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Emerging Diseases Caused by Pollutants?

[Editor's Note: I do not concur fully with the statements made by this Norwegian reader, but I post his views in the interest of a broader exchange. Most of his general ideas are in sync with mine-up to a point, but some areas are somewhat kiltered or some concepts are marginalized; allowing a skewed conclusion to be reached (or more often, a faulty presumption on his part of what I ascribe to). Particularly in the matter of Hulda Clark's discoveries, he doesn't allow the value of her discoveries when it comes to organisms and disease conditions. He does repeat well documented alternative view positions about HIV/AIDS that Dr. Duesburg and others had pioneered over a decade ago and he feels compelled to explain to me, of all people, about the fallacies inherent in the Germ Theory, which is slightly annoying, but I also understand that, in general, people in Europe and Asia get far less cutting edge information than we get here in America, so when someone is privy to this info in Europe, they have the impression that they are right on top of things and are anxious to inform others. That being said, this writer nevertheless strikes me as sincere, well read, and well intentioned.

Update July 12, 2004: I just responded to a very nasty e-mail sent by the author of the comments posted below. Apparently, he's taken great offense to the comments that I made in the above introduction and wanted to let me know that I'll never be hearing from him again. You can read my response to him as the very last item of this thread. ..Ken Adachi]
June 16, 2004

Subject: Emerging diseases
From: Peter
Date: Wed, June 16, 2004 10:59 pm

Hi Ken
I just read this info on your site:

"Emerging Diseases
Ebola, Hanta Virus, AIDS, Gulf War Disease, Mad Cow Disease, Pfiesteria ("Red Tide"), Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Listeria, E-Coli H0197, are some of the new emerging diseases to hit the news in the past few years. The Hong Kong Bird Flu of '98, the outbreak of Viral Encephalitis in Malaysia which had caused the death of over 100 pig farmers and a million pigs, the outbreak of the West Nile Virus in New York, the explosive spread of Tuberculosis in Russia (25,000 Russians died of TB last year ), and the current worldwide "Flu" Epidemic are just some examples of an unprecedented explosion of new, virulent forms of disease. The evidence is strong and compelling that the overwhelming majority of these new diseases have been intentionally bioengineered by the New World Order elites for purposes of population reduction"

Considering the germ theory of disease has been proven wrong time and again, including Pasteur's own theories, which he admitted was manipulated, and that HIV, west nile virus, mad cow disease, SARS and so on has been proven to be based on lies and manipulated statistics, I would suggest you remove your focus from these so-called threats and rather look to their "cures", which is the real threats here. Also, promoting lies like these scares people into the arms of the medical industry by creating a market for vaccines, antibiotics, medicines and the like.

My point is that so called diseases and microbiological threats like these are a "maskirovka" in that they make you look for the threat in the wrong direction while the real threat, which is the "cure" is accepted right away without a second thought because of your fear against what you believe is the threat. Also, those statistics you mention may be false in that they may never have happened at all (f.ex written by so called "ghost-writers"), or the real cause was something else than what's included in the publiced story. An example is mad cow disease, which was caused by organofosfates, possibly in interaction with high mangan levels (from the soy meal in their feed) in the cows brain, and absolutely not by so called infectious prions.Even the scientist himself, Prussiner, who discovered the damaged prions, noted that it could have been the high levels of mangan in the cows brains that destroyed them. The result? Infectious prions bullshit! It's also a myth that these prions can cause disease in humans or even other animals. Links below to some info that may be useful.

A few examples (I have lots more):

West Nile Virus Equals Petrochemical Fever (Malathion) -

The SARS Epidemic - Are Viruses Taking the Rap for Industrial Poisons? -

Mad cow disease/scrapie -

Scientist says environmental factors, including the use of organophosphate
pesticides on cattle, could be the real cause of 'mad cow' disease -

The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview -

The Aluminum - Phosphate Fertilizer Connection -

Fluoride and the Phosphate Connection -

Have fun :-)


Subject: Re: Emerging diseases
Date: Thu, June 17, 2004 9:59 am
To: Peter

Hi Peter,

You're mixing apples and oranges, although I can appreciate your point.

Informing people that these new bugs were bioengineered intentionally for purposes of genocide and population reduction is not driving anyone into the arms of the medical racketeers. It's just informing readers of the real origin of these bugs. Yes, they were/are over hyped in the media to scare people into getting vaccinations etc, but I'm also addressing that scam issue on my web site as well.

