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Evil Doers
June 16, 2007

Subject: Evil Doers
From: Karen Romero
Date: Sat, June 16, 2007
To: Editor


(This is dedicated to the two that were in the article about the Succor Punch SP)

Anyway, I have been psychically attacked for four years now. I whistle blew and was told by the FBI that they could help me not being harassed from group/gang stalkers, if I crossed state lines. Because, I am honest most of the time, I thought they were being honest. The FBI agent who told me this in Las Vegas seemed genuinely sincere and looked me in the eyes and said how sorry she was that the harassment was happening to me. She believed me one hundred percent. She didn't think I was crazy, which really was quite relieving. Mainly, because the M.O. of these kind of group evil doers is to make you look crazy, to make your life miserable, to tear you away from your family, and to make you kill yourself or be homeless or both. It really is quite sick. They themselves might be implanted to do such bizarre behavior to others.

Anyway, I am a very good discerner, and have been for many years. Get much of my information while I am sleeping, and I get it from the collective unconscious. I have discovered some stuff thru the collective that really makes me concerned for our society. I know when one of my dreams is psychic and when my dreams are just dreams, with processing stuff at the end of the day. I know the difference.

Recently, I discovered something too difficult to discuss, and wouldn't want to do it over the computer anyway. Another thing I discovered is something so nauseating, despicable, unscrupulous, unfathomable, and really no earth words to describe exactly how I feel about it. What I write and say is alleged because it sounds accusatory, but it is real. And, it is sickening on all levels.

I discovered that when George HW Bush was Vice President to Ron Reagan, he really wanted to make all the decisions, plus he really wanted to run the world, so he could continue to be the same evil bloodline of a soul he has been thru many lifetimes. If you remember he was once the head of the central NON intelligence agency (cnia). He condoned many evil activities while he was the leader of that maniacal group, and now the antichrist, Michael Heydan is running that evil group. So appropriate, don't you think? Anyway, back to evil George (Daddy George, not dubya)... he authorized and condoned the cnia to implant Ronald Reagan, all the while knowing it would cause Alzheimer's. Is this sick, or what?

I also learned that Jebby Bush did buy off that election for his brother George the first time he ran for President. This part is not news. Most Americans would agree with this. They should have been more outraged. They should have demanded more of an investigation. But, these stupid secret societies keep people asleep at the helm, or at least try to do this. That way they can continue to worship their greedy ass money! They have a false sense of power and are just plain evil!

These psychic implants they do covertly, and try to use mind control on the masses. It used to be just a few they did it to, but not anymore. The thing is...this implant stuff can cause cancer and Alzheimer's and numerous other health problems. Also, kidney stones. Being a healer in many lifetimes, this does not set well with me. It is abhorrent! I have studied religious/spiritual stuff on my own for years, but there is nothing more insightful or more discerning than my own higher power. Any group that is too extreme is just plain dangerous in my opinion. I prefer to work with Jesus, God's holy angels, God's pure helpers, and I consider Jesus to be the way to the peaceful light and peaceful love. I also consider Jesus to be God. And, I do want you to know that I am not any religious fanatic. I do not belong to any church.

I was raised Catholic, but have many issues with the way they hypocritically run their group. I do pray a lot, and I do believe I have help from Jesus, Archangel Michael, my guardian angel who happens to be Archangel Gabriel. I believe they love me, and I love them also. I believe they are trying to save this planet. I get very angry about much of what has been done to me over the last four years. I have always paid my bills, and have maintained a high credit score. I have been an RN for thirty years, and have not been sued, and have received numerous thank you's and thank you gifts from patients I have cared for.

A couple of years ago I moved and had difficulty getting a job. I know there were payoffs and favors involved in this. It disgusted me. I have been thrown out of two apartments. One judgment from a judge actually gave a judgment that I did not pay my rent, when in fact I have proof of that. Not only had I paid my rent, but did so two to three weeks early. I told him this, but he screamed at me, "Just go take care of your patients!"

The last apartment I lived in, a bunch of guys just unlocked my door, broke in and started throwing my personal belongings in boxes, and told me to get out. I asked if they had some kind of warrant, and the guy oddly tore a name out of this document, then handed it to me. It was an eviction notice, but telling me no reason why. It was later I found out a hearing had convicted me of not paying my rent when indeed I had!

I wanted to get my kitty cat, and the guy didn't want me to and told me to leave. And, I thought you going to have to o shoot me, you ass hole if you think I am leaving without my cat. He let me then get the cat. I told him he was an ass hole. As he looked at the floor, he did so ashamedly and said, "That I very well may be." If it wasn't for my best friend, I would be homeless. I have been staying with her and her husband for about a year now, and wanted to try and get an apartment again.

