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Eric Dubay & The Captivating Charms of Acharya S
July 9, 2008

Eric Dubay & The Captivating Charms of Acharya S (July 9, 2008)

re: Eric Dubay Exposes as Disinfo Outlet (June 29, 2008)

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From: Eric Dubay
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008
Subject: I was recommended to mail you this, Ken

Someone on my website urged me to send you, Ken Adachi, these links from my site saying that you'd make good use of them. So here you go:

Here is my website:

Here's my first free book to read online:

Here it is to download:

Here's my second free book to read online:

Here it is to download:

and the person who kept telling me to write you, said to draw your attention to the "Above Above Top" post:

I'm new to your site, but it looks good, thanks for all the work you do. Peace


Hi Eric,

I like what I've read so far. We seem to be on the same wavelength. Look forward to reading your stuff.

Best Regads, Ken

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From: Eric Dubay
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Subject: RE: I was recommended to mail you this, Ken

Hey Ken, I just saw the page you put up on your site for me. Thanks so much for that. As for the guy commenting that I am a Mason, I can assure you that is not the case. I just finished up my first video for YouTube which I think you might enjoy:

The below is my first attempt at documentary video using Windows Movie Maker. It is 10 minutes long and uses Masonic hand signs to prove that the majority of top politicians and Hollywood celebrities are involved in secret societies like Masonry/Eastern Star. It features music from Immortal Technique, Sick Since, DZK, and David Rovics.

Please help me spread the video on the web! Thanks



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From: Ken Adachi
To: Eric Dubay
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 3:05 PM
Subject: Re: I was recommended to mail you this, Ken

Hi Eirc,

I only read your stuff fast when I first took a look. Overall, I was impressed. You really have a keen eye and a unique ability to collate diverse material and embed it very well into your narrative. You seem to be a 'natural' when it comes to writing.

However, I do not agree with Icke's assertion that Christ did not exsit and I certainly don't go along with the crap that aetheist Archarya S tries to peddle. Jordan Maxwell, as far as I know, has never denied that Christ ever existed, despite what he writes about similar story lines to the Christ story.

You need to look at Project Blue Beam much more carefully to see how the recent "discoveries" ballyhooed by Archarya S fit in nicely with the goals of Project Blue Beam. Archarya S, I believe, is a programmed individual whose father was closely connected with the Navy. They do have a habit of "programming their own"

Internet movies like Zeitgeist are Illuminati-driven propaganda vehicles to suck people into believing that Christ never existed. The horned hand sign that you classify as a masonic hand sign is more appropriately described as the SATANIC hand sign. The Triangle is surely a masonic symbol, but the horned Goat's head is symbolic of Satanism since that's the hand sign they' been using in satanic rituals since the early middle ages.

Of course, the Illuminati and upper level masons ARE satanists, but for the same reasons I wouldn't call a murder ritual a "masonic" ritual in which a baby's heart is cut out of his chest and eaten by the ritual participants, I don't call a hand gesture that is purely satanic in origin, a masonic symbol.

I need to read your book first and then I'll look at your video. I'll reserve judgment until I've studied your material more closely.



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From: Eric Dubay
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008
Subject: RE: I was recommended to mail you this, Ken

Interesting. So how do you explain all the other "saviors" with all the same stats? Mithra, Horus, etc. all "existed" centuries before Jesus with the exact same stories/mythologies. Have you read The Mushroom and the Sacred Cross by John Allegro? Have you looked into the mushroom mythologies? I'm very interested in this idea that Zeitgeist/Acharya S are disinfo, but I can't imagine how this is disinfo. I have thought how "perfect" it is for the NWO world religion... if all religions come from the same Astrotheological/Mushroom myths then it becomes easy to make a new one world religion by "exposing" your own 2000 year cover-up... but a religion based on ingesting entheogens is individualized by nature and the NWO certainly doesn't want that. John Allegro's work was bought/buried by the Vatican after his death. If you have more info on why you think Jesus was a real person, please send it my way. I've looked at this from every angle and I'm con vinced that "Jesus" is just a metaphor for the Sun and Magic Mushrooms.



Hi Eric,

"I'm very interested in this idea that Zeitgeist/Acharya S are disinfo, but I can't imagine how this is disinfo."