You're presumption that these diseases are caused by environmental toxins is also one sided in itself. Of course, toxins CAN be a contributing factor (as Hulda Clark points out in all of her books)in the manifestation of symptoms, but to assign complete blame to toxins and dismiss the bioengineered bugs is not an accurate reflection of reality. It would also serve the Illuminati's disinfo agenda if they could convince the public that these disease were only caused by environmental toxins, less they become aware that the Illuminated Satanists are trying to eliminate four fifths of the world's population through genocidal mechanisms which include bioengineered diseases.

Also, the SARS epidemic was STOPPED by the efforts of enlightened persons on (and off) this planet. The Illuminati had a big mandatory vaccination agenda all set to go using the SARS "epidemic" as the excuse, but the whole thing collapsed because they couldn't get their costly bioengineered bug to infect more than a handful of people around the world. While it's OK to explore the issue of environmental toxins, it's not accurate to suggest that the SARS phenomena was just environmental pollutants in disguise. That's absurd. The infection was (and is) caused by a BIOENGINEERED bug and it failed because a transmutation had taken place and immunity to that previously infective agent had been enhanced.

I still appreciate your point of view and links which only expands our data base. Environmental toxins are certainly a serious contributing factor, but I'm not going to dismiss the bioengineered element. Both elements are included in the mix.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Emerging diseases
From: Peter
Date: Thu, June 17, 2004 4:04 pm

Hi Ken,

I still think info like this will drive people into the pharmaceutical industry as most people aren't intelligent enough (or just don't bother to check out the facts for themselves) to know the difference between bioengineered organisms and the natural counterparts.

I am not presuming these diseases are based on environmental factors, but know this both from my own research as well as from several others scientist's works. I figured you knew these things since you write so much about related topics. My mistake.

When it comes to SARS I was not saying that environmental causes were involved, only that it was a way of distracting people from knowing the real causes, or as in this case, from knowing the truth about the virus, which is a very harmless one. If we are to believe that so many people actually died from true SARS (which they wasn't according to honest research), the cause would most probably be a bioengineered virus, but when the statistics has been proven to be based on manipulated data, then it wasn't the causative factor (the virus) that was "engineered", but the whole "epidemic" as reported by a very confused and manipulated media.

And about the illuminati, I know about this so called new world order, and are definitely not trying to serve them through promoting disinfo...I actually try to pin point the actual causes behind diseases both in humans and animals so that the government's lies and myths about deadly/invisible/silent/, etc killers (microbes) are exposed. If these lies aren't exposed both humans and animals' chemical burdens will increase as vaccines, medicaments and so on are "forced upon us all".

In Norway, were I live I see reports all the time about increased levels of pesticides, hormones, heavy metals and so on all around us in the environment, in seas, rivers, drinking waters, food items, etc, and most of these toxins are extremely toxic (check out organophosphate for yourself). This increased chemical burden along with the garbage most people it and drink today cause most, if not all, diseases of today, something which has been proven time and again by serious and honest scientists, not government/industrial ones. Of course, bioengineered organisms will add to the burden, but not in the way you assume. You have to believe in the germ theory of disease to actually believe in the threat of bioengineered organisms. I know quite a bit about these organisms being a former military officer in the norwegian special forces.

When it comes to the actual cause of disease when microorganisms are involved, a common mistake involved is the assumption that microorganisms produces toxins/poisons that harm the host. This has never been proven, only assumed and blown up in media. The truth is, as you can research for yourself (in particular through the science of probiotics), is that microorganisms produce (mostly) bacteriocins and enzymes that are supposed to act on other microorganisms in a symbiotic control/release-relationship. Some of these enzymes and bacteriocins, both of which are widely used in the food industry to preserve foods, are classified as exotoxins, in that they can affect the host if their levels exceed a certain presumed limit, but again, actual research with humans have never been conducted. And the levels of bacteria that must be involved to be able to produce enough of these "exotoxins" to create a bodily reaction are beyond anything (in numbers) you ever will be able to get exposed to.

