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New Discoveries of Inexpensive EMF Shielding Materials
April 12, 2008

New Discoveries of Inexpensive EMF Shielding Materials (April 12, 2008)

Subject: EMR Shielding
From: Brian
Date: Fri, April 11, 2008
To: Editor


I have spent some time with the subject of EMR sheilding, also oftern referred to as EMF shielding. Most products in this market (at least those that have some idea what they are working with) are composed of a mixture of organic and inorganic materials. This combination is very similar to the plethora of Orgone-related devices.

The basic idea is the very high frequency (microwave) radiation effects the Orgone (life energy) in such a way as to create a inert or inactive state. In the Orgone literature one can realize that Orgone is attracted to organic material and reflected by inorganic material - so the mixture or layering of the two can effectively 'reactivate' the 'dead' Orgone energy by getting it moving again or returned to a normal state that supports life (activity) in our world.

The various devices in the market today composed of this combination of materials are at least following a compelling theory with substantial research behind it.

So I find the website that sells both sheilding devices and EMF measurement tools. What I finally discovered thru my own construction of devices and use of various devices is that you can reduce the level of EMF (microwave) radiation in an area equal to the size of the shielding device, whether it be fabric or the stick-on 'chip' type. The best analogy is that the phone is a lightbulb and the light is the EMF radiation. If you wrap the fabric (polyster and sivler threads, which is organic and inorganic) completely around the phone the EMF radiation is blocked and you are shielded - but the phone loses the signal [he must mean a cell phone or cordless phone..Ken]! So obvious, the answer is like the pink elephant in the living room. Just like the light from the bulb would be blocked completely - or with smaller stick-on materials, the light is blocked relative to the size of the material.

So, your best bet may be to get some of the clothing made of the fabric or a scarf, hat, etc. The fabrics out there vary in their shielding effectiveness, so far I have found the polyester/silver fabric the most effective.

Just wanted to share what I have come across in my efforts to understand and survive in our EMF radiation environment. Hope that helps.



Hi Brian,

I'm posting your letter because I'm happy to see that you're thinking about the problem, experimenting, and looking for solutions. Bravo. 

I'm going to tweak your statements a bit to match the theory as presented by Wilhelm Reich who was the modern day discoverer of orgone energy and described its attributes in great detail in his books. However, you have come upon important information here and I'm glad you took the time to write. 

Reich did not use the term "inorganic" material as the attractor/repeller of orgone. He said metal played that role and he did not allude to other substances that could be called inorganic, but are not classified as metals. I assume that by "organic" we mean a product produced by Nature and containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. An example would be any form of plant life... E. g wood. Sand is rightly called "inorganic", but it's not a metal. Your discovery that polyester and woven silver fabric has a shielding effect is significant. Obviously, we have the two active ingredients needed for an orgone accumulator: metal and an organic substrate to absorb the orgone energy repelled from the metal.

The polyester fiber may be even more significant.

I found out a few years ago from an old Borderlands Journal that FIBERGLASS CLOTH may play a big role in shielding from all types of EMF radiation. "Quartz silice" is a word which refers to thread made from glass. Fiberglass cloth, of course, is made from glass thread. Sand, from which glass (and in turn fiberglass cloth) is mostly made, is composed of quartz silica (silicon dioxide).

Besides wrapping things in fiberglass cloth, draperies, for example, could be made with fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass cloth could also be epoxied to walls, ceilings, and floors. It was also found that nylon or dacron rope could be wound in a SBB coil configurations and sewn together with nylon thread. Make this SBB disc big enough, and you could place in over a TV, computer monitor, a refrigerator, telephone, etc.

I'm going to be posting more info on this. I think you opened up an important door that hopefully many will walk through.

Please keep me posted of your future discoveries.

Best Regards, Ken

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