like Ashley and Dancing Bear. When I looked at the pictures my first thought was that I've seen these haloes before, and wouldncha know it, I didn't make the Elemental connection at the time. Instead, I would chalk it up to being some sort of 'anomaly', reflecting what has been our non-indigenous appreciation of what we are actually seeing.

This is a good example of why posts like these are so important. They help us to see that all manifestation of a 'natural' order is sentient. We must always be mindful of those influences which remove us from our inherent, intimate connection with a living, breathing Universe by putting us in states of 'scientific detachment'. Here's a paraphrased excerpt from my book which can serve as an appropriate accompaniment to Ashley's letter:

"In places of integrated existence the paradigm which perceives its science using terms like "electro-magnetic" is transcended. In a coalesced state "electro" translates to "energetic joyous being". "Magnetic" is the intimate connection of all manifested Life. This embodies the true dynamic experience within the field of attraction - the 'space of time'. Its perception in awareness will always reflect a unity of expansive Consciousness experiencing joyously, not one with the vicarious vision of a spectator, isolated from the intimacy of its unified field."


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