And, the truth of the matter concerning the "disease causing effects of microorganisms" is that they absolutely not cause any kind of disease by or of themselves. As you may know, the immune defense system mainly has one major function, which is to separate "self" from "non-self". When f.ex a bacteria, which is not a natural part of the human bacterial flora (not only the intestinal flora, which by the way includes several hundreds of so called pathogenic bacteria along with several tens of thousands of "non-harmful" viruses) is detected the body defends itself through certain automatic responses like fever, vomiting, diarhea and so on. My point here is that these bodily defense reactions is NOT caused by the bacteria nor any kind of toxin produced by it, but is a part of a very natural and life/health promoting reactions. Only if these reactions continue beyond their purposes, something that often happens in bodies managed and "nurtured" by the garbage most people eat today, and were the immune system and the intestinal flora (which is the major factor in this defense system) is weakened, the reactions turns negative and eventual life-threatening. But, this is not caused by any bacteria, as the healthy function of the immune system is your responsibility.

So, so called food-poisoning is absolutely not a disease or anything bad (even though it is not a nice thing to experience, I know from personal experience), but a healthy reaction from a body which tries to maintain status quo, which means health/balance or whatever word you choose.

I once experienced while in the military, and was ill one night and day because of it, compared to each and everybody else of my room-mates which was ill for one or more weeks. I remember wondering why I recovered so fast as compared to the others. Many years later I found, through research on bacteria, mostly probiotics, that what determines your reaction and whether or not it will be hardly noticeable or very violent is the state of your immune system/bacterial flora. Now I have eaten raw meats and sea foods for over 15 years every day without ever experiencing food poisoning again. I assume this is because I started to consume lactic acid fermented foods, which re-built my intestinal flora, and through this, the main controlling factor in the immune defense system.

This view about food poisoning and the like, which is way more scientific and also proven beyond doubt (compared to the germ theory and the bullshit logic/"science" behind vaccines which has never been proven, only assumed, based on manipulated research data from Pasteur) places the responsibility for your health on yourself, and on the way you either build or destroy your own immune system (body), rather than making you a victim of causes beyond or outside of your responsibility/which you cannot handle. This view, which I and many scientists like me believe (rather know) is the truth of the matter concerning germs, make no room for government/medical interferences like vaccines, antibiotics and the like, and stress that we are the only one's responsible for ourselves, our physical and emotional/mental well being. This gives you all power to do and fend for yourself, and not being a victim of the government disinformation and fear propaganda, which is promoted by people who want us to be afraid and to seek solutions that only do us more harm, destroy our fertility/ability to give birth to children, destroy our ability to think and decide for ourselves and also our health. I would think this info, which I am dedicated to promote, would remove us from the hands of the illuminati, not the other way around.

The way I see it, being a professional/scientist, is that if you believe in the germ theory of disease you actually enforce the illuminati's plans for the human race.

About Hulda Clark, she has a few valuable ideas coupled with a lot of "you-know-what" in my opinion. I would not call her a scientist, and the way she has created a whole picture of cancer based on limited understanding of a few pieces of information I won't call scientific.

Again, from both my profession as a scientist, and from my former military profession, which was as a elite soldier (like the british SAS, which was our founders, and with which we practice several times a year), I have gotten to know a lot about so called bioengineered microorganisms. In part from a former military colleague of mine which was rather obsessed with the topic and investigated it quite thoroughly. My conclusion is that there defiantly may be a threat involved in some of these cases, but that the main threat is from the so called "cure" and not the microorganisms in themselves. This, I learned while serving my country, is mostly based on psychological warfare principles of "divide and rule", and the topic has also been extensively discussed in Sigmund Freud's book "Propaganda".

If you cannot, for some (political - what will other nations think about you) reason destroy your "enemy" (in this case being the human over-population), then make him believe something else is destroying him from "inside". And next offer him your "support" in form of a "cure" (and let the whole world see how nice you are); a support which in reality is what kill him and everyone who accept the "cure".

This is what's behind the genocide of AIDS victims all over the world, based on the myth that HIV causes AIDS. Believe it or not, I have hundreds of articles, research papers, books, magazines and so on about the topic. That is, about the truth of the matter from respected and honest scientist from all over the world.

Well, that was my two cents. You may not agree, but that's how I see it based on the facts I know about.

Anyway, have fun and good luck with your very valuable site :-)

I include some "Body burden" research for you (attached). Just ignore link/languages you don't understand (the references are for norwegian, danish and swedish people). Sentences in red don't have an internet link yet.


Subject: Re: Emerging diseases
Date: Thu, June 17, 2004 6:20 pm
To: Peter

Hello Peter,

Good letter. I'll add it to your first letter.

