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The End Times "Conclusion"
Questions from a Believer in the End Times Scenario
August 31, 2007

The End Times "Conclusion" - Questions from a Believer in the End Times Scenario (Ssp. 3, 2007)

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From: Michael B
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007
Subject: a few questions


I have begun deeper reading on your site and am enjoying the information you provide quite a bit. I cannot be sure why, but I believe that God has granted me the gift of prophecy. Most people that I tell that to either laugh hysterically or shun me in disbelief. I know there are a lot of false prophets out there and that they are hard to identify. The Bible does make it clear, however that any prophet who is not right 100% of the time is a false prophet.

Remember that Satan often uses half-truths to tell a lie. I was wondering, if we, as humans, are going to be so affected in the end times by aliens, why did God not feel it necessary to mention them at all in the Bible? Also, I'd like to remind everyone that fear of the coming trials is not what we as  Christians should be having. Remember, "The Spirit of God is not a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of Power, Peace,   and of a sound mind."

Although I would never wish the Bible's prophesied "tribulation" on  anyone, we must accept that it is all a part of God's master plan and that we as Christians  are called to persevere through these times.

I encourage you, brother, to keep us readers informed of the true goings-on in our world today. Stay true to the word of the Lord and I am sure I will meet you at the end of it all when we all are with our Lord.

Mike B.


Hello Michael,

I can see that you are sincere in your beliefs and that you undoubtedly wish to do the right thing and to be helpful to humanity, therefore, I have no quarrel with you. I've known for a long time that you cannot alter other people's opinions or beliefs with debate, so I always remind people that there's no point in debating beliefs because you don't gain anything - just the opposite, you only lose. You incur rancor, animosity, and hard feelings, but not much else.

If changes in beliefs DO come about, then they always occur GRADUALLY and through SELF INTROSPECTION, and never through external arguments or coercion. So, I know in advance that you will NOT concur with my views, since it differs from yours. However, I'll briefly tell you my thoughts and you can view them as you will. We will not debate any of this. 

Here's where we differ:

The idea that the Bible, a highly edited, repeatedly transcribed, and repeatedly re-translated series of writings that span a period of many thousands of years is A) infallible or B) is the "Written Word of God" is not true.   Every 'word' in whatever version (there are over 600 versions) of "the" Bible that you happen to ascribe to, has been penned by a living, flesh and blood human being and not by "God". I've already written about this at length and it's posted on my web site (  

The current hysteria, fear, or concern over the "End Times" or "Armageddon" or the "Tribulations" was CONCOCTED, CREATED, and set into motion in the latter half of the 19th century by BRITISH OLIGARGHS who formalized their plans to deceive the world under a group known as the "British Round Table". This group was spearheaded by a wealthy British oligarch  named Cecil Rhodes.

Dr. John Coleman (along with others) spelled out this deception campaign in his book, "Conspirator's Hierarchy, The Committee of 300". (

This outrageous scheme to deceive the entire fundamentalist Christian world was further amplified and laid bare by a book that was published around 1970 (and updated in 1985) called "The Union Jack" I've re-published every chapter of The Union Jack at my web site. You have only to read it to digest its contents ( .  

This plan, this diabolical "brain washing" of millions of SINCERE Christian fundamentalists into accepting the notion that there will be this tremendous upheaval and decimation of humanity known as "The Great Tribulation"-- to be followed by the Armageddon scenario- after we get through the Rise & Fall of the Anti-Christ of course- and then to be capped with the triumphal "Return of Christ" - who will rule over a saved population of special selected individuals from His "throne" in Jerusalem - to rule for a period of one Thousand Years" is a BS STORY - from top to bottom.

This deception was (and is) intended to HOODWINK and con millions of NAIVE and undiscerning Christian fundamentalists into accepting - and thus COOPERATING with - the End Times "conclusion."

What's the "conclusion" you ask?

Simply this: since the Bible is the infallible "Word of God", as we are told over and over again by TV evangelist "pastors", the End Times destruction "must occur" before we can arrive at the Happy & Joyous Times associated with Christ's supposed return to rule earth from Jerusalem. Therefore, a true believer now AWAITS and EXPECTS these great and terrible destructive events to unfold because he's been conditioned to believe that they were foretold in the Bible. And to take it a step further, the true believe is further conditioned to accept the premise that the End Times/Armageddon destruction package is God's Will.

Con artists like John Hagee or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell (now deceased) or Joel Orstein spin the same fable of the "righteousness" - if you can believe that- of the End Times scenario. They would have you accepting the insane notion that the deaths of BILLIONS of people is the "prophesied" Will of (an extremely revengeful) "God" who is clearing the decks, as it were, of all those wicked non-believers and leaving this planet in the hands of  relative handful of "chosen" people to live out a thousand years in bliss and unbridled harmony with none other than Jesus Christ Himself as the top honcho running the show!

If you are willing to buy into the first part of the End Times insanity package, then you are forced into accepting the second part, the "conclusion", by default. If God Himself is orchestrating all of this earthly destruction - the Great Battles to take place on the plains of Armageddon, The Great Dying by disease & pestilence, the Great Earthquakes & Cataclysms, The Falling into the Sea of many lands, the Great Tornadoes, the Great Hurricanes, the Great Volcanic Eruptions, the Fire in the Sky, the Fire in the Lake, the Great Global Warming, the Great Dying Off of sea life, land animals, birds, etc., the Great This and the Great That- ALL in the interest of "fulfilling the prophecies," then who are YOU to interfere with His plans? Right. So the true believer does NOTHING to stop any of this or slow it down since it's "pre-ordained" by God and  was "foretold" in the Bible (with more than a little coaching from Pastor So & So).

The closest analogy that I can think of to illustrate this deception is the 1936 film, The WIzard of Oz. After investing great anticipation, blind faith, and a trembling FEAR of the Great Wizard- who seemingly is All Powerful- Dorothy, the Lion, and the Scarecrow finally discover that he's merely an ordinary human mortal operating the controls of a giant DECEPTION apparatus behind the curtain. I could say the same of the British oligarchs and their minions around the world when it comes to the End Times Hoax. They are the people who are operating the controls of this deception machinery-certainly not God .

People who believe these constructs are the victims of a massive deception campaign that was put into motion over 150 years ago.  There is no 'End Times 'scenario that "must" unfold according to Biblical 'Revelations'. There is ONLY the End Times DECEPTION which was CONSTRUCTED and SCRIPTED by British oligarchs long before you were born.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi.

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