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End Times Advice

From Ken Adachi, Editor
March 25, 2011

End Times Advice (March 25, 2011)

Subject: the truth shall set us free.
From: Paul (UK)
Date: Fri, March 25, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

One hears these days about endtimes, we live in the end of days. what information should i be reading. In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

if you could point me to what i should be reading. I believe the last of days means what was secret is now revealed

many thanks. paul


Hi Paul,

The "End Times" is a manufactured script. It was composed in the latter half of the 19th century in England by Illuminated members of the British aristocracy working in league with the satanic Rothchilds and gradually inculcated into American life by certain fundamentalist, Protestant sects. Its proper name is British Israel.

I didn't break the story, but I did begin to expound upon it in 2005 when I wrote an overview article explaining the basic tenets of the End Times script ( An unidentified writer produced a book around 1970 called The Union Jack which laid out the "End Times" deception with great clarity and skillful exposition. You might want to read it.

It's a pity that so many people who call themselves Christians and otherwise believe that they are followers of Christ's teachings, have allowed themselves to be duped into believing such an incredibly dire tale of destruction, woe, calamity and death as the Armageddon/End Times scenario. Even more pathetic, is the ease with which these "Christians" have been convinced by their bellowing, haranguing fundamentalist "pastors" that that every single printed word in their King James or Scoffield Bible is the "Word of God!"

How many times has this phrase been repeated, over and over again, by fundamentalist preachers from the Aimee Semple McPherson revival tents of the 1930s to the mega-churches or converted stadiums of today used by phonys like Joel Osteen or that totally sold-out Zionist shill, John Hagee?

The only possible "End Times" that can occur is the one that will be CREATED wholly by the hand of legions of stupid people who allow themselves to be dragooned into fighting for, or serving, the Illuminati and bring about the "End Times" Illuminati/Zionist goal of killing off the majority of people on this planet, so that these INSANE psychopaths can continue to rule and plunder this planet unopposed for their reptilian, alien overlords.

Whatever you think to be End Times "signs" such as 9.0 earthquakes, kIller hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, bio-plagues, or "visions" in the sky are being MANUFACTURED for you by secret technology and have nothing to do with the Wrath of God.

If you want to help, get off the Doom & Gloom kick and start looking around and see what YOU can do to slow down the advancement of the NWO takeover agenda in your neighborhood. What kind deed have you performed for your neighbor today and what form of kindness will you perform tomorrow? What have you done lately to bring s smile to the heart of a child or to help a teenage girl get over some emotional hurt that she has suffered?

Two British men working with a megaphone, a video camera, a thinking brain between their ears, and a fair measure of gumption and guts, got out into the streets of London and CONFRONTED British pedestrians with the reality of the NWO, Big Brother takeover and posted their videos on YouTube. In so doing, they achieved a tremendous impact on the thinking of hundreds of thousands of people to begin to WAKE UP and realize just how badly they are being set up and MANIPULATED, by their acquiescence, into accepting a loss of liberty, privacy, and self-determination all in the name of "not making waves" by ACCEPTING whatever imposition the government wishes to foist upon you.

The "End Times" crap is a DIVERSION to keep you preoccupied with Doom & Gloom ruminations while they continue to rob you of your money, freedom, and future prospects while you do NOTHING to oppose them or slow them down. That's the whole point of ALL Doomsday scenarios bandied about on the internet (Planet X, NIbiru, the Killer Asteroid, the Incoming This, the Incoming That, the Great Bio-Plague that's going to go viral around the world, etc, etc. Take your pick)

The world will continue on just as it appears today long after 2012 comes and goes. There will be no major calamities except that wrought by the hand of evil men. There is only the Illuminati and their desire to destroy this beautiful planet and its human population. There is no vengeful or wrathful God who wishes to destroy anything or anybody. There never was and there never will be. It's all a load of hooey perpetrated by misinformed, easily manipulated, and unenlightened rubes.

Wake up Paul.