I can concur with most of what you write. I don't agreee with your limited assessment of Hulda Clark, but you are entitled to your opinion, of course.

Please don't hesitate to write in the future. I'm interested in reading what you have to say.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Emerging diseases
From: Peter
Date: Fri, June 18, 2004 12:39 pm

Hi there Ken,

My main disagreement with Hulda Clark (I've read her books) is the parasite/fluke concept, and I know there's way more to the whole picture than her limited findings. I say like many scientists with me that correlation (implicated in/associated with, etc) is not the same as cause, something most scientist over the world seem to believe. If you find some kinds of germs, elevated levels or not, when analyzing diseased tissue or diseased people, this doen't mean, as most seem to think, that these germs are the causes of the disease. This approach is to narrow-minded, and easily manipulated to suit your own interests or points of view. The same goes with findings of low or lacking levels of certain nutrients, hormones (f.ex estrogen i menopause, an invented medical condition), neurotransmitters (like serotonin in depression), enzymes and so on....this lack or low levels of certain substances are more likely to be a effect of the real/main cause than the cause themselves, but usually scientists assume these to be the cause. And then you suddenly get a lot of propaganda and advertizing about this or that vitamin, mineral, food supplement and the like. Or, when germs are thought to be causes, scare tactics in media in capitals and fat print where very clever words like "hidden/silent/subtle/invisible/dangerous" and so on "killer/danger/predator", etc are used. The use of the words epidemic and plague are also often included because of the associations with something life-threatening most people get from these.

Here in Norway the norwegian version of the FDA is very clever with the use of the word plague, and an recent example is a very harmless so called bird flu virus which was discovered in a single duck here. This single harmless virus is mentioned as a very deadly virus, and that it supposedly are able to infect chickens all over the country causing what they call the " chicken/fowl plague/pest". Next they say the virus may (or may not...) mutate and attack humans. A later article by another government health agency continues the propaganda by writing that "research" has shown that this harmless virus supposedly caused the spanish influenza epidemic which killed a lot more humans than the plague most of us refer to when we think about plague/pest. And the stage is set, the fear campaign growing and before we know it we will be told through media all around us about the great dangers of this "deadly" virus, and of course, that our loving and caring doc's and vet's already do have vaccines and antibiotics ready for us and the poor birds...we are talking about vaccinating millions and millions of chickens here...poor birds. And poor humans if it comes to vaccinating children agaisnt this fabricated threat. In my opinion, this is the real and true genocide, using the medical etablishemnt to create disease, sterility/infertility and more burden to our health through so called "cures", which we all believe will save us. Clever trick, or what? I remember reading about the illuminati some years ago, and that they used the etablished medical industry/science as a means to reduce the human population via fabricated diseases that requires (the real threats) toxic vaccines, antibiotics that destroy our most important part of our immune defence systems, and medicines, etc...examples are AZT, chemotherapy and irradiation for cancer, and vaccines including bioengineered organisms along with mercury, aluminium, formaldhyde and so on, etc. If you really believe conventional medicine does no harm and are here to help people who suffer from disease I can send you another collection of links about the topic.

Another clever use of the word plague or pest is the norwegian word "kattepest", which simply means pest or plague involving felines/cats (feline distemper is the english word for the disease). The propaganda says this disease among cats is very contagious, virus caused of course, and that our cats most surely will die if we don't vaccinate them. There's also a lot of talk about apparent epidemics in the past that did kill thousands of cats before vaccination stopped the progress of this "deadly" virus. This is what the propaganda says, but the truth of the matter is that the mentioned epidemics never did happen, neither here or in US, where the rumor originated (like most contagious diseases, most around the eighties). Also, the correct medical definition of the disease is feline enteritis, that is intestinal inflammation in felines. Research has found this disease to be caused by several environmental (including vaccines) and/or food factors, and no serious and honest vet even mentions virus as a cause. But, for reasons known only to the norwegian vet's this disease, feline enteritis, was renamed to feline pest/plague, and a virus has replaced the documented environmental/food causes, which nobody ever mentions or writes about. And the virus has never been found in research, only so called antibodies against it is found. Like with the HIV/FIV/SIV, etc viruses.