"If you have more info on why you think Jesus was a real person, please send it my way. I've looked at this from every angle and I'm convinced that "Jesus" is just a metaphor for the Sun and Magic Mushrooms."

Are you kidding me? Is this the depth of your intellectual and historical perceptions? Are you so easily convinced by frauds like Acharya S?

Are you familiar with the concept of history books? Think for a minute about what you've saying here. If Christ never existed, then Pontius Pilate, Herod, The Pharesean priests, the Saduchees, John the Baptist, the 12 Apostles, Mary Magdelene, Joseph of Arimathea, contemporary Roman historians, Greek historians, Persian historians, Indian historians, Judean historians, etc., etc., the 4 writers of the Gospel, Saul of Demascus, the Roman occupation of Judea, etc., etc., and the persecution/killing by the Roman empire of roughly 3 or 4 million Christians.... never happened and never were

How can you be so addled brain that you would simply capitulate to such rank disinformation and historical revisionism that Acharya and her ilk have so blatantly employed?

I thought you were suppose to be a guy who could see THROUGH Illuminati-sponsored deceptions?

Sayonara, Ken

PS. The other 'saviors' with the same "stats" is not quite accurate. The same "stats" about Mithra etc. were mostly contorted and massaged into existence by revisionist frauds of the Acharya breed.

PPS. Spend less time on mushroom books and more time on The Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire. Perhaps you'll gain some real knowledge about the time of Christ.


More on the Captivating Charms of Acharya S (July 12, 2008)


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From: Melocco János & Anna
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008
Subject: Christ, Zeitgeist, archetypal logic etc.

Dear Ken,

I am an avid reader of your web site for 7 years. I am a part-time astrologer (mainly Vedic), and I have only recently seen the movie Zeitgeist you mentioned. I was mildly surprised to see the detailed astrological information in it. Most of that is true to my understanding, however, it is also true that people who cannot (e.g. here in the West) believe - or cannot allow - the story of Christ to have ever taken place are disempowered.

My Christianity is mystical. I have not been going to church most of my life, and in spite of doing mainly Eastern meditation and yoga techniques, Jesus appeared to me in Easter 1984 while in a Yogic meditation. My parents are basically atheists, my grandparents were not.

And ever since 1984 Christ apperars to me mostly as a blob of light that talks and his voice is very sweet.
My daughter who is more into Celtic paganism has also talked with Jesus for years. Initially I was skeptical, for this experience started when I was more into Native Shamanism. But my take is that people should not actively disbelieve the Jesus story just because we have an evil church history.

On top of that, if we suppose that a lot of official Christianity is coming from astrological symbols, it will not explain the entire corpus of writings that contain the sayings of Jesus. Jesus might not have been the person Catholic eschatology makes him be, and the writings may well have been doctored, but then again, who ever said those things that were recorded in the official Gospels as well as that of Thomas and numerous apocryphal writings? Who cares if his was a virgin birth when he said the things he did?

Also, if this is the form of Solar power religion we are supposed to practice during the age of Pisces (which will last according to astrological software for at least another 200-300 years, not 150), then why not practice it? An American Indian shamanic source I cannot remember said years ago - and this stuck in my mind -, "we are pieces of the Sun." In astrology, Eastern as well as Western, the Sun is the symbol of the atman, of our eternal soul that reincarnates. True, our earthly existence is not only decided by solar power, hence the importance of the Moon in Eastern astrology for everyday matters. And finally, the background of constellations which in the East preserved the secret of precession. You could say that - scientifically speaking - the Western zodiac is solar (only based on the cycles of the Sun), while most other zodiacs of the world are sidereal (based on the stars). That does not invalidate Western (tropical) astrology. Astrology is a way of thinking based on analogies. And there is an analogy between spring in the Northern Hemishpere with the power traditionally attributed to Aries (new beginnings etc.).

By the way, precession does not come from the tilt of the Earth's axis, as the movie asserts. The whole Solar System is in precession against the background of stars, this has been measured for years. Jupiter cannot be in precession due to the Earth's axis! Taht would be faulty logic. The most probable theory is that the Sun is a member of a double system with a dark companion (a black hole or an invisible dwarf star), and the cycle of roughly 25,920 years is their cycle around the joint mathematical points.

