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Orthodox Medicine Has Failed Us
October 16, 2006

Subject: Brilliant
Date: Mon, October 16, 2006
To: Editor

: Hi Ken,

Your site and its "secrets" are facinating. I have been an advocate of the Vitamin C/E/Calcium combo for years now and I don't feel the need to have to explain the benefits of this to someone like you.

What really bothers me is when I try (like you) to share this information with people in my life, I am constantly being told that "doctors know best and are recommending against such 'abuse' as this can lead to health problems". I know better and don't visit doctors because I value my health and know that I risk my life by exposing myself to them and their drug policies, which I realize are covert corporate weapon-testing grounds and money-making scams.

My poor dear mother is now and has been for the last year a terminal cancer patient. I wish I was aware then and able to help her out by applying some of the techniques and methods one finds on your site. Funny how she had to undergo chemo therapy last year when she didn't even have cancer (she had chronic pneumonia and was able to play 36 holes of golf, but at 75 was running out of energy because of this) but it seems that the chemo has done her in and now she has general cancer. She has appeared to age since then by something like 1 year per month and now looks at least 20 years older than her 78 years, a drastic but planned culling of a human being by someone who supposedly swore on the Hippocratic oath. Now, she looks like a concentration camper.

I sometimes feel rage towards those who do this but I won't waste my energy with rage, because people simply refuse to do anything constructive by educating themselves and really seeing what's going on. What's worse is the sad fact that when one tries to enlighten (pushing info), minds close up and one is left feeling a bit despondent. I wonder why I should know what I know and people who consider themselves to be informed and intelligent can fall into just about every pitfall by means of propaganda and advanced social engineering that was designed to waste life.

Can you please inform your readers to avoid "healthcare" (or better to call them"health control") providers. This is an urgent appeal to you to please be even more vigilant in this quest - for the sake of all. Most doctors have a waiting room full of people anxiously queueing up to be medicated (at a great cost, both physiologically and financially) but cannot be cured. This revolving-door system, similar to the judicial-prison complex, usually means the end and once you're caught up in this, you can never escape with your health.

Dentists are the same. The AMA and the ADA all promote themselves and the toxic chemicals that they try to kill us off with but I wasn't fooled. I am 40 and have lost only 1 wisdom tooth. I recently cured the opposite one with H2O2 and sea salt and refuse to see the butcher for this.

Have you heard about the benefits of coconut oil? Please forgive me for not having had the time to read your expansive collection of stuff, but before I pass on, I will surely have pored over all of it several times. I digress here because you may have in fact produced something about what I am saying here, I just haven't yet found it...

What about the combination Acetyl-L-Carnitine/Alpha-Lipoic Acid? This therapy (I tried it and it works) supposedly powers up the mitochondria and can whittle age from the body in a matter of hours, and my treatment in 2003 has made me much more healthy, my mind is incredibly lucid and the benefits don't seem to be wearing off.

What's your take on glucosamine? Is this really beneficial? There seems to be too much hype associated with this treatment but I think that it is sugar in disguise (nitrosyls are quite toxic and sugar, well...)

Lastly, could you please enlighten us on what you beleive about Ibogaine (iboga tabernathe). I have yet to try this but there seems to be solid evidence of this herb curing phobias and confidence-related issues, but there is a lot of gray area, but the fact that it has been strictly outlawed in the US is indicative of some underlying benefit that the ruling class want to keep hidden. It is also thought to cure heroin and cocaine addiction, and this would likely upset the medical/pharmaceutical complex and remove a huge chunk from the judicial/prison complex as well by turning potential criminals into healthy people.

I greatly approve of the information found on your site, even though it isn't politically correct enough to discuss during family dinners (by the way, when I say that it isn't politically correct, it is meant strictly in the sense that the content is 'taboo' and doctors tremble when people know of such remedies and other things like this), the fact that you could be so "politically incorrect" is what has drawn me to it. If I can be healthier, I will.

I will now resume reading about my favorite scientists, Nikola Tesla and Linus Pauling. I will also continue to take their advice because I know better. I will also hopefully never, ever have to find myself unfortunate enough to put my life in the hands of killer doctors like my once-trusting-now-dying mother did.