So, when norwegian cat owners hear about this disease, they automatically associates it with pest/plague and are scared into vaccinating their cats. And then with vaccines containing, among other things, mercury (with mercury levels being many times higher than in human vaccines), aluminium, formaldehyde, antibiotics and fungus killing medicines, solvents and so on which of course definately harms the cat a lot more than this fabricated disease/threat. I have as much as 21 cats (along with a pig and some rabbits) and I feed them raw meat and fish, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, etc only, and they have never been diseased even once. Both of my neighbour's cats died from so called contagious diseases, one seemingly (according to his vet) being this cat plague and the other so called feline AIDS. My cats had daily contact with my neighbours "infected" cats, and still not one of them died. The only difference between my neighbour's and my own cats was the feed. My neighbour gave his cats commercial cat food.

My pig is now a very large and healthy "monster" with lots of energy and zest for life. He runs around in my garden all day long and looks very happy and content. I rescued it from a farmer that was about to kill it because he ment it had been infected by a virus from his mother (so called pig AIDS/Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome"). The farmer said the baby pig would never survive, he had never seen a single baby pig survive "infection".

Well, I brought it with me home and nursed it with colostrum (cows) and home-made kefir, and he never once showed any sign of any disease. When I told this to the farmer after having had the pig for over a year he didn't believe me and thought I was kidding or lying to him. The only difference between my pig (I called him Speedy, after the cartoon film figure Speedy Gonzales) and the farmer's was that I gave Speedy natural foods where the farmer gave his own pigs feed concentrates.

In the above mentioned situations, what made the difference between life and dead was not any microorganisms, but industrial processed versus natural food.

Also, people all around me are diseased almost all the time, and often gets diseases said to be part of epidemics (like the flu) caused by microorganisms "in the air". I never get anything and never feel tired, run down, drained and so on as so many people around me seem to feel. The only difference between me and other people are the nutrition. Of course, my "case" could have been "blamed on good genes", but this great state of health also includes my wife and three of my friends, including over a hundred of my former patients/clients which all eat the same way as me.

Now I don't know how my body would have reacted if it was exposed to a bioengineered organism, but I doubt I would have gotten ill. But, nobody knows.

Back to Hulda Clark, having researched extensively sciences like magnetic therapy, the use of sound waves in healing/resonance healing, the "decloaking of pathogens", etc I value her findings regarding the frequencies of microorganisms and the like. It is a valuable step toward more thorough understanding of the human being as a electromagnetic unit (or light-being, energetical being, whatever word you choose), and how f.ex diseased organs or cells can be healed with the use of sound waves. However, I doubt approaches like this will be useful as long as the organs/cells are storehouses for chemicals and poisons of all kinds. Remeber these, in particular metals, do have their own energy emissions/frequencies which is also involved in their disease causing properties (like f.ex in the topic "oral galvanism"). I am playing with the idea of using sound waves to sort of neutralize and/or inactivate (change their frequency) toxic chemicals, but have yet to conduct a trial with living beings.

Now Speedy are chewing on my toes because he wants me to play with him, so I have to let him out.

Have fun


Subject: Re: Emerging diseases
Date: Fri, June 18, 2004 12:53 pm
To: Peter

Hello Peter,

Again, very good letter. I can say many things in defence of Hulda's work, but I don't have the time right now to respond. However, I will soon.

Until then, I'll will post your info and feel free send me your opinions anytime.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Emerging diseases
From: "VriL" <>
Date: Thu, June 24, 2004 10:00 pm

Hi Ken,

While searching for info about the bird flu I found info that, in my point of view, show how a fabricated threat may not be the real threat, but that the consequences and/or solutions are:

"Due to widespread publicity via mass media and a recent outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in poultry farms of Karachi, which killed over 3.5 million layer birds, most people are not consuming eggs and meat, the only economical sources of proteins in the country.

A report in Dawn (Jan. 31) says the consumption of chicken items has dropped by 25-30 per cent. According to the Pakistan Poultry Association, daily consumption of chicken in Karachi had gone down to 125,000-150,000 birds currently as compared to the normal consumption of 300,000-350,000 daily."

Create fear among your enemy, in this case being the worlds over-population, and in particular the dark colored races, and it will destroy itself from within. Like in this case creating serious nutrition problems among people that already may have serious nutrition problems. Add vaccination and anti-AIDS campaigns from the "nice and caring" people in the west towards those "poor" in Africa and the far east, and shit is going to happen among those poor people. My point is that this bird flu virus is harmless, and that in reality it is the fear propaganda and its consequences which kills, and not any kind of virus, bioengineered or not.