On the human side, there is a missing dimension from the correspondence involving Jesus. That dimension is archetypes. We are talking about what happened - the movie Zeitgeist questions even the existence of Jesus. But the thing is, we are only partly talking about what really happened in a physical sense. C. G. Jung has done ample research through decades with thousands of people and a lot of other cultures to show that it is not only possible that archetypes would be "incarnated", personified, lived, but rather that is does happen in everyday psychology as well as with non-European or ancient cultures.

Now, if Christ said the things He said, it is possible that people put the rest of the archetypal role onto his existing story. Maybe He had more disciples than twelve, or again, maybe He started to take on the attributes of the Egyptian myth of the age simply because that is the only way through the collective unconscious of the times towards the direction of divinity.

At the mediumistic level, luckily I can sometimes have a conversation with Him in recent months. He tells me I should not address him as Lord etc, only as "my Friend". I aksed Him whether what the Gospels state happened. He told me that the truth is vastly different, but that people should allow for the story of the Gospels to have occurred as it is written, because if they do not, they are missing out on something basic in his teachings!
Anyone believing in Him should realize that His crucifixion is about a different answer to human aggression.
He also said that He was sort of surprised when he turned into an everlasting God - in Eastern terms, the head of all bodhisattvas for this planet - but that is real, ever since he has been fulfilling his role.

In Buddhism, it is common that a boddhisattva makes a vow that he or she would not enter enlightenement before helping a bunch of other sentient beings to come with them. It is possible that as far as we know, on this planet Christ is the greatest boddhisatvva that ever lived. Actually, many Buddhists venerate Him as such.

Also He said that most of his true friends are not Christians in the traditional sense, but people of other religions or non-believers whom he visited and made friends with. So does it mattter whether or not the Gospel Christ is a current solar divinity - if we are pieces of the Sun? Where is our connection to that if we actively disbelieve?

When I lived in the US, I found most evangelical Christians quite frightening and medieval, I think that is why I chose to hush away the entire subject for years. Think of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Think of the Manchurian Bush...

But as I made my inner mystical journey, I could not escape the Christ divinity, and Jung would agree that since I grew up in a Christian country, I "have a thing" with Christ, and I could not evolve further if I did not connect to this archetype.

If you see the Zeitgeist movie and conclude that neither Moses, nor Jesus existed, you did not understand something. (I mean not you personally, but "you" as a general subject.) That is what is wrong about that movie.

If you took away the only one sentence questioning the existence of Jesus the way it is said, it would be a great movie I would recommend to any naive person as an introduction to more complex stories (at least here in Eastern Europe where we have precious little awareness about 9'11 Reichstag story etc.). However, this is going too far! If a movie goes to such depths, it should explain why we have a need to connect with these archetypes - Mithras etc. We are not simply dumb, as Jung has shown, there is an inner structure to this whole thing. And astrology proves the same thing. Each person relates to God via their Sun position. If there was only the Sun in life, you would not have a body and would not reincarnate.

And the historical Jesus may well sit in the middle of this archetypal matrix during these times. That is, he could be the most perfect solar messiah we ever had (maybe we do not need any more on this planet), and a real living deity that answers a lot of prayers (luckily not all). For example, it is pointed out to people of other faiths as well as non-believers that praying to Jesus is singulary effective in casting out demons.

So, our thinking is flat when there is nothing between myth and physical happenings... It only becomes multidimensional if we allow the existence of archetypes as a connecting layer between. Jung says Christ is the archetype of the Center, the eternal Self. There is nothing in the Christ story that should be alien to a mystic these days...



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From: tony martin
To:Ken Adachi
Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2008
Subject: Christ,the Bible,James Patrick Holding and Acharya S

Hello Ken,

I would like to say something about your article about Christ,the Bible and Acharya S. I'm not saying that I completely agree with every single thing that Acharya says in her books. Maybe she's wrong about everything... or maybe she's right about everything ...that's not my reason for writing you. But did you know that the head of the web site that you've provided to discredit Acharya is headed by a man which also doesn't go by his real name? And believes that the Bible is infallible and without error?

He calls himself (James Patrick Holding)...but when he debates, he goes by the pseudonym (Robert Terkel) a man that I have been following for years now in debates about the Bible,which IMO has lost every single time he has debated Farrell Till (bible scholar) and others Bible scholars about the infallibility of the Bible. He believes that the Bible is infallible and perfect!

