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Comments from a Military Recruiter
July 14, 2006

Subject: Everyone has an opinion!
Date: Fri, July 14, 2006 2:06 pm
To: Editor <E-mail>

I just read your article on recruiters and the lies that you say go around. I am not going to deny the fact that some recruiters, and not all do lie. I will also tell you that recruiters do not recruit because they want to fill as you say the pipelines in Iraq. They recruit because its there temporary job, and than they go back to there normal military job. They don't get paid more, and very few even enjoy recruiting because of ignorant people who blame them (recruiters) for the war, or for who even goes off to war.

It doesn't make sense when people with the same beliefs you have sit in front of recruiting office harassing recruiters and yelling out pointless, and ignorant comments about the war, when they should be in front of the white house protesting. Its your government that you elected who has the say in when the war starts and ends. Its those kind of people (the protesters) who say  "poor kids out there in Iraq, its not there fault?" well guess what, some of those adults you call kids are now recruiters because now its there job to recruit and you grow hate for them.

Its time anti military/ anti war people open their eyes and complain to some one else, maybe the right person and leave military recruiters out of it. If there was no one to recruit how could there ever be a military? If there was no military who would protect us from other countries? Its like saying we don't need the police, because they might die in the streets. Well its a part of life... some one has to be a cop, a firefighter, a solider, marines, sailor, etc. Some one has to do the job, if not the person to your left or right, than whom? Not you I'm sure.

The military offers great opportunities for success, and not everyone goes to war.. Its like car insurance you don't buy it so you can go and get into an accident you buy it to protect yourself from one in case it happens. I do respect your opinion; you're entitled to one, but take a minute and refocus on the bigger picture, who is responsible for the war??? Not the recruiters, where do you think the pressure comes from??? Here is a hint: Look high in the chain of command, I am sure you voted, right? that's what makes this country the best, we all get a say and the votes are counted.



Hello Sarge,

I'm assuming that you're at least a Staff, since you're a recruiter. Thanks for taking the time to write and express your opinion. I'll post it under Reader Comments on the article you reference.

I understand your point of view, of course. I was in the military as an enlisted man and I always feel a sense of connection with other US servicemen.

During my time, it was common for an unknowdedgable American public to focus their anger about the Viet Nam War on returning vets, as if they played a hand in the deicsion to launch a war in Vietnam, and all of the unnecessary death that it caused. So you could say the same thing about any job in the military, including recruiting.

However, the public can't effectively pressure the decison makers in Washington or the Pentagon to get out of the war making business, so they are forced to focus their energy on a sub-sytem of that military machine which they CAN have some effect upon, and that's military recruiting.

Mature people who would boycott or picket a recruiting office whould not assign blame to the recruiters, per se, as recruiters are oblidged to do the work they were assigned by the military. On the other hand, you can't hold it against the public for demonstrating in front of a recruiting office because they do not want their kids coming back in a body bags over the phony and contrived "War On Terror".

Today, the US government/military is the aggressor. We have no business being in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are no longer truly "defending freedom". That's a crock and we both know it. What you likely don't realize, however, is that the US military is being SET UP to be the Bad Guys of the world in order to focus UNLIMITED worldwide HATRED against the US military and the American people. Why?

To bring about the downfall and dissolution of the US in order to to clear the decks for a One World Government. The US is the ONLY government in the world which is strong enough, large enough, and possesses a constitutional guarantee of personal rights and liberties called the BILL OF RIGHTS which STANDS IN THE WAY of a New World Order takeover. Solution? Destroy the US, both from within and without; using the unending War on Terror to chew up America's fighting ranks until it exists no more.

You ASSUME that the US elections are square and honest, and therefore we could vote the war makers out of office, rather than protest against recruiters. But US elections are NOT honest. Bush Jr. did not win his first or SECOND election. The Supreme Court committed an act of treason in the first election by deciding that Bush would be president They had no authority to make that decision. In the second election, electronic voting machine fraud handed the election to Bush. The record of voter fraud in Ohio alone should have gotten Bush impeached.

You mistate the reality when you say that it's our elected government who decides when we go to war. Yes, it's SUPPOSE to be that the US Congress declares war, but NOT the President of the United States. Congress ALONE has been given the constitutional authority to declare war, but every war we have fought since the second world war has been UNILATERALLY declared by the PRESIDENT, and NOT by congress-a complete violation of the separation of powers enshrined in the US Constitution. We either are a nation of laws or we are not. The US Constitution IS the law of the land. It is also the ONLY document that protects the People from government abuse and tyranny. The current Decider uses a Clinton contrived Emergency War Powers Act to justify starting a war that is only suppose to be limited to a 90 DAY EMERGENCY response before going before congress for an up or down vote. But that hasn't happened yet. And it WON'T happen because we no longer have a government For and By the People-in case you haven't noticed.

I used to think precisely as you have opined in this letter. Superficially, your statements sound reasonable and logical, but once you become aware of the behind-the-scenes machinations of the REAL power structure of the US government and the military, the Illuminati, then you see things in an entirely different light. I have now read the script and I know the plot, so there are no more surprises for me in the "news."  I know  what's going to happen to the economy, to the "weather", to America's foundational liberties, to our traditional way of life, and to the American military population-and none of it is good.

For the past ten years or so, I've been observing 'history' unfold EXACTLY as it was SCRIPTED to unfold. The Illuminati are using THEIR groomed and installed stooges-which we call OUR national leaders and politicians- to undermine and destroy this country from WITHIN. We are in the FINAL phase of this betrayal, and not at the early or mid stages. The likelihood of stopping the dissolution of America is almost nil at this point. Things are too far along and too many structures (FEMA concentration camps) are in place to contain revolt as people begin to catch on or rebel at the police state realities we will encounter when martial law is declared. That's not to say that I've given over to despair and have given up, I haven't, but the situation is not good. We need more loyal Americans to catch on to the deceit and to come up to speed, but do it quickly! We no longer have the luxury of time.

I hope I've given you something to think about. You and every other American in the US military are the sons and daughters of America. Those of my generation are your fathers and grandfathers. We want to see you enjoy the same peace, freedom, and opportunities of America that we enjoyed without the oppressive hand of Big Brother government monitoring every move you make and deciding every facet of you life. What happened on Sept. 11, 2001 was an internally engineered and scripted event that was intended to create a pretext for the 'War on Terror' and the passage of New World Order legislation designed to eviscerate the Bill of Rights. The press refers to it as the Patriot Act I and Patriot Act II.

I refer to them as The Traitors' Act I & II, a far more accurate description. .

Sincerely, Ken


The Military Draft


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