I use to believe that reports of epidemics usually comes from a manipulated media, and that the epidemics either didn't happen at all, or that the research data/statistics was extremely exaggerated to fabricate a huge threat where none or only a minor threat existed in reality, but noting that reports are coming from all over the world about death in the numbers of hundreds of thousands and/or millions among birds and bees, and some other insects, and that most scientists trace the origins to pesticides and/or GMO foods some of the reported epidemics may possibly have happened. But, not because of bioengineered organisms.

Have you considered that all those people, scientists or not, that talk about bioengineered threats, and who "expose government frauds" in reality are working for the government/illuminati? This is the use of the law of the reversed effort in psychology in that the illuminati, in planning to spread disinfo/brainwash the masses, understands that a certain number of people will not accept their manipulated data, so to make sure they (the illuminati) distracts those "opponents" too, they create a source of info that apparently goes against the first manipulated data, but which in reality only integrates the fabricated datas even deeper in the latter group of people?

If you don't trust the government you obviously will not believe anything that comes from them, but what then about info from people that seemingly opposes the government's frauds and disinfo? Of course, most people who are opposed to the government will readily accept (and agree about) these new arguments believing they expose the lies and disinfo when they in reality only makes the non-believers of the government disinfo into believers, which was the whole point of the original manipulated datas from the government. You are then tricked into believing in and accepting the microorganism threat theory when no such threat in reality does exist, as documented by serious science for over a hundred years.

Have fun :-)



Subject: Re: Emerging diseases
From: "VriL" <>
Date: Mon, July 12, 2004 9:25 am

Hi Ken

I just read your comments about me and what I wrote.

I thought you were a sincere person being dedicated to get the truth out to people, but it seems you are rather a arrogant and ignorant idiot being so immersed in your own illogical theories you just cannot accept other points of view.

So people where I live don't have access to "cutting edge info" like you in US? Ever heard about internet?

You will have to eat your words when the truth of the matter comes out. You have fooled yourself big time, but cannot admit it. The whole biowarfare/epidemics story you're into is mostly scam, bullshit, and in my opinion you are promoting the illuminati's agenda as long as you stick to the germ theory...whether that be bioengineered or not.

Slightly annoying is the word you use about me trying to tell you you have let yourself be fooled. Tells me a lot about you.

It's a pity so much useful energy completely wasted because of ignorance and arrogance, which is behind your apparent humble attitude. You have found your little toy to play with and won't let it go.

We'll never talk again, you're just waste of time. Grow up, see the world, see what's going on.


Subject: Re: Emerging diseases
Date: Mon, July 12, 2004 4:04 pm
To: "VriL" <>

Dear Peter,

Wow. And you call me arrogant? Good Grief, what an immature clown you are.

The loss of your commentary and vaunted erudition will likely not cause me to lose too much sleep this month. So, somehow I'll manage to get over it.

Just for the record, let's review a few essentials:

1. I gave you a platform that you could not have otherwise gained; an opportunity to express your point of view with thousands of people who read my web site. And I did not SERIOUSLY criticize or marginalize your statements, although I could certainly see that your views are too one sided. I thought that your recapitulation of very WELL KNOWN and DATED data/theories was a useful review for newer and younger readers to gain some benefit from. You hardly presented any information that was NEW or ORIGINAL. You obviously invested a lot of time reading articles on the internet and now you are a self coronated EXPERT whose views are above challenge or debate. Well, in my estimation, you are closer to a dilettante who is passionate and dedicated to this topic, but you hardly have an encyclopedic knowledge base in disease etiology or pathology. And it's not likely that you will ever gain a much wider base as long as you are straddled with such a bloated ego.

2. When you write to me, your letters may or may not be published on my web site and your views may or may not be agreed with, but I don't give you or any other self anointed"expert" who sends me an e-mail carte blanche to say whatever you wish while I remain silent if I disagree with you. I didn't ASK you to send me your sacrosanct theories and opinions. You took it upon yourself to contact me. Remember?

You are so lacking in wider experience, you don't even realize the true meaning and symbolism behind the word "Vril", otherwise you wouldn't be using it for an e mail name. Being a victim of egomania, you surely assume its meaning is limited to chi or pranna or ode. Got news for you Mr. Hubris.

Saionara, Ken


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