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Ken Adachi's "Error" re. Satanic Promoters
November 17, 2007

Ken Adachi's "Error" re. Satanic Promoters (Nov. 18, 2007)

Subject: Error
Date: Sat, November 17, 2007
To:   Editor

You stated:

"Satanists are convinced that if you murder a young child in an environment of absolute terror, that at the moment of death, the ritual participants can 'capture' the "life force" or life essence of their young victims. The younger the victim, the more powerful, they believe, the "life essence" captured. Satanic ritual guru, Aleister Crowley, spoke of this belief ad nauseum in his books."

Mr. Crowley did not advocate murder. LaVey unequivocally condemns the practice of killing or harming an animal for ritual or magical purposes, in direct opposition to the common belief that Satanists advocate this practice. He states that to harm an innocent animal is a gross injustice and magically useless.

LaVey offers instead that the magician offer himself: in the case of a lust ritual, for example, through the production of an orgasm. He explains that the alleged purpose of an animal sacrifice is to release the vital energy of the animal to aid in the production of magic and that a superior magical effect is achieved by releasing one's own vital energy through orgasmic output.

Now, I do not subscribe to any religion, espescially not Satanism but I have read the Satanic Bible to see what was in it. I must say that you were starting to catch my interest until this incorrect statement, please correct it.


Dear "tengu_kai",

Do you have a name?

I don't care how stupid or naive you are when it comes to satanism or those who practice it or promote it like Crowley or Levey.

It doesn't bother me that you are ready to accept childish bon mots scribbled by Levey or clever anagrams penned by Crowley, intended to conceal darker meanings. It's your right to buy into anything your undiscerning, uncritical mind wishes to accept.

However, it does bother me that you think you can write to me, unloading your lofty opinions and do it without signing your name after I printed above the very box you filled in to send this e-mail to NOT send me mail without identifying yourself. That means adding your name at the bottom of your letter like "Jack Dumkoff" or "Bill Blarney"

I'm not going to take the time to explain to how easy it was to befuddle a pilgrim sap such as yourself other than to remind you that true satanists and satanic promoters know only ONE law (promoted by Crowley) to which they strictly adhere: "Do as thou wilt"

Bill Schnoebelen ( "Interviews with an Ex-Vampire") and Doc Marquis are two examples of ex-satanists who have written extensively about satanic practices and have many video presentations on the reality of satanism. If you talk to ex-satanists at their level, you would quickly realize just how NAIVE you are on this topic. Debra Pitts is another example of someone who was victimized from an early age by satanists. Ask her if my statements about satanic murder rituals are in "error".

Sayonara, Ken


Debra Pitts Responds to Satanic Promoter Letter (Nov. 21, 2007)


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