Smell the roses and get involved with LIFE again. Do what you can to help for whatever time you have remaining to enjoy this wonderful experience called life and don't pass up the opportunity it presents to you to ease the burdens of others. This will give you more happiness than anything else.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: End Times Advice and question about the destroyers of the planet
From: Diane
Date: Sat, March 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Thanks for a great letter. I agree with you! I also love Danny Shine!

In your opinion, who are the reptilian/alien overlords and the illuminati? Where did they come from? Why do they want to destroy this beautiful planet and the population? What is the point of that? Are there answers in any of our great world literature? Are we in a struggle of light and dark, good and evil? How do you view the human soul and "death" of our individual existence?

Thank you for your insights,



Hello Diane,

David Icke, Dr. John Coleman, Anthony Sutton, and dozens of other writers have reviewed the Illuminati makeup in many books and articles, but I'll give you a brief summary.

Read the NWO Overview to get a basic idea of who the Illuminati are. Fritz Springmeier has categorized them them into 13 family blood lines with whom we are all too familiar: Rockefeller, Rothchild, Dupont, Sinclair, Astor, Bundy, etc. The NWO Overview also explains the tie in with the so-called Black Nobility of Europe of which the British Royal family are at the top of the pyramid along with their Zionist banking pals, the Rothchilds.

David Icke explains the origins of these secret society, mystery school Illuminated manipulators in great detail in his books. Basically, they emerged from ancient Babylon and spread out across Europe. As we enter the Middle Ages, they enmeshed themselves with the power structures of royalty and the church. The Templars began to consolidate real wealth and power with the advent of the Crusades. With acquired wealth, comes power, land, and more influence. As the centuries passed, a Black Nobility blood line called the Merovingians took hold in France and their blood lines are to this day front runners in the Illuminati hierarchy.

Upper level, Illuminated Freemasons play a big role in helping the Illuminati destroy a nation like America, by corrupting its judiciary, legislative, military, police, and infiltrating the ranks of social fabric building units including schools and non denominational 'Christian' churches. That's why when you look at people like Robert Schuller, or Billy Graham, or Pat Robertson, etc, etc, they are ALWAYS high ranking Freemasons.

For the most part, Illuminati families are dedicated Satanists. They depend on satanic murder rituals to call down demons during their rituals which assist them in their goals towards world domination and control.They use Black magic and Black magicians all the time. They are hide bound to ritualistic protocols such as a given date, a given number combination, a giver time, a given location, and a given position or phase of the moon, for example. This is why every one of their mass satanic murder rituals such as 9/11 or any other 'crisis' event like the Japan 9.0 earthquake of March 11, are always planned to occur on a date and time that is advantageous to their demonic ritualistic protocols.

The Illuminati are controlled by 4th dimensional alien groups dominated by a group collectively called reptilians. They have a royalty line which posses wings and a tail, and a non royalty line which lacks wings and a tail. When seen in the third dimension, they are physically tall, very muscular, have green/brown scaly skin, vertical slit pupils, and weigh about 450 pounds. They are highly intelligent and dismissive of the intelligence of humans. Some reptilians are of a positive spiritual orientation and are not involved in harming humans, but the vast majority who control the Illuminati are utterly ruthless and lack any sense of morality or empathy with human suffering. These negative reptilians can and do eat humans. They too, like the Illuminati, are dedicated to serving Lucifer.

These reptilian have been interbreeding with their human bloodlines for a long time and a very large proportion of the Illuminati players are either half-human, half reptilian hybrids, or they are full blown reptilians masquerading as human beings. The latter group are referred to as shape shifters because under certain circumstances, they will intentionally revert into full reptilian form (during satanic rituals for instance) or can unintentionally partially shift into reptilian form-- which is sometimes caught on camera and winds up posted to YouTube. I reviewed one such case when a FOX news reporter named Rob Olson shape shifted on camera while giving a news report. There is a substantial number of people walking around in America today who are not human beings, but rather reptilians masquerading as humans. Some people have told me that as much as 70% of the U.S. Senate are not only NWO sellouts, but are reptilian sellouts. The Bushes are full reptilians, Obama and his wife are hybrids at least, Bill Clinton seems to be a hybrid, but Hillary is certainly a full blown reptilian. Nancy Pelosi is full blown. The list is endless.