Also, and importantly, your expose on Amy Goodman was worthwhile but once having seen the incredible and candid (and is likely the most politically incorrect site I've ever seen) , everything wrong with society becomes crystal-clear and this ultimate clarity leads one to find alternatives that work.

I invite your reply and look forward to future correspondence, comments, ideas, solidarity and truth.



Hi Dave,

Thanks for writing, I appreciate what you have to say. .

The growth in awareness about the benefits of Nature-based medicine versus the pharmaceutical model will continue, despite the knee jerk reaction of people who have been successfully duped and conditioned by a lifetime of propaganda and brainwashing. There was a time when the majority of people on the planet thought that it was flat and if you sailed too far, you would fall off the edge. Preaching to people who are closed to the subject won't work, but a positive, first hand experience earns more converts to alternative medicine than anything else.

With your closest relatives, you have to try to save them anyway. Most older people will cling to orthodox medicine  because they've been conditioned to think that it alone offers the best, the brightest, and the safest. That perception in all three regards is false, of course, but the believer doesn't know that. He assumes that his assumptions are correct, so he will resist any attempt to convince him otherwise.

Provide enough information about the far greater success rate offered by alternative medicine, though, and you will win people over because everyone is ultimately concerned with their own well being and they will embrace something new if they see evidence that it works better. So that's the key: you need to show people with first hand testimony or anecdotes or experience that Nature-based medicine works far better than the poisons offered by the pharmaceutical priests.

The average physician is interested in maintaining his financial kingdom and doesn't want to make waves, but some are more interested in curing people of disease and come to realize that established medicine is designed to mainly enrich the pharmaceutical companies and not cure anything, so they move towards alternative medicine incrementally. If they move far enough into the alternative world, though, they will eventually confront the Minotaur of Merck, who works through the local medical board or the FDA to keep them under leash or put them out of business. Dr. William Campbell Douglass in an example of one free thinking physician who has moved out of the box and tells it like it is. I'm sure there are many more like him and their ranks will grow as the failures of allopathic medicine are becoming blatantly apparent to all concerned, physician and patient alike.

And people don't really NEED a physician to take care of their health. The information and the toys required for self care and self treatment are available to just about anyone today who decides to take charge of their health destiny and learns what needs to be learned. I always recommend the books of Dr. Hulda Clark as a top source of information to become self educated in health.

I have heard of the use of the combo of Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha-Lipoic Acid. I'm interested to learn that you got such impressive results. I need to write more about similar supplements that Hulda talks about in her books to help boost immunity.

I read about Ibogaine  at Stephanie Relfe's web site ( a few years ago  There were downsides to using it I recall, but can't remember the details. Anything that can take up serotonin receptors sites to calm the cravings of heroin is way too powerful to be considering for use as a health supplement in my opinion. I would rethink that one

I learn a great deal of valuable information by listening to Amy Goodman's interviews and reports, so I still appreciate the contributions she makes to our general fund of knowledge. The fact that she and Noam Chomsky will not address certain indisputable facts, like the little matter of 9/11 being an inside job, and the role that the Israeli lobby plays in directing the resources and foreign policy of the United States, reveals that she's a gatekeeper,  but that doesn't mean that I don't listen to what she has to say because most of it is on target. I can pick out the Rockefeller-funded propaganda (Peak Oil) from the good stuff in her spiel, so I can still enjoy her "A" material.

I could say the same thing about NPR (National Public Radio). It is definitely an Illuminati-sponsored disinformation outlet, but I get a lot of good info from them despite the fact that the thrust and the direction of their info is slanted to match Tavistock directives. If nothing else, NPR tells me what the Illuminati wants us to believe. That's a valuable bit of insight, in and of itself.

Kind Regards, Ken .


Subject: Re:Orthodox Medicine Has Failed Us
Date: Wed, October 18, 2006 12:36 pm
To:   Editor

Hi Ken,

I just wanted to give you a warning regarding ALA, as the letter writer suggested. I understand it is a good antioxidant, but avoid using it if you have any metals in your body, including silver (mercury) fillings. I was made very ill this way. It pulled the mercury from my fillings into my system and I almost died. Most doctors do not know this.

It is also used as a chelating agent, but to do so you must have the metals removed first, then wait a while. A good resource is Andy Cutler. That's how I learned what happened to me, and how I got better.

Best wishes,
Bernadette Czernik


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