From what I've read on your site, you haven't even hinted that you believe that. IMO honest critical study of the Bible will reveal hundreds of contradictions and discrepancies that are very easy to detect to anyone who would take the time to read and study it for errors. He really doesn't have the understanding of the Bible that he claims. He's been blown away so many times in the debates about the Bible... that it actually grew boring watching his massacre time after time. Check it out for yourself!

This is what he says he believes on his web site. James Patrick Holding:

>>Campus Crusade, the big-time evangelistic organization, has a Statement of Faith here.

"I AGREE WITH IT IN WHOLE", though I vary on a couple of points from the average Christian today on how they will be fulfilled.

Statement of Faith
The sole basis of our beliefs is the Bible, GOD'S INFALLIBLE WRITTEN WORD, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that it was uniquely, verbally and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it was written without error (inerrant) in the original manuscripts. It is the supreme and final authority in all matters on which it speaks.<<

He also goes on to disingenuously ridicule the people he has been debating with (and losing with) for years and years now in this excerpt:

>>Meet me on TheologyWeb.
This is a forum run by people that includes readers of this site. Many readers of this site are participants. Look for me under the username jpholding << If you come posting junk, you'll be laughed and scolded all the way to the dark side of the moon. If public humiliation is your favorite thing to enjoy, by all means, pop on board and tell us all about how "C. Dennis McKinsey" or "Farrell Till" or "Joseph Atwill" refute this or that on this site. We'll add the laugh track and have a real good time. On the other hand, if you DO use serious sourcework, you won't be able to run fast enough to escape the red carpet treatment. Our people WANT some serious interactions and challenges. They're not afraid of it.<<

This is ridiculous... since he's not been able to win a debate about the infallibility of the Bible at all! All I ask is that you read some of the debates (I have to admit they are very long) to see whether or not I'm telling the truth about his Bible scholarship. Here are some of the debates which he uses a false name or pseudonym for some unknown reason (maybe because he always loses?) just like Acharya S. and many others on the Internet I guess.(By the way, Farrell Till is not a great fan of Acharya either)

PS I also hope to see this letter on your site for others to scrutinize if possible.



Hi Tony,

I used the first 5 or 6 links on Acharya that came up in a google search. I just perused them quickly. My purpose for including those links was to let Eric Dubay know that Acharya has far more critics than she has admirers. And the reason she has such an army of critics is because her claims are so pathetically erroneous, contrary to Eric's statement that he has searched high and low and yet could find no fault with her claims.

I wanted Eric to realize that Acharya is no authority on the historical record of Christ's existence, nor does she have any academic credentials in archaeology, nor standing with an internationally accredited institute of archaeology. In other words, she's a rank amateur without credentials who's trying to convince the entire world that she's a leading authority in archaeology and she has single-handedly managed to stumble across the greatest archaeology "find" in history: she claims to have "discovered" that Christ never existed. According to her, Christ is a confabulated "myth". She also claims that Buddha never existed, not Krishna.

That was the purpose of including the links to which you refer. Whether the author of some of those links uses a pseudonym on the Internet is immaterial. It's also irrelevant if he's a believer in the infallibility of the Bible. The issue at hand is whether Jesus Christ really existed and lived on earth from roughly year 1 AD to 33 AD and whether Acharya's claims have any merits. Everything else you've mentioned in your letter is unrelated to what I was talking about and therefore is not germane to this topic.

Naturally, Bible thumpers are going to be the first ones out of the gate when it comes to criticizing Acharya, because they're active on the internet, but Catholic scholars or Jewish scholars or Hindu scholars could have done an equally competent job of reducing Acharya spurious assertions to cinders had they shown any interest in defending Christ's reputation from such specious debunkers as this woman. However, it seems that only non-denominational, Christian fundamentalists are even aware that the internet exists and that these Christ-denial propaganda ploys are in play--and winning converts like Eric Dubay - precisely because they AREN'T being challenged by Biblical authorities.

So unfortunately, I have to take the time to play the role of defending Christ's historical record until those who have devoted their entire careers to Biblical scholarship step up to the plate and start doing what they should have started doing when this Christ debunking atheist first came out of the box 7 or 8 years ago.

Sincerely, Ken

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