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A Personal Question on The Motivation of Evildoers
February 1, 2011

A Personal Question on The Motivation of Evildoers (Feb. 1, 2011)

Subject: personal question
From: Tim
Date: Tue, February 1, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken Adachi,

First, I'd just like to extend great thanks for the information posted and maintained on this site.

Next, I had a personal question. I was wondering what difference in makes, working for the forces of "good" as opposed to the forces of "evil". Ex: Bad vs. good 4th dimensional entities.

What motivates satanists to work for the forces of evil? What incentive is there NOT to work for evil, and work for "good" instead?

Hope you're able to answer and thanks.

(Note, I would not like this published, or to be considered a letter to editor if that changes anything.



Hi Tim,

Thanks for your note.

People who allow themselves to pursue paths of evil are mesmerized by the false gods of pleasure and power that accompany the Faustian bargain made with Lucifer, the Fallen Angel. You give the devil your immortal soul, and he gives you a temporary ride of power or pleasure. People who go down the dark path acquire twisted perceptions of pleasure. They get off on inflicting pain or lording it over others. These paths are destructive in nature and will eventually consume that person. Evil is always destructive in nature.

People who follow a path of light find the experience creative in nature and it will lead them to higher planes of perception and understanding, along with the far greater pleasure that comes from leading a life of honor and decency. Love is the greatest power trip of all and there are no limits to its expression and the pleasures that abound from that expression.

It's not that complicated.

I answer these e-mails in the interest of informing everybody, not just the writer. I'll use another first name for you so no one will know who you are.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Law of Cause and Effect
From: Tim
Date: Wed, February 2, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Another simple question. I very much appreciate your response (and a quick one) to my last question.

If there is a Law of Cause and Effect that maintains a balance of positive and negative energy, doesn't that mean that for each time we choose to make a blessing or increase positive energy on the earth, there will be a negative counterpart to balance that?

Thanks very much,


Hi Tim,

No, not quite. You're confusing apples and oranges. Our choices determine what happens under the Law of Cause and Effect. It's not like an evil deed is created for every good deed performed. That's fatalism, or a determinant universe. It doesn't work that way. The universe is based on Free Will.

You attract to yourself the EFFECT which your free will choice (your DECISION is the CAUSE) will engender. This is what the old saying about "what goes around, will come around" is based on. You reap what you sow.

If you inflict pain on others, you will suffer similar pain yourself. If you do good deeds, you will receive good deeds. If you give unselfishly to others, you will receive gifts of bounty from the universe.

Universal law is always in play. You can't opt out of the system. Whether you are aware of these rules or whether you choose to believe them or not, is irrelevant.

Regards, Ken

Update Feb 9, 2011
After posting this, I saw an article at that illustrates perfectly what I'm talking about in the above reply. The article seen below is about a man who was killed by a fighting cock which had a knife attached to its leg. You reap what you sow.

© Copyright 2011  All Rights Reserved.

Bird kills man at cockfight

Man dies after being stabbed by knife attached to rooster's limb at illegal cockfight in California

Photograph: KeystoneUSA-ZUMA / Rex Features      

Cock fightA man who was at an illegal cockfight in central California died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird which had a knife attached to its leg, officials said.

José Luis Ochoa, 35, of Lamont, California, was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he was injured in nearby Tulare County on 30 January, the Kern County coroner said.

A postmortem concluded Ochoa died of an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf. Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt said it was unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to his death.

"I have never seen this type of incident," Sgt Martin King, a 24-year veteran of the sheriff's department, told the Bakersfield Californian newspaper.

Ochoa and the other spectators fled when police arrived at the fight, King told the newspaper. Deputies found five dead roosters and other evidence of cockfighting, he said. No arrests were made.

Cockfighting is illegal in the United States. Specially bred roosters are put into a ring and encouraged to fight until one is incapacitated or killed, while spectators gamble on the outcome.

According to court records, Ochoa paid $370 (£230) in fines last year after pleading no contest to one count of owning or training an animal for fighting, according to the newspaper.

Attending or organising a cockfight, or training an animal to participate in one, are all misdemeanours under Californian law, although a second offence is a felony.


Subject: A Personal Question on The Motivation of Evildoers
From: Ashley
Date: Thu, February 3, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I thought it was a great question asked by 'Tim'.

Another way I like to put what you said is that the real battle is actually going on between our own left & right brains. In this dense existence the temptation is there for the left brain to become more convinced of worldly ways and at the same time deny the presence of God, and it will fight very hard just for that cause, through
investing in fear and evil.

However, our mission is to learn to find our way back to God via acceptance of our right brain functionality. Subsequently our right brain is greatly more knowledgeable and powerful than the left brain ever can be and it will eventually win the battle one way or another. When we are led astray by the left brain's God-denial ways the right brain will cause us to continually take a fall, up until such time we learn the lesson.

As much as we pay attention to the right brain, then the pathway to God's powers will remain unobstructed. There's plenty of examples I observe in real life of what might otherwise be put down to good luck or bad luck. So the choice is there, find our way back to God the hard way or the easy way.


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