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Evidence of a Previous Life in World War II Germany?

[Editor's Note: I've received a fascinating e-mail some weeks ago from a man who has very clear memories of being hung by the Allies in World War II as a German officer who was involved in killing many civilians in a French village. He wrote me because he read the 1996 German General channeling that's been posted under Featured Articles on my Current News page. In the letter printed below, Nansye tells me more about her brother Michael, who seems to be possessed of a superior intelligence and an obsession with things German of the World War II era.

As pointed out by the German general in the channeling article, this is a time in our spiritual evolution in which many karmic themes engaged by World War II German soldiers killed in the war are now being resolved and coming into a new understanding, or to put it another way, to a greater level of spiritual awareness.

While millions upon millions of innocent people throughout Eastern and Western Europe were killed as a result of the Nazi invasions of their counties, with Russia being the greatest victim, I cannot think of a group of souls less remembered or concerned about, than the German soldiers who died in World War II. These men, for the most part, were not the ideologues or the fascist zealots that made up the leadership of the Third Reich. They were ordinary men who led ordinary lives and were largely dragooned into the Nazi war machine. They no more wanted to leave their families and die on the frozen battlefields of Russia than American soldiers want to go into Iraq and kill Iraqi citizens. German working class men were forced into playing the role of soldier (and cannon fodder) by the destructive and demented minds at the helm of their country's leadership.

Cannot the same be said of American "leadership" today? Are not the fascist zealots and ideologues in the White House, at the Pentagon, and their feckless cohorts in congress steering America on a similar course? Have we not become a nation that sends invading armies into other countries while our demented leaders concoct fabricated and contrived "reasons' for invading those countries? What is so different about the murdering behavior of Nazi storm troopers entering Poland, Prague, Brussels, or Norway and the murdering behavior of American troops entering Fallujah or Basra?

I don't think it's an accident that we are hearing from reincarnated souls of World War II German soldiers and now witnessing American soldiers (the supposed "victors" of World War II) being trained (and told by superiors) to behave in a manner similar to that of Nazis in World War II. Karmic cycles repeat themselves until the lesson is learned.

The key to ending this destructive madness is to not cooperate with or obey those who would have us do evil unto others. For the American soldier deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, that means doing what 12 year Marine veteran Jimmy Massey finally did when he was told to kill yet more unarmed Iraqi civilians--he said "No" and put down his rifle, never to shoot at anyone again. He left the Marine Corps and vowed to never to be part of a Nazi-style Military Machine again, realizing that he had allowed himself to be turned into an unthinking killer who had lost all sense of proportion and humanity. When we hear the regret expressed by American vets of the Iraq and Afghan invasions telling their sordid and wrenching stories at the Winter Soldier conference this past March outside Washington D.C. and later on Capitol Hill, I can't help but think that we are hearing an echo of the long silenced voice of the German soldier of World War II who was forced into a similar circumstance, but didn't have the ability or strength to rebel. ...Ken Adachi]
August 8, 2008

Evidence of a Previous Life in World War II Germany? (Aug. 8, 2008)

----- Original Message -----
From: Nansye
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008
Subject: Thanks Ken!

Thanks Ken for the admission to your group. I love your Educate- Yourself website and unfortunately was severely limited with space in my original "join request." So, I'm glad, anyway, you understood the story of my "German-reincarnated" brother, LOL.


P.S. I do luv how you handle your detractors and also! thx for introducing me to Ted Gunderson, via your web articles. What a "great"
and "brave" guy.

Thanks again.


Thanks Nansye, tell me more about your brother.

Regards, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Nansye Lee
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008
Subject: Re: Thanks Ken!

Hi Ken.

My brother, Michael, is not only the "only" blonde child in the family, (my mother is blonde) when he was a child, he looked like the fair-haired "aryans' that I have come to read about, myself, as an adult. He was a blonde, curley-haired, rosey-cheeked "cherub" and I'm not saying that because I am his sister, but because I have the pictures to prove it! LOL

Seriously, besides that, Ken, when he was about 6 years old, he was literally, turning out in the hundreds, pictures of soldiers, tanks, different airplanes, etc. and growing up with two Irish Catholic immigrant parents, reincarnation was not a topic growing up. But it was something that was laughed about "uneasily" because it was an obsession, almost. My brother Michael, also began "devouring" books on Hitler, War War II (?), etc. as soon as he could read, Ken. Also, there was no one else in the house, parents, or siblings, who could draw with the masterly skill he had for his age. Truly a beautiful gift that he has not utilized at all since!

