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A Textbook Description of Elementals (& Sylphs)
August 7, 2008

A Textbook Description of Elementals (& Sylphs) Aug. 7, 2008

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Hi Ken

I thought I would send along something interesting. I hope it helps. This is from a book I've been studying for a few years, ''The Tarot - A Contemporary Course of the Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism'' by Mouni Sadhu; 1962.

Other inhabitants of the astral plane are the elementals. Western occult tradition does not consider them to be purly astral beings, for an elemental can have its own mental monad, astrsome and physical body, but belonging to the more subtle sub-divisions, and therefore is normally invisible to humans. These strange beings direct certain special involutionary activities, such as chemical and physical phenomena, as well as physiological processes. Another reason for their being invisible and intangible, is that their bodies are of the same consistansy as the subplane on which they live.

If their bodies are in a gaseous state, we call them Sylphs; if liquid, Ondines; if solid, Gnomes; and finally those who have still more subtle bodies, close to what we call the 'world's ether', they will be known as Salamanders. Some beings possess only mental monads and operate involutionary processes on the astral plane. Tradition defines them as 'Spiritus Directores' of the astral, or leaders of it; but other purely mental entities are also occupied with the involutionary processes and are called Angels.

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