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EMF Shielding & Granite Pebble/Asphalt Roofs
June 6, 2008

EMF Shielding & Granite Pebble/Asphalt Roofs (June 6, 2008)

Subject: Emf and asphalt roof
From: Bill
Date: Fri, June 6, 2008
To:   Editor


I live in an old house which everyone says feels relaxing and peaceful inside. It has a new roof covering the old roof. The original roof consists of asphalt which was basically hot tar with gravel poured on top. There's still a significant amount of pea gravel (granite) on the old roof underneath. I was wondering if you think this granite creates some type of positive energy field?


Hi Bill,

Good point. Granite does have special electro-magnetic properties and was used in the King's chamber of the Great Pyramid. Phil Callahan also talks about the unique diamagnetic properties of granite. It could have a shielding effect to microwaves, cosmic rays, etc. You've thrown out a very good idea. Thanks for taking the time to write.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Emf and asphalt roof
From: Bill
Date: Mon, June 9, 2008
To: Editor

Granite seems big with lots of religious structures especially when it's in the ground. (All the quartz in it I right?)

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