Because, I am honest most all the time, I did tell a realty company that had apartments for rent, I had lived at this other apartment that they threw me out, and said I didn't pay my rent, but I had cancelled checks to prove I did. The person was supposed to me an apartment a couple of days ago, but never showed up. I have left many phone messages with them, but they do not return my calls. So much for honesty. But, even if I weren't to be honest about it, I am sure there was some kind of information given to them not to rent to me. Lots of payoffs, and smear campaign stuff has been done to me. When I have called the FBI to remind them that they said they would help me, they hang up the phone on me. I told Bob Mueller and Gonzales several times that they would be karmically and cosmically sorry for what would happen to them. And, this was not threats, it is just what I saw into their future. Now look at the two of them. I told them both to come and pray with me for peace in this large group situation, but they thought they were just too important and too busy to do such a thing. I think I have shown them both they are nothing more than two cogs in the wheel!

I read Akashic  records. I don't generally get into anyone's business unless they threaten me, covertly or overtly. If their intent is evil, I tell them what I see about them. They don't like that. They don't like that at all. Well, excuse me...they are not the only ones that can remote view. And, they are piss poor remote viewers, because the military and the cnia and the government ones have to be trained to do it. They are usually not born with this gift.

Since they thought it was okay to murky up the entire world with nosing around where they should not have been, it now gives light workers the ethical right to do the same thing. What they do is black magic. They did black magic on my marriage. And, I gave them a taste of their own medicine. They don't like the taste of their own medicine. Psychic Warfare is dangerous and it is black magic and we will destroy ourselves if this continues. But, we can't have a police state either. Why ...because then it would be worse than ever ...especially since the lawmakers and law enforcers break the law more than your average citizen. They get a sense of power which is a false power and they become extremely abusive with that false sense of power.

And, speaking of police ...I have been emotionally raped by cops across this country. I was thrown in jail and not even told why I was being arrested, and then I was told I beat up a cop, which was a lie. And, then they wouldn't let me call a lawyer or call anyone or go to the bathroom for approximately twelve hours. Also, they beat me up while I was in jail. I had to be taken to the ER. They lied on the report and said I beat my arm against the wall. They ended up dropping charges, and I was released the next day. Scare tactics.

Now they are the ones who are scared. Why ...because cosmic justice is now in full force, and they each have a heavy price to pay! I don't have to do anything but sit back and watch. They think they can surveillance me 24 hours a day, but I see stuff about them, they wouldn't even want to know. It would make them pee in their pants. I knew about Foggo, but didn't know his name before the stuff about him even came out in the news. And, I will say this, he is the beginning of the complete downfall of the cnia. Thank you Jesus!

When I refer to the cnia I consider them to also be the nsa. They are destructive. They are causing cancer, alzheimer's, and other diseases. And, they damn well know they do this. This is how maniacal they are. I am moderate in most of my viewpoints, and try to see many different sides to issues. I love metaphysics, but it too has gotten out of hand, just as the conservative, so-called righteous right wingers with their so-called reborn Christian stuff. The New Agers think people cause their own diseases, like cancer. In some cases that can be true.

But, wake up and know that the government themselves has caused cancer and Alzheimer's and is fully aware of this. But, under the guise of national security they would not admit to it. They actually think they can take people's free will away from them. And, this is how completely stupid they are...they think that won't happen to them or their family members, and in fact, it is their greatest fear! Yet, they find out other peoples fears and weaknesses and use that on them to try to make them go crazy and kill themselves so they can't reveal to the world the maniacal things they do.

Doctors and scientists that work for the government who participate in this behavior are murderers as far as I see it. All darkness will be exposed. It already has been exposed. I have read it. And, our world will grieve knowing this stuff has been going on for years. It will be a tremendous jolt to society. This will be a year that everyone will have to start being more honest, whether they like it or not.

I reported that apartment complex to the attorney general and the agent made fun of me for caring too much about the world. I believe many of my phone calls are redirected, my mail is tampered with, and my emails are often redirected. I want to thank your web site for giving information about this sort of stuff to others. I might try one of those crystals. Anyway, that is a portion of my story. So much more to it than that. But, I am not afraid to speak out, and they hate that about me. They want everybody to lose freedom of speech. People are afraid to speak out anymore. Not me, I dance to a different tune. I care. I care about what we are doing to ourselves as a society. It seems divided. So many are dark spirited. And, whether they like it or not they are already exposed. Their only hope is to turn themselves in.

Karen Romero


Subject: Karen Romero
From: John
Date: Sun, June 24, 2007
To: Editor

That piece by Karen Romero brought tears to my eyes. Wow, what spirit she has, and what a Spirit she is. I am inspired to do more for us all now for having met her in this web posting.


John Howard
Broomfield, CO




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