Add to that mix, Ken, my brother also had this strange, burn scarring all down the back of one leg, the left leg, I believe. No doctor, or expert, that my mother took him too, could explain, what, or where the scarring came from! This was severe, mottled, white, burn marks Ken. Then, one day, when my brother was approx. 9-10 years old, the scarring completely disappeared overnight! Gone, Ken, and has not been seen since. He and I were discussing that phenomenon, recently, reminiscing about the strangeness of it.

Also, Ken, growing up, I was fiercely protective of him, as though I "had" to be, for some strange reason that I did not comprehend as a child; only that I "knew" I had volunteered to be with him and watch out for him! I am a definite believer in reincarnation and have only my personal experiences to back me up.

The article you printed that day, really struck a note with me, as well, or should I say, about my brother. Because I am now wondering if that "burn" scarring that he had down the back of one leg, may not, possibly, have come from a death (in Germany?) in a past life, from an airplane crash? who knows.

But, I have read some of the "experts" in reincarnation stories, state that a lot of people are re-born, into their new lives with previous scars from any injuries sustained in the past life. My brothers personal story certainly confirmed that for me. And your German story helped me understand his "childhoold" obsession with soldiers, World War II, Nazis, etc. in a much more understanding light.

Sincerely, Nansye

P.S., Ken, my brother, Michael, was also offered a scholarship to Harvard University when he was 13 or 14 years old that he refused. He hated everything to do with the "establishment!!" and still does.

He is extremely intelligent, LOL, and I am laughing here, because there is NO explaining the family nucleus at all, Ken. No one else in my family is like him in skill, or intelligence, and long are the days I have mourned this loss of gene pool for myself!

Thanks Ken, hope you found this story as fascinating as I have always found my brother to be!


Hi Nansye,

What a remarable story. I'm glad you took the time to tell it to me.

While the subject of reincarnation is taboo among Christian fundamentalists. it is a fact of reality that will immediately become apparent to you when you pass over to the Other Side. We are immortal spirit beings who reside within a human body while living on earth, but return to our astral "body" when we vacate the fleshy one. You will find yourself as much "alive" after you 'die as you felt before departing this earthly schoolhouse.

You might also be happy to know that your astral body is a carbon copy of your earthly body, and yet, you can decide to appear in that astral body at any age desired. Therefore, even though we might die as an old person, we can exist in the spirit world in a younger version of that astral body. You also retain your five senses in the spirit world. So there isn't a whole lot of difference between being alive over here, and being alive over "there"; except you can advance faster in spiritual development while on the earth plane because most people have no memory of their life in the spirit world, and therefore your decisions whether to act in love or in darkness are not influenced or biased one way or the other. I remember hearing this exact explanation being given as part of the dialog of a 1939 movie starring Jack Benny called Gabriel, Come Blow Your Horn. I've since read it, of course, in countless books on metaphysics, but it's astonishing how few people are aware of the basics of karmic law and the purpose of earthly life.

Your consciousness, ultimately, is a composite of all of the personalities you have embraced while living through many lives on earth, but if your most recent life-before the current one - was especially traumatic, you often retain some physical and psychological holdover from that previous life. That's probably what happened with Michael and the inexplicable burn scar on his left leg. Undoubtedly, as you guessed, this severe burn existed in his previous life and the memory of it was so strong, that it manifested into his aura in this body, and that's why you could see it. The overnight disappearance of the scar at 9 or 10 years old tells me that something got resolved there and the energy holding it in place was released. Somehow, that aspect of your brother's soul that was holding onto to the memory of that burn made some sort of breakthrough and either departed from your brother's aura altogether or experienced a resolution of some kind and let the memory go. Of course, all of this is happening on the subconscious level.

Before incarnating into his current life, your brother "chose" you to be his sister, while he was still in the spirit world. He needed someone with your intuitive and compassionate understanding to shepard him through the formative years of this life so he wouldn't be led astray again and repeat the same errors, as perhaps he did in his previous life. We are all here to serve some purpose in spiritual advancement. Either as teacher, student, spectator, or drop out, we all play some role in helping each other to see a greater light.

Write to me anytime.

Best Regards, Ken

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