Dancing Bear on the Elementals Who Consume Negative Intention Energy Waves Emitted by Cell Towers

May 22, 2012

Dancing Bear on the Elementals Who Consume Negative Intention Energy Waves Emitted by Cell Towers (May 22, 2012)

Subject: Elementals that eat microwaves/soundwaves
From: Dancing Bear
Date: Sat, May 19, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I have resisted writing this to you for almost 4 years now. But my intuition is telling me it's time to release this information. I hope it helps.

In 2008, I participated in a Medicine wheel ceremony with Blue Thunder a Native Shoshone Elder who is sharing the ancient ways of balancing the earth and transforming energy with those who have ears to hear. His website is


The 2008 ceremony was held in Teton National Park. While participating in the ceremony, I felt a portal open up over our wheel and legions of beings came to assist in the cause for healing on the planet. I saw native elders, warriors, grandmothers and many elemental beings which I could not describe, but could sense. It was very humbling.

During the ceremonial days and during my drive home, I was connected to all life: everything glowed and was vital and alive. It's the way we are meant to be and used to live on this earth; in HARMONY. There was such joy emanating from all life: the clouds, sun moon, trees, plants, winged ones, four leggeds, the wind,... all life.

I also experienced many knowings that the dark side has no chance against such beauty and the love and peace we all have inside. That's why it's important for each person to do their own work We all are connected and as more wake up ~ it's the hundredth monkey.

At one point, I saw several beings that were clear light and they seemed to just swim or float over to the cell towers. They opened their gigantic mouths and consumed the negative-intention energy waves; much like the Sylphs do with Chemtrails. They were huge in size and just dwarfed the cell phone tower.

They will come if requested. It's time to call out to them as there is a constant bombardment of technology being levied against us right now and it seems that they are turning up the heat (or should I say sound).

I also have a knowing that all the talk from metaphysical people on the internet describing Ascension symptoms seem to describe aches, pains headaches, lethargy depression, hopelessness, etc . This seems a bit suspicious to me in that what they are really describing is the technology being used on earth to suppress us. Maybe the negative things we are feeling is the negative technology at work.

When I stand in my wholeness and I am in Harmony with all of creation, I don't feel anything but love, peace and harmony; no body aches etc. I have no way to verify any of this other than by my own personal knowing and experience. The reason I am sharing this knowledge is that it's my belief that the "Clear Sound Eating Beings" will come and assist us if asked; just like the Sylphs do.

I also wanted to share with you an experience I had while reaching out and offering healing to the Reptilians (inspired by Franz and Martina's request for help).

Not sure if I could be of help, I meditated, opened my heart and offered to be of help. A ship showed and the captain of the ship was a large Reptilian looking being. One of my teachers (who is no longer in human form) and a guide who has been with me as long as I can recall, showed up and we all sent healing energy to the Reptilian captain's heart chakra.

He had forgotten about the spark of light within him; it had diminished to almost non existence. As we sent love and healing, he released and seemed to be transformed. He had joy and sadness at the same time: joy for the healing and sadness for his people and what he and they have done.

We shared only forgiveness and love. He telepathically shared with us his planet's history. Apparently, the feminine energy was destroyed on his planet. It seemed there are no more female Reptilian beings either. They have no way to reproduce and are totally lost. That is why they have become predators; much like humans do who are devoid of their balanced male and female aspects. The difference being, it happened to them on a planetary scale, and we are still seeing it on the individual level.

Without feminine "receiving" energy, you cannot even receive or access source energy. It's there, but you cannot or do not know, how to touch it or welcome it in. That is why they feed on us for power. They only know Male power.

They don't know Female receptive power. As soon as the leader was healed, the other three beings on the ship asked for healing as well. The experience was very tender.

During the 2008 Teton Medicine Wheel ceremony, I also experienced a knowing that the men on this planet are in deparate need of healing. For thousands of years they have been sent off to kill and destroy in wars. That generational grief is held within their celluar structure and it's time to heal.

Mothers send their sons to become solders and do "Gods work", or just earn a living to put food on the table?. We have been doing it for thousands of years. But in the past several hundred years, our warfare has lost it necessity or meaning. It's just to conquer. We no longer protect.

So the Protector Provider instincts in men are all mixed up. They are no longer offering themselves to protect their families and they know it. It has taken a huge toll on all of us, but especially on men. Now the Ones without light are attaching female energy and trying to destroy it. That will destroy our ability to receive, create and nurture. How can anyone heal without that? We would become lost like the Reptilians. so mothers: stop sending your sons (and now daughters) to become solders.

If others of you resonate with using your gifts to help heal their hearts, I encourage you to do so as it's probably one of the reasons you're reading this and feeling the tug to be of help.

Remember, we are all One and connected. Respond with your abilities. Hold space for a male in your life who needs to heal from his war injuries, from this life or past lives. Encourage the females in your life to access their caring, nurturing, and creative sides.

One more thing: True power is "Me connected with Source." What I think and I intend with gratitude comes to pass. We are co-creators.

In love, peace and harmony,

Dancing Bear
Northern Idaho

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Subject: Elementals that eat microwaves/soundwaves
From: John (Netherlands)
Date: Wed, May 23, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

You've probably come to the same conclusion as I that there isn't much wrong in what Dancing Bear has written in his message. Oh so true about the non issue in to a higher dimension symptoms of unease in your body. Last week, the extreme amount of solar energy caused them to shut down there radiation satellites and for three days, total relaxed feeling; even my car was driving as smooth as can be - no stumbling of suspension on the smallest stones/dents in the road, absolutely incredible. This week it's back with the old situation. Now extreme heat and massive, I mean MASSIVE, chemtrail filth is being sprayed here in the Netherlands. If anyone reads this, don't go exercising or biking with this weather in the open air DO NOT !! You're kidneys can't cope with so much dirt. Drink at least 3 liters of WATER a day!

The Netherlands


Subject: Dancing Bear
From: Brian
Date: Wed, May 23, 2012
To: Ken Adachi


Leave it to someone with a native-american background to clarify things so succinctly.

It makes all the sense in the World that the Reptillians experienced a destruction of female energy. Don't know how much of my book you've read yet, but for me this goes hand in hand with what I call the matching of Divine Intent.

If you haven't gotten to the book yet,I'll offer a synopsis: At the 'moment' of becoming conscious of our Singular Being, the ultimate gift of Love, we either acknowledged this as being such, or it was perceived as an act of abandonment. This latter perception resulted with choices which did not match Divine Intent (when you read the book you'll get a clear understanding of this). What Dancing Bear is saying about the loss of feminine energy is the equivalent of this.

That simple misapprehension of the Divine intention for there to be singular expressions of itself is the root cause of all negative experience.

Thoughtfully yours, Brian


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