The alien reptilian overlords wish to turn earth into a prison planet in which they have a free hand in plundering its resources and controlling its 'star gates." They are in the business of taking over desirable planets and turning them into prison colonies as they seed their numbers into other universes, beyond the one which surrounds us. Reptilians live a very long life span compared to humans, perhaps 500-700 years. The royal reptilian lines may live much, much longer life spans than the non royal caste.

A couple of brothers from South America named Andy & Willy wrote to me a few years ago and sent me an excellent series of articles explaining the makeup of various extraterrestrial groups, of both positive and negative spiritual orientation, who are interacting with earth. You should read it.

Insight on Aliens

You will learn a great deal and understand more about the spiritual orientation and motivations of these various extraterrestrials groups.

Another individual named Franz Erdl also sent me an excellent article explaining the reptilian Influence on humanity

The Alien Influence on Humanity, Parts 1-4 by Franz Erdl (Oct. 31, 2008)

Another good source for understanding the nature and mind set of reptilians masquerading as humans is this lengthy article from the late Susan Reed who was murdered for revealing this information.

The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed (March 11, 2010)

While I may have painted a very dire picture here of the takeover of this planet, it's not a done deal IF enough human beings wake up to the reality of the reptilian/Illuminati takeover and engage in appropriate thought and activity to thwart that agenda. And more importantly, to thwart (through non cooperation and removal from office) those who are attempting to implement the destruction of America.

Praying daily for divine assistance and guidance is a good start. Becoming aware of the takeover agenda and vigorously resisting it is our only hope for our long term survival and the reclamation of this planet as a peaceable and non-warring homestead to nourish the human spirit for future generations to come.

It's definitely a good versus evil spiritual war; make no mistake about it.

When you die, your individual soul separates from the physical body and you will find yourself in the spirit world with the same appearance that you had in the flesh. While people who are living on earth can't see or hear you, you can see and hear them. Depending on your level of understanding, you will either move on quickly to a higher strata of the spirit world and continue your spiritual journey, or you will cling to the earth for a time until you can see that it's better to move on. Life in the spirit world is very similar to the sort of life you have here on earth: work, school, art, reading, training, etc. People who die in a very traumatic way usually need time to rest and sleep in order to recover and heal (there are caretakers on the other side). After a period of rest, they are usually OK and become acclaimated to the spirit world We live in the spirit world with people on the same level of spiritual advancement as ourselves. Criminals live with criminals. Good people live with good people. There's nothing to fear about life or physical death. It's just a transition into another, higher realm of existence. Life is eternal.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject:response to posting "end times advice"
From:  Larry (Germany)
Date:   Sun, March 27, 2011
To: Ken Adachi  

Hi Ken,

You are again spot-on with your insights-

It never ceases to amaze me how the "sheeple" in their own religious "fervor" continue to believe that God sits daily at his celestial desk and left mouse-clicks countless names only to later right-mouse click who will be given a "good" life and who will be selected to "test their faith"-

I know because of my own life experiences (not always pleasant) that there are most definitely other dimensions out there that go waaay beyond the conventional beliefs of humanity-

I've never personally experienced a reptilian entity but much other "high strangeness"- too much to go into here (no-one would believe me anyway so I won't reiterate)- but because of my own experiences I don't doubt anything "weird" anymore-

Stay well and keep up your tremendous work-

Many regards-

Larry M
Freiburg, Germany


----- Original Message -----
From: Rose M
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Subject: You are appreciated

Hi Ken,

I just wanted to thank you for the information on End Times. I also wanted to add that If we all focus on good intention and act the same towards everybody and the planet. It would make our lives better.

Thanks and Peace, Rose

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